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tv show – one of the worst shows i’ve ever seen is tmz.  have you seen this show?  it’s some kind of celebrity/papparazzi show that updates the viewers on “celebrity news”.  it’s got to be the stupidest show ever made.  if you like it, i gotta ask why?  all they do is exploit celebrities, try to get a reaction out of them and make up stories and make fun of them when all they’re doing is grabbing a cup of coffee.  i think i may have mentioned this show earlier, but i just watched it the other day and it renewed my hatred of the show.  seriously, do people have nothing better to do than make fun of and try to bring down celebrities?

new product – i saw this product and i didn’t know whether to be excited or offended.  pretty much it’s a christian version of guitar hero.  except it’s called “guitar praise”.  it releases on september 25.  i mean, even the box looks whack.  i mean, i guess it’s a good alternative for kids who don’t listen to the alternative rock on the radio and who really like christian music.  but then i’m kind of offended because it’s just not the same.  do they really have to copy guitar hero like that?  how many people would buy this product?


movies – i saw 2 movies recently that i didn’t think i would like but did.  what happens in vegas and redbeltwhat happens in vegas was pretty funny and cute as a romantic comedy.  i enjoyed it more than i thought.  and redbelt is a fighting movie highlighting brazilian ju jitzu (it was the choice of my roommate).  but it was actually pretty good.  it had a good story and the action was pretty good.  these wouldn’t be high on my recommended movies, but if you’re the type that watches a lot of movies and hasn’t watched these, i would recommend them.

games – apples to apples is a fun, loud game where you get to argue with people.  what more could you ask for?  it’s a pretty fun group game and there’s a lot of ways to play.  i’m also a huge fan of mafia.  if you don’t know how to play, i will gladly teach you and we can get a group together to play.  i played twice this past weekend.  it’s one of those stay-up-late-with-a-group-of-friends-to-play games.  one time, the group i went to mexico with from church stayed up all night when we went camping and played until the sun rose.  and we never got tired of it.  so fun!


Written by enoch

September 8, 2008 at 7:37 pm

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  1. I like TMZ, it’s like a Saturday Night Live verson of ET.


    September 9, 2008 at 12:37 pm

  2. I would’ve chosen the romantic comedy… memories of mafia with tubz snoring =)


    September 11, 2008 at 12:21 am

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