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being asian in a white world and vice versa (and others)

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disclaimer: first off, i’d like to say that this isn’t meant to be offensive to anyone.  i hope it’s not.  i don’t really see how it is, but if i do offend you, i really don’t mean to.  i only mean to point out cultural differences between two or more cultures.  i don’t say these things out of agression, but they are merely observations. thanks.

i’ve pretty much grown up in a white world my whole life.  i went to a predominately white school from daycare to college.  i know a lot of the inner workings of white, middle class culture.  i know the different types of humor, the cliques, etc.  i never really felt too out of place in a group of white people.  since college however, i’ve spent a lot of time with other asians and i never really noticed too many big differences between the two cultures: the asian-american and the white-american, mostly because the ones i know grew up in similar “white”-american environments.

today after class, me and the other asian-americans went out to eat lunch and a white-american came to eat with us.  while we were eating, i noticed there were certain things we couldn’t do or say because of this other person.  we go out to eat all the time, but this one felt different.  it wasn’t bad or anything.  i was just more aware of our normal conversation and demeanor.  i wonder how this person viewed our conversation and our culture by our actions.  we were pretty loud, which is pretty much a given.  i don’t think they were uncomfortable or anything, and we definitely tried to make them feel welcome and include them in our conversation.  but cultural differences were definitely noted.  maybe it was personality differences, i dunno.

also at school, i’m getting to know the black-americans as well.  i love their culture.  i noticed that when they get together, they also have their own demeanor and speech.  i think i like it so much because i’m not really used to black culture, growing up in white and asian environments.  it’s something different that i’m not used to, and it maybe just be the students at school, but they just seem to be more real.  i feel like they don’t have to put up a front when they meet new people like i do.  it just feels so chill.  very refreshing.

i think all cultures can learn a lot from each other.  there is no perfect culture, but each person’s identity can be improved by being open-minded.


Written by enoch

July 18, 2008 at 6:23 pm

Posted in social observation

2 Responses

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  1. i agree with the black-american comment. i grew up around blacks and hispanics when i first moved to america and i really like how they’re chill and easy going compared to others.


    July 18, 2008 at 6:32 pm

  2. i grew up in a small white town where blue eyes blond hair was the beaut; and seriously like everyone died their hair blonde or wore blue contact lenses.So when i can here it was like WOW(not the wow game of course):)


    July 19, 2008 at 11:08 am

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