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i’m at the point of making some pretty important decisions in my life.  the thing is, i’ve never really been one to make decisions.  i mean, we’re talking about the guy who takes an hour at target figuring out what kind of play-doh to buy (true story).  so what happens when the decisions aren’t just about kids’ toys but are about something a little more important, such as… let’s say, your life?  how does an indecisive guy make a decision about things that would have a more lasting effect?

normally, i’d be pretty stressed out at this point.  what if i make the wrong decision?  is this what i’m really goign to decide?  am i going to regret it later?  what would someone else do?  hundreds of questions like this would be flooding my mind.  and i realize i’m being pretty ambiguous about what kind of decisions i’ll be making, but perhaps in time i will share.

however, something is different about this time.  i’ve never really been a very assertive or strong-willed person.  i’ve never really had to fight for an opinion (minus my decision to forego med school and law school to go to seminary).  but i feel like these decisions that i’m about to make are pretty clear to me and i’m willing to back them up against anyone who feels like i may be doing the wrong thing.  luckily, no one i’ve talked to thinks i’m doing the wrong thing.  and because i actually have a strong opinion about these changes, i can’t help but think it’s a God thing.  meaning: that God is paving the way for me to make these decisions whether it be the right or wrong choices, and i’m totally cool with that.  i mean, He does know a lot more than i do.  and i’m pretty sure He has my best interest in mind.

so where do i go from here?  we’ll see.  but i have a pretty good guide.  i’m reminded of one of the books in the chronicles of narnia series: the silver chair which i highly recommend.  in it, there’s a character named puddleglum who serves as a guide for 2 human children in narnia.  the kids don’t particularly like puddleglum and find him to be a sort of a killjoy.  they don’t agree with his decisions because they seem so plain or uncertain.  but what they don’t realize is that he has the group’s best interest in mind.  i feel like i’m being led by puddleglum the marsh wiggle.  if i only follow, things will be alright.


Written by enoch

July 27, 2008 at 10:22 pm

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  1. just to let you know…i’m reading your posts too!


    July 28, 2008 at 1:29 pm

  2. i feel that the changes that really are worth something in life are the ones that just happen right out of the blue… i only say that because the more and more i think about if i should do this or that, the more i sabotage it. prayer is good and talking to friends is good, but sometimes, i say prayers to let god guide me that day and then i end up making a decision i never thought i would have ever made. this is quite important because i need to practice breaking out of my old habits where i think way too hard and worry about everything making sure i always did the right thing… but you know, if your heart is right then you’ll do the rigth thing. wish i could have figured that out years ago… lol thats part of life and im sure there’s a lesson in there somewhere from God. so good luck with your changes and always follow your heart, and God’s heart of course!


    August 1, 2008 at 7:28 pm

  3. That’s an apt answer to an interesting quetsoin


    December 3, 2012 at 11:31 pm

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