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so continuing on with my post on worship…

something that i’ve been thinking about for a while is how we view worship.  as stated previously, in case you may not know what i’m talking about when i say “worship”: worship is a response to a stimulus or stimuli.  in the Christian sense, worship is a response to God.  i guess by my definition, being angry at God would also be considered worship because it is also a response to God.  maybe that’s true, or maybe i’m just being completely blasphemous.  i’m going to say it would be characterized as worship.

but anyways, a huge part of what worship is in today’s culture is music.  it seems like “worship” music bookends everything we do as common as prayer is.  you know, how we “open” and “close” our meetings and fellowship times and services with prayer.  the same thing seems to be applied to music.  someone “opens” with a song and ends with a sending song.  it’s almost second nature.  to me at least.  are we doing something church-related?  oh, well, we better find someone to open with some songs and have some songs after we’re done to close us off with.

it’s almost like the whole please excute my dear aunt sally thing in math – you know, parentheses first, then exponents, then multiplication, then division, addition and subtraction last.  here the parentheses would be prayer and the exponents would be music.  it seems to take second priority in the order of “worship”.

so my thought has been, “what would happen if a church or body of Christian believers had no one with musical ability?”  would that mean that they couldn’t worship?  ok, so maybe not that extreme.  does that mean that their worship is incomplete?  or say someone does have musical ability but maybe they’re not that good, is their worship any “less” in quality than other people with more skill in music?  or if somehow they got around this issue, what do they “replace” music with?

i hope you see where i’m going with this.  it’s as though music is just built-in to the skeleton and outline of the church where anything other than music would be foreign to the order of worship, almost or sometimes directly as a replacement of music.  well, we can’t have music, so we’ll do this instead.  instead of thinking, man, worship is not only music, we should explore different media and forms of worship!

i hope that we don’t pigeon-hole ourselves into being confined to music.  although music is beautiful and creative and can communicate much, it should be our only means of worship.  i mean, put yourself in the position of a non-Christian, how weird would it be if people invited you to a meeting or assembly and they asked you to sing songs you’ve never heard of?  and not only that, but they’re asking you to sing about something you don’t know much about.  why would you want to sing about someone dying on a cross or singing about how you want to give your life to a god you know nothing about or this thing called “grace”?  what’s that about?

now, i don’t have an alternative to this.  i guess all i’m trying to bring up is that i think our view of what worship is is very narrow and culturally insensitive at times.  and i hope we can keep an open mind as well as stretch our minds to the whole unexamined and unexplored world of worship that is all around us.


Written by enoch

September 29, 2008 at 7:43 pm

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  1. good post dude.

    i definitely agree, we shouldn’t pigeon hole worship into just music.

    ps i think i forgot how to do math the whole what to do first…parentheses, exponents etc


    September 30, 2008 at 10:09 am

  2. hey enoch. i always enjoy reading your blog entries. i actually went through your old entries because i haven’t read in a while.

    i actually taught PEMDAS a couple of weeks ago. it’s actually a lot more difficult when you’re learning it the first time.

    recently, i’ve been thinking about what it means to be open-minded. i thought it just meant that i don’t judge or think that my way was the only way and the best way. someone told me being open-minded means you’re willing to try anything and everything.

    anyway, i hope you’re doing well!


    September 30, 2008 at 1:14 pm

  3. Interesting post. Have you ever heard of the “regulative principle” in worship? You might find it interesting as it has a little bit different view on worship. The argument is that there is a prescribed way to worship God. So in a sense, it is pigeon-holed. But their reasoning behind all of it is quite extensive, to say the least.


    September 30, 2008 at 6:24 pm

  4. As for me, though, i am still in the gathering information phase. I’m not too sure where I stand yet with the whole debate.


    September 30, 2008 at 6:26 pm

  5. good post enoch…good reminder on what is worship at the core…and what are means to worship. i’d be curious to see a church that has no one to open/close in songs. that’d be interesting.


    September 30, 2008 at 8:01 pm

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