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fathers’ day

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i got to meet a new dad today.  not that he’s new to being a dad, but he’s a dad that’s new to me.  i think it’s cool to meet new dads.  i like to compare them to my dad and see how they are alike and how they are different.  not in a bad way or anything, but fatherhood is just very important to me seeing as i hope to be one someday.  i like to take lessons from different dads.  this is pretty much what i’ve come up with so far.  to me, dads come in 4 flavors:

the strict, my way or the highway dad – this dad probably has a daughter he’s extremely overprotective of.  pretty much, the boyfriend has to wear a diaper because this dad makes him pee his pants.  corporal punishment is no stranger to this dad, in fact, this dad wears a belt with jogging shorts just to that in the off chance his kids get in trouble while he’s working out, he has something to hit them with.   the son is an overachiever, not because he’s smarter or more athletic, but because he has to be for fear of his father.  perfection is what this dad demands.  disadvantage: emotional scars, and kids tend to grow up the exact same way or the extreme opposite.

the whipped dad – this dad cannot decide if he wants cubed or crushed ice in his drink because his wife has that tight of a reign on him.  he speaks when she says speak and all decisions big or small go through the misses.  the kids are afraid of the mom but cannot confide in this dad because they know he works for her.  the kids tend to take advantage of the dad.  disadvantage: kids lack a strong male figure and resent their dad for not being like other dads.

the cool, i’m your friend dad – this dad drinks beers with you and talks about what girls are hot that you should date.  he’s into whatever music you listen to and maybe even went to a couple concerts with you.  you always know if your dad is the cool dad because all your friends say, “dude!  your dad is so cool!”  in fact, they don’t even refer to your dad as mr. ________, they just call him steve, or jimbo, or whatever cool nickname his own friends call him.  disadvantage: lack of authority and discipline causes the kids to make bad decisions.

and the hands off dad – this dad doesn’t even know when their kids’ birthdays are, let alone their age or their first name.  discipline issues are handled by the mom and the kids see this dad as an atm machine with a face cause dispensing money is the only function they know their dad to do.  the kids grow up in almost absolute freedom, the dad has no clue what his kids are up to, into, or going to do.  disadvantage: kids grow up resentful that their dad never spent time with them.

now i hope you can tell i over-exaggerated on these descriptions.  in no way do i condone or observe child abuse or a horrible relationship between husband and wife.  there is some truth in these descriptions but for the most part, they are just satires of dad stereotypes we all are familiar with.  all dads have their strengths and weaknesses, and hopefully we all love and appreciate all our dads have done.  tell your dads you love them!


Written by enoch

July 13, 2008 at 12:19 am

Posted in social observation

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  1. Don’t forget the Basement Dad! I thought my own was an anomaly til I mentioned him one day, and my friend said, “Hey, my dad is a basement dad, too!”

    Basement Dad never really had a career. Oh, he had jobs from time to time, but nothing that could support a mortgage or a family, at least not regularly, so he lives in his parents’ basement, hence the name. Basement Dad overlaps a bit with the hands off dad and the whipped dad, but not because the mom means for him to. He just doesn’t call any shots since he never grew up and still lives with his own parents, so when he said, “I dunno, ask your mom,” he really just means it! In his mind, your mom is his mom too. He is also unlikely to have hands-off dad’s moolah. Very, very unlikely.
    Pros: you are highly unlikely to get into trouble when Basement Dad is on parent duty (aka, “babysitting”) Cons: pretty much everything else

    lil' j

    July 15, 2008 at 3:18 pm

  2. I have no idea why that close parenthesis turned into a winking smiley.

    lil' j

    July 15, 2008 at 3:19 pm

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