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change: good or bad?

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how do you feel about it?  and i don’t mean chang|e change, i mean something different change.  me?  i have mixed feelings.  every morning, i have a routine.  i get up a little earlier, brush my teeth, read my Bible, go work out for a little while, check my email and read the news online, shower, eat a little something and go to class.  if anything changes in this routine, my morning is doomed.  i’ll arrive late, or not be able to eat breakfast or smell really bad or something.  in that sense, i love consistency.  it gets me amped.

however, i feel like my purpose in life (as i feel God has revealed to me) is to effect change in peoples’ lives including my own.  meaning: i can’t let myself or other people get comfortable, change is needed so that we keep pushing ahead and remember where we’ve come from.

coming from an artistic standpoint, change is the motivation and drive for my creativity.  i want to do things outside of the mould.  that’s right, i spelled it with a ‘u’.  i’m that rebellious.  change is life.  change is beautiful.  change is… my last name + first initial no matter how much my sister wants to take credit for “inventing” it.  i live for it.  i’m not saying that all change is good and whatever you’ve been doing is wrong and you have to do something different.  but the change has to be a constructive kind of change. a change of perspective, a change of heart, a change of challenge.

and i know i said i have mixed feelings towards change earlier in the entry and now it sounds as if i’m all about change.  i think structure is wonderful, it keeps us in check and organized.  but its when structure binds us to complacency and apathy that i think change is needed.

change.  what do you guys think?


Written by enoch

July 16, 2008 at 3:56 pm

Posted in from my mind

5 Responses

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  1. sometimes you need to be thrown a little bit of change… it’s like a catalyst to reboost and bring life and enjoyment back again… it’s good to step away from things sometimes and be able to come back to it with new perspective. 🙂


    July 16, 2008 at 4:14 pm

  2. We gotta make a change…
    It’s time for us as a people to start makin’ some changes.
    Let’s change the way we eat, let’s change the way we live
    and let’s change the way we treat each other.
    You see the old way wasn’t working so it’s on us to do
    what we gotta do, to survive.


    July 16, 2008 at 5:32 pm

  3. Very thoughtful post. Change is a good thing but there is also something to be said about consistency. I think the heart of the matter lies with the direction of the change. Where are you headed with this change? Why are you changing? Is it to be more like something or someone? or is it aimless, just to spice things up for a while? I would say change with a theme is a good thing.

    Andrew C

    July 16, 2008 at 9:12 pm

  4. gone thru a majortragedychange,and comingtoGAchange,and almostgone2heavenpnumonia has shaped my views n heart.;from being emotionless coz i shut down all my emotions 2 a happy happy jokin person. i still need 2 work on alot of emotional flaws…

    i wanna inspire people like if i can play the piano they can 2…have a passion for music musicobiwon inspires me n i can play with feelings now^__^.i know i have limits n i think thats why its so important 2 i wanna be on americanidol.. n i wanna make people smile n laff ^___^ coz i think the world would be a sad sad world without smilees n laffs..


    July 16, 2008 at 9:53 pm

  5. i agree enoch! when i was in school, i had a routine down… and if i woke up a minute later, my morning routine was off kilter and that was not good. traffic also messes up my routine sometimes…

    but then.. some changes are good and necessary- i.e. moving to Virginia, getting married, etc. AND we just found our new place!! So we’ll be moving into our new home next weekend. i’m so excited about that change. get to set up my new home with my new husband. that change is nice. and necessary. 😉


    July 17, 2008 at 11:31 am

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