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labor day edition

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labor day has got to be one of the chillest holidays.  not too many people go out of town like thanksgiving and christmas, and people don’t get all crazy like new years and st. patrick’s.  labor day is just a good one day off at the end of summer where working people can chill and cookout, hang out with friends, drink a beer and watch some football or a movie or something.  it’s also a good time to go shopping for just about anything and everything as labor day sales are kind of counter-productive as we’re making other people work on a day that celebrates not working.  and for students, it’s a great breather after school started to reclaim one more day of summer in the first one or two weeks of school.  it’s when students realize, “crap!  i’m in school for a semester now i need a break even though school just started a week or two ago.”

too bad labor day has lost it’s meaning.  actually, i just kind of inadvertently outlined it.  it’s a break for the working people, the end of summer, and the start of football season.

i like labor day because unlike other holidays, a lot of people are still in town and are looking for hang out time.  it’s like a souped-up saturday except people aren’t as busy.  i’ve had some good labor day moments.  if only i could recall them, i’d share them.   everything and everyone’s a little lazier and all people want to do is have the most fun and make the most of the day without going overboard beause work is the next day.

p.s. i was trying to spell check “souped-up” and was surprised to find it in webster’s dictionary.  dag, they got more street yo!


Written by enoch

September 1, 2008 at 9:29 am

Posted in from my mind

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