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normally, i wouldn’t consider myself to be a risk-taker.  in fact, i usually avoid risk at all costs.  i think of the what-ifs just so i can avoid anything that might remotely have to do with me taking a risk.  if there’s a risk i have to take, i want to be prepared for it.  i want to take the safest road possible.  stick to what i know, take the road more traveled, thinking inside the box.  you know, that sort of thing.

but there’s one thing where i throw all safety to the wind and tell it to get the heck out of my way cause i’m taking the biggest risk ever and i don’t care how unsafe it is.  what is this one thing that i become a daredevil at?  finding a parking space.  i will totally go for that awesome parking spot first, passing plenty of mediocre spots because i know in the end it’ll pay off. i’m sure there must be some kind of relation to personality.

what does this say about me?  hmmm…  let’s see:

the risk-taker – mix laziness with boldness and you get one risk-taker.  too lazy to just park at a normal spot and walk, too bold to not check and see if there’s an awesome spot somewhere closer to the entrance.  for me, i don’t think there’s a time limit to the risk-taker.  you’re going to get an awesome spot even if you have to wait 30 minutes until someone gets out of their spot, cause if you waited this long for an awesome spot, you’re going to freaking get an awesome spot.

the far-parker – not paying attention are ya?  or do you just like walking?  usually when i’m with someone who parks far when there are obviously thousands of closer spots, that person is either on the phone or talkng to me so it seems like they have no idea they parked a bajillion spots away from the entrance and we have to walk half a bajillion miles to get there (cause you know 1 parking spot is .5 a mile).  or maybe they’re just cross-country runners who want to show you how far they can walk without breaking a sweat while you (and by you i mean me) break into a profuse, code-red sweat.

the give-upper – eh, if i get a good spot, i get one.  but if i don’t, i don’t.  that’s the mind of a quitter!  “oh is that a spot over there?  no, i don’t think so.  let’s just park here.”  quitter!!!  real winners get their spot everytime!!  a mediocre spot is not good enough!

“that” guy or “that” girl – how does he or she do it?  how do you get the perfect spot every time?  you’re like some kind of freaking witch or something.  i wanna punch you in the face.  just kidding.  i’m actually very jealous.  it usually happens to people who really deserve it (whatever that means.  who really deserves a good parking spot minus handicapped people?)  either that, or the minority of them are huge jerks who say, “i ALWAYS get a good spot on the first try” and that’s when they have an imprint of my fist in their face.  once again, just kidding.  but sometimes…


Written by enoch

October 2, 2008 at 12:47 am

Posted in social observation

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  1. some people park far b/c they own a really nice car and don’t want any yahoo to scrape it. 😛


    October 2, 2008 at 3:25 am

  2. You could attempt to become super obease to get that handicap sticker then you’re on easy street. Well, that is until the heart disease kicks in.


    October 2, 2008 at 10:14 am

  3. well, i’m parked in the black smart, my friend stephen has the silver smart with the racing stickers. i “engineered” and took the photo, then got a full size dodge pick-up to park next to us. i took the pic at the south bend “tire rack” warehouse, where the “cannonball run” finishes every year, i had the cooperation of 3 smart owners, the guy with the pick up and a maintenance guy from tire rack who got out their scissor lift so i could take the aerial shots (that was fun, 6 of us up on that, swaying around as we each took turns to take pics!)

    i didn’t realize how popular my photos would become, they’re everywhere.


    September 30, 2017 at 11:47 pm

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