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i met my hero yesterday.  ironically on the same day i went to go see the dark knight.  coincidence?  i think not.

so i was eating dinner at stevi b’s with my church’s college group before we went to go watch the dark knight.  if you don’t know what stevi b’s is, it’s kinda like cici’s pizza.  a cheap pizza buffet place.  anyways, i walk in and order and the dude at the register was (i’m assuming) the manager or someone of equal authority  for that shift.  he’s pretty young, maybe 28 or so.  while taking my order, we see this shopping cart rolling through the parking lot with no one pushing it (probably from the office depot next door or something).  he then begins to tell me the story of how he was working one day and saw a rogue shopping cart fly into the headlight of his car from inside the restaurant.  instantly, we bonded.

fast forward to later on in the meal.  i was drinking water and had already finished my cup so all that was left was ice.  i forgot what i was doing, but i ended up spilling the ice on the table, then on my pants, then on the floor.  literally about 3 seconds later, the dude comes out with a rag and says, “hey, i got that.  don’t worry about it.”  i was like, whoa!!  i like to think he foreknew i was going to spill my cup of ice and followed me around with a rag for the exact moment when it happened.  but i know that for real he was just wiping off the table behind me and just happened to be there with his rag at the moment i spilled it.  i think my version is by far cooler, but either way, isn’t that still pretty awesome?  ok, you may not think so, but all i gotta say is, i may have watched christian bale play batman and save gotham city, but in real life i met a real life hero who wiped down the ice that i spilled a mere 3 seconds after i did it.

(i know, i’m a loser)


Written by enoch

July 25, 2008 at 2:54 pm

Posted in from my mind

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  1. stevi b’s!



    July 19, 2010 at 5:39 pm

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