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we all look the same

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so in one of my classes, there’s about 50ish students.  i usually sit towards the back with some other korean friends of mine.  there’s about 7 of us in the class.  4 sit in the back where i am and 3 sit towards the front.  i think you may know where i’m heading with this.

so every once in a while one of us will raise our hand to answer a question, and pretty much without fail, the professor will call whoever raised their hand by the wrong name.  i don’t think any two of us have the same body type.  we all dress differently.  2 of us have glasses.  one almost always wears a hat.  one has facial hair.  one looks like he’s 12 years old.  despite all this, the professor just cannot tell us apart.  what’s worse is that 90% of the time, it’s the same person who raises his hand.

i’m sure the professor feels bad.  and we especially have fun just laughing to ourselves when she calls one of us by the wrong name.  it’s not that we’re mad at her or anything.  i think we just look at it as a funny joke.  hopefully she doesn’t feel like we hate her or anything.  despite all this, she still tries to call on us even when she’s not sure what our names are.  no fear, i’m telling you.  with all the confidence in the world she’ll call some other guy “enoch”.

today for instance:

the professor was taking volunteers to answer a question and not finding one, looked in the back corner of the room and called on “enoch”.  no problem here right?  well, the thing is, i wasn’t sitting in the back corner.   my friend was.  he knew she was looking at him and called him enoch, but instead, he decides to just sit back and let me answer the question.  i didn’t know she was looking at my friend the whole time, so like an idiot, i start answering the question.  no big deal right?  right.  until… my friend in the back corner raises his hand to answer another question later and the professor calls him “enoch.”  what the freak?!?!  you heard me answer the question that you addressed to enoch, and yet you call another guy the same name?!  i mean, how many enochs could you possibly have in a class?  or did you seriously just forget which one of us is enoch and you’re just taking a shot in the dark with enoch again thinking that maybe this time you’ll get it correct?

again, i’m not mad.  i don’t think any of us are.  we find this really entertaining.  and it’s definitely not just with the korean students.  although it happens a lot more with us.  we love you professor!


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October 30, 2008 at 8:49 pm

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reverse pick-pocketed?

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_do you ever find random things in your pocket?  most of the time from the last time you wore your pants, but sometimes you don’t even remember putting the object in your pocket.

since i play guitar a lot, i always find random picks in my pocket.  the good thing is, they always make it through the wash and always seem to find themselves back into the pocket of origin.  so sometimes, on a really good day, when i have to play guitar and don’t have a pick on me, i’ll just stick my hand in my pocket and CHA-CHING!  pull out a pick, not even expecting it would be there.  the funny thing is sometimes i expect it to be there when there is no reason for one to be there.  and then i get disappointed that my magic pick-appearing trick didn’t work.

another thing i usually find in my pocket is mints.  like the ones you take from restaurants after you eat.  not the chewy after dinner kind, but the hard starlight mint kind.  these usually make it through the wash, but i end up throwing them away just in case they taste like soap.  plus they’re all broken and let’s face it, who wants to eat a broken starlight mint?  not me, that’s who.

so with all the picks and mints floating in my pockets, it’s kinda like christmas everyday.  what will i find in my pocket today?  old ticket stub?  receipt?  or the best one yet – money?

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October 30, 2008 at 7:59 am

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sometimes i do…

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sometimes i…

…eat stuff off the ground if i dropped something (as long as it doesn’t have anything gross on it)

…don’t listen to anything someone is saying because i’m thinking about squirrels or something random

…like to scare people when they’re not expecting it

…throw away random peoples’ trash when i make a dumpster run

…clear other peoples’ tables for them

…can’t drink water properly and end up with a huge water stain on my shirt/pants

…practice dancing in front of the mirror

…trip on steps that say “watch your step”

…slip on wet spots on floor

…talk to people thinking they’re still in the room when they’re not

…can’t decide between honey bunches of oats and cranberry almond crunch

…wake up thinking it’s sunday for 3 days in a row

…keep drinking water even though i’m not thirsty and/or i’m really full just because it’s in front of me

…continue singing a song as i turn off my car and exit only to realize there’s someone standing right outside my car that’s listening to me

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October 28, 2008 at 8:13 pm

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why am i here?

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no, i’m not getting all philosophical on you.  this is question i asked myself as i found myself walking into target.

has this ever happened to you?  you know you have to go somewhere.  you get in your car and you arrive, and as soon as you get there, you know you had to go there, but you have absolutely no idea why are you there.  happens to me allll the time.  i think i ended up staying there for about an hour or so trying to figure out why i was there.

i wrote a “to buy” list that i’ve been keeping for the past month or so.  i knew i had to go to target to buy something.  so i decided today would be the day.  too bad i didn’t look at my list before i went.  i ended up walking around the entire store looking for what could have possibly been on the list, while in my mind i was going through different categories: bathroom stuff, food, clothes, electronics, candy, office, cd’s/dvd’s.

so this is what i came up with and walked out with (cause i’m sure you all are curious): shaving gel, a loofa, body wash, the new anberlin cd, and a trash can.  seriously, a friggin’ hour to find this junks.  what kind of person does that?  although i did get pretty distracted by the music section.

speaking of music, i’ve been listening on some r&b lately.  i’m loving the chill beats and the sexual innuendos.  man, i would so love to be an r&b singer, but instead of being one of those smooth, sexy types, i’d be one of those non-sexual r&b singers.  yeah, that’s what i’m talkin’ about.  with my lack of smoothness, the ladies would be repelled.  “hey girl, it takes me an hour to shop for a loofa and body wash.  you sure you don’t wanna get with this?”  smooth.  real smooth.

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October 27, 2008 at 8:28 pm

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dream on

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i’ve been having some weird dreams lately.  a lot of them have been pretty real involving people i know.  like the past 2 dreams that i remember, i got in an argument with someone.  so weird.  so now whenever i see them, i can’t help but wonder if we argued in real life or if it was just my dream.  it reminded me of one dream i had back in high school.  i was arguing with my mom about closing a window or something stupid like that, but it got pretty heated.  it went something like,

“close the window!!”

“no, you close the window!”

“why do i always have to close the window?” (for as far as i can tell, this is the first time the subject of closing a window has ever come up)

and then when i woke up, those feelings carried over to real life.  it took me a little while to realize it was just a dream and i had to calm myself down from being frustrated.

i’d really like to study dreams and dream interpretation.  like what do different things symbolize?  or what things from real life trigger this kind of dream?  i think there’s so much that they reveal to us about ourselves and parts of us that we don’t even think about.  it’s like our subconscious trying to break through repressed memories and the things that are on the fronts of our minds.  like maybe i have a problem with those people i argued with in my dream and i need to work on our relationships.  it’s pretty interesting what your subconscious comes up with. it’d be cool to be able to tap into channeling the power of dreams or something so that you could remember and analyze what you’ve dreamt.  hmm… maybe i should patent this idea.

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October 27, 2008 at 12:53 pm

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this whole week has pretty much been my weekend.  no school, no work (that i did anyway), just all food and play.  the life of a student is great.  the life of a student on break is even better.  so this week got me thinking of the different kind of weekenders there are.  check them out:

busy-betty/donnie-do-it-all: i do not understand how these people do it.  these are the 40+ hours a week workers and then on their non-working days they’re running around getting other things done.  if you ask them, they’ll say, “i just don’t have time to do it during the week.”  errands, laundry, shopping, studying, etc.  they even get up early!  is that crazy or what?  mad props to you all.  i think your future is much more secure than mine is.

lazy-lucy/sleepy-sam: this is the professional sleeper.  as in, if sleep was a job, they’d be raking in 6 figures easy.  maybe they worked 40+ hours during the week, but on the weekend, that’s their catch up on rest days.  waking up in the pm, these people have no idea that breakfast is even an option on saturday. you can usually find them on the couch during the day with their eyes glazed over watching tv.  and when they wake up, they’re pretty groggy up til evening when they sometimes turn into the next category.  can you tell i’m making these names up as i go?  true they sound very official and gender-inclusive, but i made them up.  feel free to use them if you wish.

clubbing-clarissa/party-pete: they take every advantage of not having to wake up early to go to work the next day by staying up all night loooooong.  these are the go-to people if you’re looking for a good time on a weekend late night.  expect to be out when most “normal” weekenders are deep in sleep.  they have some kind of superhuman ability to stay up late and not require sleep while a normal person would pass out from exhaustion.  can also be coupled with the above two categories but not the last one.

nerdy-natalie/dorky-dennis: this is where i fit in.  these people probably don’t work as much as the above groups (in my experience at least).  these people are looking for things to do during the weekend but don’t want to stay up too late.  they find excitement in board games, having dinner with people and/or making it a blockbuster night.  these people like to sleep at a reasonable hour and don’t like get “crunk” unless it’s we’re talking about monopoly.  not to say these people are nerds or dorks necessarily.  but i’d say i’m a dork, and seeing how this category is directly specifically at me, the name is staying.

what kind of weekender are you?

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October 25, 2008 at 2:54 pm

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what am i going to be?

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so i am in need of finding a halloween costume for our church’s children’s halloween night.  i need something simple, cost-efficient, and awesome.  oh yeah, and it can’t be scary.  i don’t even know if those things go together, but here’s some ideas i got:

ghost – simple, elegant, pretty awesome on the awesome-ness scale.  although maybe not so good on the scariness scale.  true a simple ghost costume isn’t that scary, but i would definitely make it a point to make it a scary ghost.  preparation include: sheet (preferably white) with two cut-outs for the eyes and maybe some sleeve holes.  to make it scary maybe some blood stains and one less sleeve or eye-hole so it’s like a one-eyed, one-armed ghost or something.  cons: your bed sheet now has a couple holes in it.

princess (for the ladies) – pretty similar to the ghost.  only in this one you need a pink sheet.  a little more complicated, but a little more elegant and awesome.  not that scary, but again, i would make it a point to make it scary.  preparation: for this one, you’ll need a head-hole instead of the eye-holes and maybe a tiara and sceptor.  if you’re picturing this in your head, yes, it is the ugliest looking princess dress you’ve ever seen in your life.  plus, now you’re down one pink sheet.  for my scary version, you could keep the eye-holes and no head-hole so it’s like a headless princess or a ghost princess?  complete with blood stains and maybe one less arm-hole and eye-hole.

pirate – not so simple, kind of awesome, and kind of scary.  so maybe not a good choice after all.  to prepare: eye-patch, black 3-cornered hat, a hook, a peg-leg is a plus but i don’t even know how that would even work physically.  for my scary version prohibited by the church but i would have to do, i would need some blood stains, maybe one less eye-hole and one less leg.  so that’d make me a… no eyed, 2 peg-leg pirate.  cons: no depth perception and you’d have to do the pirate voice all night.  hmmmm… maybe i should think about this more.

any other suggestions?

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October 24, 2008 at 12:21 am

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