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true to the name of my blog, i am pretty indecisive. no wait, i’m very indecisive. or am i? yes, i am. that’s the reason why it takes me so long to get dressed in the morning, or evening, or whenever time of day it is. so if i’m ever late for an event like your birthday party or i dunno, your wedding or something, it’s not because i forgot or got lost, or didn’t care; it’s because i spent so much freaking time figuring out if i should wear khakis or jeans or a polo or button-up shirt. and that doesn’t even get into what colors compliment each other although over half my closet is blue so that’s not so much the issue. i mean, how many combinations of jeans and navy blue t-shirt could there be?

but not only clothes, i could seriously die of hunger in a grocery store because i can’t decide whether i want lay’s kettle cooked chips or cape cod’s kettle cooked chips. i know it may seem very petty and stupid, but i seriously think i have a problem. can you even get help for being indecisive? i mean, how do you decide where you’re going to receive help from? i supposed you could make out a pros/cons list.

maybe this is just me, but when i have to make a decision (usually a purchase), i find i have to pee. like, seriously. and if the decision takes too long, it gets pretty bad and i’ll have to postpone my decision in order to frantically locate a bathroom and make a “just-in-time” trip. it’s funny beause i’m so determined to make the decision before my bladder gets the best of me, i will wait until the last possible second before i burst before i start looking for the bathroom. does this happen to anyone else? please tell me i’m not the only one. if i’m ever with you making a purchase decision and i’m not running to the bathroom it’s because i’m holding it in to impress you with my “normality”.

i’ve heard that a good leader is not one who makes good decisions, but one who stands by his or her decision and sees it through. so i guess indecisiveness itself is a decision. i just seem to make a lot of bad decisions thinking they are the good ones. do i still see these decisions through? i guess it would help in the “becoming a decision maker” process. but would changing my mind to a better decision be worse than staying with a bad decision?


Written by enoch

July 10, 2008 at 11:42 pm

Posted in from my mind

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  1. hi enoch! cool blog : ) i am very indecisive as well. so is cindy…so whenever we’re together, it takes us forever to decide on something. hope you are well! i never got those guitar lessons that uhhh you were supposed to give me and tony? haha. take care dude.


    July 11, 2008 at 2:24 am

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