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i think i may have a problem.  does this ever happen to you?  you wake up and go about your day only to find out later in the day you have some kind of cut or scrape on your arm and you have no idea how it got there.  it happens to me all the time. i almost always have some kind of cut or scrape on the inside of my forearms at any point in time.  i’m almost certain i do this in my sleep, but i’m not sure how.  it’s kind of scary.  do i cut myself in my sleep?  is it subconciously on purpose?  or do i just sleep all funky and flail my arms about only to cut them on something sharp around my bed?

now i do sleep pretty wildly.  i almost feel sorry for my future wife.  my gosh, what if i hurt her in my sleep?  maybe she’ll have to sleep with protective armor on her.  i remember when i was little and my family went on vacation, me and my sister would have to sleep in the same bed at hotels.  it would be a battle.  i would wake up with either all the blanket or none of it and my sister would wake up really angry at me.  i remember my dad saying, “wow, you kids even fight in your sleep!”  see back then we did fight a lot.  but in my defense, i fought her in my sleep subconsiously.  i mean, there was nothing i could do about it.

so this brings us to the question: what kind of sleeper are you?

the toss and turner – this is what i am.  you go to sleep in one position and you wake up in a completely different position or in a different location in the room.  i can’t tell you the number of times i awoke to find myself on the floor.  your sheets are flung everywhere, when you wake up in the morning 9 times out of 10 you have to pick up your blanket and sheets from the floor.  maybe you have some cuts on your arm like me.  or maybe that’s just something that i do…

stone-cold sleeper – you sleep in one position and stay in that position until you wake up.  these people amaze me.  how can you stay so still for that long?  even if you are sleeping?  perfectly motionless.  i like to poke these people while they sleep to see if they’ll move or flinch or something.

the sleep-talker – i’m kind of in this category too.  i’m more of a moaner though.  i’m really afraid to fall asleep in class because i know that when i’m knocked out, i’m gonna start moaning.  i think one time in high school i was falling asleep and made a moaning noise which woke me up only to find the whole class was looking at me.  my old college roommate said that one time i spoke korean in my sleep which is funny because i can barely speak korean when i’m awake.  i also hear stories of people who scream in their sleep.  i can’t imagine how freaked out i would be if my wife sat up and screamed bloody murder while i was sleeping.  pretty much, no one wants to sleep in the same room as these people.

the snorer – ah yes, the snorer.  i used to be one of you, but after i got my tonsils taken out, i am snore-less.  i’ve slept next to some crazy snorers.  no one wants to sleep in the same room as these people either.  another old roommate of mine told me that he would be able to hear me snore through 2 doors and a hallway.  it’s funny cause you can’t really get mad at these people cause they can’t help it, but you can’t help but get mad at them because they’re keeping you up.  this kinda goes for those people who breathe really loudly too.

the narcoleptic (aka the shark) – i think these people are really funny.  there are 2 people in particular who i have in mind for this category.  the milder case of the narcoleptic is just someone who seems to fall asleep everywhere.  or someone who can sleep anywhere with no shame.  the more extreme case is the case of my 2 friends.  i call them sharks because they’re so active and energetic, but the moment they sit down or have a period of inactivity for about 5-10 minutes, they fall asleep.  like a shark, who must keep swimming or else they die.  but here, dying is sleep and swimming is any kind of activity.  my friends can play sports one after another and not get tired, and when they’re done, still want to go out and do something.  but the moment they step in the car they’re out like a light.  watching movies and tv at home is their enemy.  it’s like it drains the life out of them.

that’s all i got for this weekend’s edition of chang|eone’s mind.  hope this satisfies your fix until monday.  enjoy your weekend people!


Written by enoch

September 6, 2008 at 4:57 pm

Posted in social observation

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  1. i’m a stone cold sleeper about 9 out of 10 times. i think it comes from an almost an entire life sleeping on a twin size mattress or something. who knows? but i know i have woken up in the EXACT same position MOST of the time, coffin style. but on the 1 out of 10 times i move, i think i REALLY move. not sure how, but for example, if i fall asleep in the winter with socks on, about 80% of the time, they are flung off in the middle of the night or found at the bottom of my bed under my covers. i find this really funny, actually, b/c i have no recollection of doing this, of course. so i try to always take my socks off before going to sleep no matter how cold it is, b/c it just feels too i don’t know. like too much. i rarely ever find my sheets on the floor.
    i have shared rooms with some heavy duty snorers (yes, of the female species) and sleeptalkers and heavy breathers. i am one of those who fall asleep hard but also wake up at the sound of my name (even if you say it quietly… by the 2nd time, i’m up). but if someone is snoring before i fall asleep… forget it. i cannot fall asleep.

    ok well that’s that.


    September 7, 2008 at 7:07 am

  2. i toss n turn a lot, too, but i, also, sleepwalk. most of the time, i actually do wake up walk in a different room, then fall asleep. but i have moments where i wake up not knowing how i ended up there, too. i’ve never left my house, but i’ve had instances where i woke up sitting in a chair. it’s kinda annoying, tho. when you sleepwalk you don’t usually think about carrying a blanket or pillow w/ you, so i end up getting sick the next morning.


    September 8, 2008 at 9:04 am

  3. Once my papa punched mama in the face while they were sleeping. She had a bloody lip the next mornin… Needless to say, she was PO’d.


    September 8, 2008 at 2:32 pm

  4. i am also the stone cold sleeper… more times than not i wake up in the EXACT same position i went to bed in… i think this comes from sharing small beds with people (ask owie… hahha)

    i am also the grinder… i’ve never woken up myself from grinding but people usually tell me the next morning (usually at retreats… hahaha) they heard a strange noise but had no idea what it was…

    i have been a victim of the toss/turner of sorts… i’ve been punched once in the face and had an arm drag over my face twice… i’ve also had a leg thrown over me in the middle of the night (and yes that was a girl!!! hahahaha)


    September 12, 2008 at 10:50 pm

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