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it amazes me how ignorant we, as people, are.  it’s not a bad thing, although it could be.  it’s just that all the things we’ve seen and experienced is so narrow.  that’s why i really really admire and respect people who are open-minded, cause it’s just really hard to be for most people (including myself).  again, not saying it’s a bad thing, i mean, imagine how much knowledge is needed to understand people from all walks of life – where they’ve come from, who they are, their culture, their language, etc.  the amount of information itself is staggering.

today i met a new jamaican friend who took me and some other friends to a jamaican restaurant.  it was awesome.  the food was great, and we got to learn some things about jamaican culture.  it was really cool listening to my new friend speak.  mostly because he had a cool jamaican accent, but not only that but it was just really cool having him open up his culture to us.  it was like he was able to share part of his world and integrate it into ours. by the way, the jamaican beef patty is freaking awesome.

as a korean-american, i feel like i am pre-disposed to be exposed to many different cultures.  did you catch that?  to put it in other words, i am naturally exposed to a lot of cultures.  i grew up in a predominantly white neighborhood and school, attended a korean church my whole life, live in the middle of korea/china/mexico town, and live with a thai roommate.  i’d say i’m fairly open-minded about a lot of things, but complete open-mindedness is far from me.

open-mindedness is definitely a gift.  to those who are not phased or judgemental by things they are not familiar with, i tip my hat to you.  although ignorance is bliss most of the time, sometimes it’s just better to know more than you do.  part of the goal behind this site is to combat close-mindedness.  change one’s mind – get it?


Written by enoch

July 11, 2008 at 6:54 pm

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  1. I love Jamaican food! Jerk chicken, meat patties, and plantains are the best!

    I also love leaving comments on your blog(s)! ^_^


    July 12, 2008 at 12:39 am

  2. awesome!^__^ …


    July 12, 2008 at 3:08 pm

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