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in search of the ultimate worship experience pt. 1

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so if people at church haven’t noticed, i’m taking a break for the month of august.  i figured while i’m not on staff and while there are other people who can cover me, i might as well take advantage.  so what i had planned for this month is to visit different churches in order to experience worship as other christians experience it.  these churches are intentionally chosen based on recommendations of uniquely different worship services.  i realized that i’ve only experienced one kind of worship pretty much my whole life and if i’m going to be involved in worship ministry as a career, i’m going to have to open my experience to other viewpoints.

this will be a multi-part blog because, obviously, august has a bunch of sundays in it and i’ll be attending different churches every week.  what i don’t want this to be is a church review or critique.  i’ll just be sharing things that i’ve learned or realized about the church experience.

i’m not talking about the church i visited today specifically during this blog, but this is something that i’ve been thinking about for a while: christians have their own culture and sometimes are unable to think outside of it.  if i weren’t a christian and people were suggesting i attend this institution where you’re supposed to sing songs you’ve never heard of but that other people are all into, or that i close my eyes and talk to someone i don’t believe in, or listen to people talk in a language that i swear they don’t talk in in real life; i’d be pretty weirded out.  but the thing is, this is normal to christians.  it’s weird because christians and the church exist for people who aren’t christians.  it’s pretty difficult when your culture is pretty exclusive (which is one of my main gripes about traditional services).  how can christians expect to be a light in the world when they’re all secluded?

i guess i share this as a wake up call, or just to have something to think about for christians and non-christians.  i mean, you can’t really put too much blame on christians because a lot of them are just so engrossed in their culture that when “foreigners” come to visit, it’s hard to accomodate.  much like different ethnic cultures.  i mean, would you know the ins and outs of indian culture if someone from india came to your house?  on the other hand, christians do need to be aware of this especially as we are preaching “love”.  it’s not very loving when you are being exclusive.


Written by enoch

August 3, 2008 at 10:36 pm

Posted in social observation

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  1. tru tru… completely agree…


    August 4, 2008 at 12:46 pm

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