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you ever have those “pleasantly embarrassed” moments?  or as my friend hg put it, “jovial embarrassment”.  i had one of those today.  yesterday on the way home from school, my check engine light came on.  now i’m pretty paranoid when it comes to my car.  i mean, i think i’m going to be stranded on the side of the road the second my gas light comes on.  so i’m thinking, “dag, i’m not gonna make it.”  not even knowing what was wrong with my car.  it was running fine, no problems, and yet there i was thinking my car was going to blow up with me inside it.

i ended up waiting a day before i got it checked out.  you can imagine how crazy i was going in my head.  why didn’t i get it checked out that day?  well, more than paranoid, i’m lazy.  i just wanted to go home.  i just had a quiz in class and i studied all weekend.  i just wanted to go home.  so i go to get it checked out today.  the guy says, “it’s going to $99 if we’re going to check it.”  i’m thinking, what the…?  are you serious?  that’s such a rip off!  but i don’t want to die.  but the dude says, “40% of the time it’s b/c of your gas cap.  have you filled up recently?”  i’m go, “no i haven’t.  i’m almost on empty right now.”  he said, “go tighten your gas cap and drive on it for about 2 tanks and see what happens.”  i’m thinking, are you serious guy?  can i drive on it for two tanks?  i’m pretty sure it’ll blow up before i can fill up twice.  but he said he’d prefer if i drove on it instead of dishing out $99 just to check it out.  so i said ok.

first thing i do when i get to my car is open my gas tank.  so i unlock my door and walk to my fuel door.  and what do you think i see?  yesterday, i was about to fill up, but the machine wouldn’t take my card.  me being lazy once again, didn’t go inside to pay, i just left.  but i failed to put my gas cap back on.  i just closed the door to my gas cap.  freaking!!  the light still hasn’t gone away, but the guy said it would take a little while before it recognizes that i was being an idiot and forgot to put the gas cap back on.  dag yo.

however, i did learn something useful in all this.  not only is it important to put the gas cap on your tank, but i learned that the check engine light will only come on when something funky is going on with your emissions.  there you go kids.  that’s the lesson for today.


Written by enoch

August 12, 2008 at 8:14 pm

Posted in from my mind

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  1. You have auto problems. I have problems parsing autos. I am Chuckie Sullivan, except not as good looking, and you are Will Hunting, except much better looking*.

    * BTW. I tend NOT to express open “man-love” such as this most times. In fact, it is one of my pet peeves — especially in public! Take for instance, this exchange:
    Dude A: “Hey man, it’s soo hot outside!”
    Dude B: (Before Dude A gets a chance to catch his breath and in a sing-song voice) NO, YOU’RE hot outside!”
    Usually, there are a bunch of other guys and some girls around, and the comment by Dude B was said in order to encourage Dude A that he is not homophobic or trying to get Dude A to smile. When I am the Dude A, I do not smile. Does that make me a jerk? Maybe, but I don’t want to compromise what I believe, and I believe that comments like the one that Dude B made are not necessary and a waste of breath. I also believe that I should take it E-Z reading your blog and posting comments that nobody should read. :mrgreen:


    August 12, 2008 at 9:03 pm

  2. aho! that is useful information! 😀


    August 12, 2008 at 9:38 pm

  3. I had to get a locking gas cap so I’d stop forgetting it. Haven’t forgotten since! Highly recommend.

    lil' j

    August 13, 2008 at 1:04 am

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