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i admit, i hate talking on the phone.  i am just not a phone person.  i’d much prefer a face-to-face talk or a nice long email.  i prefer emails because it gives me a chance to make sure i communicate everything i want/need to in a concise way.  i’m not really good at thinking on the spot.  i like to think about what i’m going o say, and then say it; or write it, in this case.  face-to-face conversation is nice because you get instant feedback from the person.  no waiting to see if they’ve checked their email yet or checked their voicemail.

“do you want to grab dinner tonight?”

“yes, let’s”

see?  simple.  quick and efficient.  so what is it about the phone that i can’t get over?  i’m not sure.  maybe it’s the idea that you’re talking to a palm-sized box that emits radioactive rays and may or may not be able to play mp3’s and check email that just seems impersonal to me.  which brings us to the question – what kind of phone talker are you?

the pro – you have to surgically remove the phone from their hand because they’re so attached to it.  in fact, you don’t even recognize them if they’re not carrying their phone.  “bill is that you?  whoa!  i didn’t recognize you without your iphone in your hand.”  they’re always excusing themselves to go talk to someone outside a restaurant, cafe, house, bathroom, etc.  to them talking on the phone is as natural as breathing.  sometimes you can’t really talk to them unless you’re on the phone.  it’s like that episode of saved by the bell where zack can’t talk to his dad because he’s always on the phone so the only way he gets through to him is to call him on the phone while he’s in the same room.  the pro most likely has a fancy phone like a blackberry or some kind of smart phone.

the awkward turtle/nervous n00b – this one is me.  the phone rings and it startles you because you don’t remember the last time someone called you.  sometimes you even look around in anger because some jerk won’t answer their phone not knowing that that jerk is you.  you don’t even remember what your current ringtone is.  and when you talk on the phone, you answer with a hesitant, “…hello…?”  your conversation is filled with awkward pauses and silences and if you’re like me, you can’t end your conversation so you just stay on the line until the other person says they have to go.  you carry your phone around with you but 99% of the time, it’s just eye candy.  it serves no function.  at&t is not the best carrier for you because you don’t need rollover minutes.

the too cool for school – does this person even have a phone?  you’ve never seen them with one, but you know they must have one.  they’re not really attached to their phone.  they could have the coolest phone in the world, but they don’t always have to have it on hand.  and yet, whenever you call, they always pick up.  they’re very chill and laid back when they talk.  it’s like, “oh, you’re talking to me on the phone?  i didn’t even realize.”  and then they give one of those fake i’m-too-good-for-you laughs like rich people give.  and that’s when you say, “man, he’s such a jerk!  but he’s so cool!  i want to be his friend!”  your goal is to make it on his fav 5 list.

the “loser” – this person isn’t a loser, but is called the “loser” because they never have their phone because they’ve lost it somewhere.  they’re on their 8th replacement on the phone they just got 2 months ago.  dropped it in the car?  lost it in a parking lot?  movie theater?  restaurant?  fell in with the laundry?  you can never call this person because chances are, they have no idea where their phone is.  the funny thing is, after some time, they start finding all these phones that they lost in the past and at one point they have 5 phones at once but that lasts a week because they’ve already lost them all again.  phone insurance and a good warranty is a must for the “loser”.


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August 30, 2008 at 10:50 am

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political office or sandbox?

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this is the first year in which i’m actually semi-following and semi-interested in politics.  i even registered to vote this past year and plan on voting in november.  so i’ve been trying to keep up with the democratic presidential nominations and the speeches and stuff.  so in light of the democratic national convention, i came to thinking how politics is a lot like the confines of the playground in elementary school.  bear with me on this.

first there’s the mudslinging which literally happens in the playground and figuratively happens on the campaign trail.  one person tries to make the other person look like more of a jerk than they really are so that they can gain popularity and “rule” the playground or the national office.

the vp is like the best friend who backs everything the “popular” kid is doing.  they beat up whoever the popular kid wants to have beat up, they recruit their friends to help back the popular kid that they back.

and the rest of us, there’s either the followers of one side, the followers of the other and the ones who don’t really care who’s the more popular kid and want nothing to do with it.

i always thought that politics were kind of boring.  and they kind of are.  but it’s been pretty interesting watching and keeping up with this year’s election process.

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August 28, 2008 at 10:33 pm

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food for thought

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i have no idea why the fish in chips in the picture is on the ground near the shore.

i know this isn’t a restaurant review blog, but i thought i’d write a little something about restaurants.

i had this idea for a website that a group of friends would update on regularly on places they would recommend to go eat in a city.  i know there are things like creative loafing and city search, but they’re not very personal and the tastes are very… well… varied.  you don’t really know who can trust on those things.  so i proposed a site where a group of friends would suggest places to go eat cause you know you can trust your friends.  they would suggest places to eat based on location, price, ethnicity.  pretty cool right?  well, they kinda have something like that called yelp.  a couple of my friends are critics on the site (addy c. and gina c.)  it’s a very helpful site and these two definitely update pretty regularly.  i would highly recommend this site.

so here’s some restaurants that i happened to check out this week that i’ve never been to before.  and here’s my take on them.  but don’t take my word for it.

loafing leprechauns – a really good irish pub up north in duluth near the gwinnet center.  the fish and chips was really good and i hear the burgers are excellent.  also seems like a good place to watch a futball match or play some darts and have a beer.

pf changs – i’ve actually never been until this past week.  i wasn’t too impressed.  i’m actually kind of offended they didn’t ask for my permission to use my last name in their restaurant name.  i went to the one near perimeter and our server was good, but i asked another person for an extra plate and a cup of water becuase someone else joined us and she just looked at me.  the portions aren’t that big and the chow fun noodles weren’t done well.  if you like this place, then that’s cool, but i didn’t think it was great.

frank ma south – i kept hearing about this place on yelp and from other people so i really wanted to go.  it was really good.  i think i was a little disappointed because it was hyped up so much, but the food was really good and pretty unique compared to other chinese restaurants.  i would suggest this place although it is kinda of far for most people i know.  it’s near emory.  i would suggest the fish filet in hot oil and the 3 cup chicken although the chicken has a very low meat to bones ratio.  the soup dumplings were ok.  good for what they are i guess, but i was expecting something more.

sorry if you didn’t want to read a restaurant review.  but please tell me if you want more.  i would be glad to update every once in a while on restaurants i’ve been to.  and please suggest restaurants if you’d like.  i know atlanta has so many restaurants i have no idea about.

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August 27, 2008 at 10:31 pm

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the great outdoors

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in the past week, no, the past 5 days, i have been to 3 different REI’s (one of them twice), 2 different dick’s sporting goods, the same champs twice, nike town in phipps, and foot locker.  i only came out with one jacket from rei.

i’ve noticed some things about the people and the outdoors:

the outdoors-y type – this is the person that is the tour guide on a nature hike or white water rafting trip.  can also be the camp counselor type.  if a guy, either has uncontrollable body hair or are very ruggedly handsome.  either way, they are extremely tan, wear sunglasses, has a fanny pack and wear short shorts and carry around a nalgene bottle.  if a girl, usually wears a hat, insanely tan, wears a fanny pack and punches really hard.  seriously, she could kill you if she wanted to.

the fake outdoors-y type – wears the teva’s, the patagonias, the north faces and the marmots.  carries the nalgene, the camel baks, the clif bars.  but has never gone on a campling trip in their life.  they can wear the short shorts, but their lack of a tan shows they don’t go outdoors too much.

the non-outdoors-y type – has no idea what any of the above mentions brands are.  prefers the beach or inside an air-conditioned room.  hates walks and would prefer to play sports, a video game, shop or read a book over a hike in a scenic mountain.

on a semi-related note: you know what i find impressive?  the employees at shoe stores that can look at the shoe you’re holding up and can go to the back and bring the same shoe in the mentioned size without taking the shoe with them or even touching the shoe.  and sometimes they can do that with multiple shoes and sizes.  my friend explained to me that those people just know and “follow” shoes just like people know cars or musicians know music.  i just thought that was crazy.

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August 26, 2008 at 9:51 pm

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too much offense makes one defensive

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do you know those people who take offense at seemingly little things?  something that you don’t think twice about can offend someone greatly.

i watched tropic thunder this afternoon and i had seen on the news earlier that some people protested the movie on opening night because of the gratuitous use of the word “retard”.  a lot of mental disability organizations got together and protested the movie.  now, i’m not one to take a side here.  i’m sure the organizations were greatly offended by the word and i’m sure the movie producers meant nothing harmful by it as a lot of people use the word without really purposefully making fun of mentally handicapped people.  but it makes you think.

what sets people off?  sometimes seemingly small things can turn someone off completely.  how do we know when we crossed the line?  unfortunately most of the time we don’t know until it’s too late and we’ve already offended someone.  and usually it’s someone that we’re close to.  i wish sometimes that people had a list of things they were offended by on their shirt so that you knew what to avoid.

but what happens when people are offended by something that you feel strongly about?  sometimes i feel like people get too sensitive about certain things.  i’m pretty sure i’m not the only one.  sometimes you just want to be like, “buddy, c’mon!  get over it!  it’s not a big deal.  you don’t have to get offended over it.”  now i’m as sensitive as the next guy (probably moreso than the next guy), but there has to be a limit you know?  you can’t always tip-toe around every little thing people might get offended by.  where do you draw the line?

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August 25, 2008 at 10:48 pm

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since weekend posts are normally pretty unpopular as people have better things to do than to read what some dork has to write about on his online diary, here is a list of other things that are unpopular:

bowl cuts – do you know anyone with a bowl cut?  they must be awesome then.

the word “bomb” as in: “you da bomb!” – i feel like people who say this are usually older people who are trying to be “hip” but are a couple years too late.

peter pan peanut butter (cause choosy moms choose jiff) – i apologize to my friend tony b/c he’s allergic to peanuts.  purely jelly sandwiches for him and i’m sure if he were to pick, he’d pick smuckers.

wise potato chips – seriously, they should just quit.  i think fritolay and dorito have a pretty tight reign on the potato chip market.

americans in diving – can the americans even medal in diving?  i mean, any kind of diving?  those chinese are just so dominant they need to give someone else a chance like the american women did in softball (btw, does anyone else think maybe they lost on purpose in order to keep the sport in the olympics?  kind of like a “take one for the team” kind of deals?)

umbros – when was the last time you wore these?  10 years ago?  i apologize if you still wear them.  they are really cool shorts, it’s just that no one wears them anymore.  i think i still have some somewhere.  either that, or my dad is currently wearing them.

the men and women’s 4×100 relay teams – dropping the baton once, ok.  semi-understandable.  but twice?  c’mon people, you were supposed to win this event.

k-mart – despite martha stewart’s efforts, k-mart’s not doin’ so hawt.  they should just sell to wal-mart or something.  or them and target can gang up on wal-mart.  oh but martha stewart is already on the wal-mart side isn’t she?

what do you want to add to the list?

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August 22, 2008 at 8:54 pm

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in search of the ultimate worship experience pt. 3

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first off, i’d like to apologize.  i do actually know at least 2 families with 3 sisters in them.  and they are very cool families.  actually i think both the middle sisters are my age.  middle sisters are the coolest!

as this is a medium for sharing my thoughts, i thought i’d share about what i’m passionate about.  i’m passionate about worship.  but more than that, i’m passionate about teaching other people about worship.  not in so much of a “i know more than you do” kind of condescending teaching, but instead a more “let’s learn and experience things together” kind of teaching.  for those of you that may not know what the crap i’m talking about.  worship is an expression of emotional, physical, and spiritual response.  the response can be to many things: a sports game, a concert, God.  in this case, i’m specifically referring to God.

as some may know, i lead praise.  this means that usually every sunday, i am up on stage playing guitar and singing in front of the congregation leading them in songs of worship.  this of course is not all that worship is.  worship is not merely singing.  nor is it merely preaching.  worship is so much more.  so much more in fact, that i can’t even put into words what all worship encompasses.

what i would like people to know and experience is that worship can exist without music.  this may be really crazy to hear from me becuase i’m all about music.  why would i not want to share the wonderful gift that is music?  well, in order for me to learn and in order for other people to learn that our conception of worship is pretty narrow.  i can’t tell you how many times people ask me to play a couple songs to open a meeting or a service.  or the first thing people think when they’re planning a retreat or a service or even a Bible study is, “we need songs.  who can we get to play music?”  well, i’d like to challenge them with this, “do we have to have music?  is music an absolute necessity that without it we aren’t worshipping?”  i think part of the reason i think this is because i’m kinda sick of people asking me to lead songs for things.  but i think more than that, at the core of it, i want to experience something more and i want other people to experience something more in worship.

so with all that being said.  i am passionate about experiencing worship in different ways, and not only that, but i want to bring other people on board too.  i want my mind to be opened to different worship experiences as well as other peoples’ minds to be opened to different worship experiences.  i have some ideas on how to do this, but i know it’s going to be a continuing process that may never reach its end.  and i’m really excited about pursuing this.

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August 21, 2008 at 9:08 pm

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