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black friday indeed

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bfridaythis post is so awesome it needed 4 pictures.  j/k. for those that don’t know, the term black friday refers to the profits of stores to be boosted to the black margins of net income as opposed to “in the red“.

so in the past 24 hours, all i’ve been reading about in my google reader page is this 34 year old guy who got trampled while opening a wal-mart in ny.  here’s the story from the associated press.  so tragic.  it tells you a lot about the human condition.  i think what gets me most is that people were actually angry that a man got hurt so they had to leave the store.  maybe they just didn’t know how serious it was.  eventually this man was pronounced dead.  how awful is that?  it’s like happy thanksgiving!  and then the next morning, i’m sure this guy didn’t even want to go into work at 5am, but he opened the doors for people to come in who’ve freaking been waiting there since thursday morning?  what the heck?

blackfriday_lede21i’m not a big fan of black friday.  i love the sales, but i hate what it does to people.  i think what happened at wal-mart speaks for me.  of all the ways to die, i think there are few less needless deaths than being trampled by a selfish mob on black friday.  how horrible is that?  totally preventable if people weren’t so selfish.  the thing is, i think people are blaming wal-mart.  they didn’t put up enough barriers, they didn’t have enough security…  what the heck?  how about, the people didn’t care enough about human life?  or the people cared more about getting the incredible hulk for $9 than helping a fellow human being up after getting knocked down?  no, wal-mart, it isn’t your fault for providing quality products at such attractive prices, i think we’ve failed as people when this stuff happens.

on a lighter note, if you read the article, my favorite part was when they provided the prices of some sale items at wal-mart like it was an ad within the story.  dah!  people are so messed up!

black-friday-the-game3 black-friday1


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November 28, 2008 at 11:03 pm

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so you had a bad day (aka: enoch is a huge dork)

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broken-handi actually hate that song by what’s-his-face, powter or whatever.  i liked it the first 100 times i heard it, but by the second 1,000 times, it just lost it’s flavor and now whenever i hear it, it’s just mush to me.  blech…  like eating gum that disintegrates in your mouth (i.e. orbit pomegranate flavor does this).

so this blog entry is based on my sister’s comment on my last entry.  she asked, seemingly random, if i blog everyday and what would happen if i had a bad day or something horrible happened to me would i still blog that day.  seems random and kind of emo doesn’t it?  that’s what i thought too, until i asked her about it and she said she asked the question because i said i like writing and i blog even when i have papers due and she was wondering what it would take for me to not blog.  gee, thanks sis, i get the point.  j/k!

so that got me thinking about what it would take for me to not blog.  here’s a list i came up with:

armageddon – yeah, that’s right.  i said it.  it would take the end of the world for me not to blog!  you can’t stop me!  j/k, actually i’m pretty sure if i just heard the world was ending, i’d hop on wordpress and blog about that.  you never know, at that point of my blogging career i’m sure i’d be hurting for ideas and the end of the world might just be what i need to blog something worth reading.

breaking all my fingers – i remember when i was younger (not so much anymore), i would go to school or work when i was sick or dying or whatever until i just physically couldn’t make it into work or school.  and this makes me sound like a huge dork, but i feel like it would take a huge physical barrier for me not to write on my blog.  i think i could still blog with one finger, what do you think?  or maybe i’d just mash the keyboard with my broken claw of a hand and call that my blog.

hostage situation – say one day i’m at a bank depositing my vast amounts of cash and these gunmen come in and hold the place hostage.  sounds feasible right?  i mean, i can’t remember the last time this didn’t happen.  but anyways, assuming the bank doesn’t have wifi accessibility, i’m pretty screwed blog-wise.  and knowing me, say the gunmen gave me one hour of wifi access to do with it what i would, i’d probably blog about what a great idea traffic light sensors are or how do they make diet dr. pepper taste like regular dr. pepper (seriously, how do they do it?).

ok ok, so these are obviously facetious answers to a serious question.  honestly, i don’t know what it would take for me not to blog.  since i’ve started, i haven’t really had any bad days and hopefully it’ll stay that way =)  i know the one day i “accidentally” didn’t blog it was because i was out late and when i tried to blog, i fell asleep at the computer.  (wow, that doesn’t make me sound like a huge dork).  seriously readers, i do go out.  i promise!  please continue to be my friends!  dah!!

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November 27, 2008 at 8:51 pm

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random thoughts from home

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car-dealership-inflatable-gorillabeing in charlotte with not much to do, driving around, my mind starts to wander.  here are some things i’ve thought about:

– it takes a certain kind of person to open up a car dealership.  you hear these names like, “jim davis honda” or “harrelson ford” or “jim patterson chevrolet” (i think only one of these is actually a car dealership name, but they all sound like they could be right?  and yes, i realize that i used jim twice.  i just think jim makes a really good car dealership name).  it got me thinking, “what if i started car dealership?”  enoch chang hyundai.  it just doesn’t sound as good.  and that got me thinking, i don’t think any asian person could ever own a car dealership.  they’d be like, “bobby nguyen kia” or “seong kim saturn”.  i think that’s why some places just name the dealership after where it’s located like “independence nissan” on independence road or “capital pointe jeep”. i guess i was never meant to own a car dealership.  it was fate.

– i love driving around charlotte.  the roads are nice and wide.  there’s usually a nice median with beautiful trees on it.  it’s very residential so you can look at all the nice houses and the occasional giant shopping center complete with it’s own target (it doesn’t even matter how far apart from each other they are, it’s like a rule that every shopping center has to have a target in it.  i’m not complaining, i love target.  if i were to build a city, it would just be full of targets, nothing else).  i think the thing i like most about driving in charlotte is that drivers are just so much nicer than drivers in atlanta.  they’ll let you out of a parking spot or a parking lot onto a busy road.  they don’t pull jerk moves like drivers in atlanta.  the only drawback is they drive a lot slower here.  maybe that’s why they’re so nice?  maybe it’s a correlation: slower drivers tend to be nicer.  i do miss flying down the highway or local roads going 10-15+ with the flow of traffic.

– another thing about the library i went to yesterday.  it’s visible in the movie “shallow hal“.  i didn’t really like the movie all that much.  it’s ok, but there are a lot of other movies i’d recommend over that one.  i just wanted to note that the library is right next to the building that tony robbins comes out of in the movie.  if you haven’t seen it, don’t worry about it, you’re not missing much.  it does have a good message though.

– i realized i love writing.  on days i have a paper due, i still like to write on my blog.  no matter how long the paper, i’ll still come back to blogging.  sometimes i’ll write in my blog first before i write my paper.  mostly just because i’m trying to procrastinate on my paper.  i think my writing skills have improved a lot since blogging.  it might not show in my blogs cause i’m just vomitting my thoughts onto the screen (sorry, that’s gross), but i notice it when i write my papers.  one of my life goals is to write a book and have it published.

– i bet you’re all wonderinf what i’ve been listening to lately.  well, take it easy, i’ll tell you.  i’ve really been digging pandora radio’s underground hip hop station.  i’m really glad the pandora app on the ipod/iphone decided to use genre stations in addition to artist stations.  if you have no idea what i’m talking about, it just means that now on pandora internet radio on the ipod, you can just select a genre of music such as: underground hip hop and listen to a bunch of random songs in that genre.  it’s pretty cool.  it’s like new music overload like a kid in a toy store during the christmas shopping season.

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November 26, 2008 at 9:03 pm

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donde esta la biblioteca?

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book-nerdi didn’t take much spanish, but that’s one word that i will always remember – library.  isn’t it weird?  it seems like library attendance has dropped ever since the rise of the coffee shop craze.  i wonder if spanish classes at school will stop teaching the word “biblioteca”, or at least phase it out in favor of “cafe”.  but anyways, i digress.

day one of being at home has been… uh… not fun, but not boring either.  is there a word for that?  neutral i guess?  as i write this, i’m chilling in morrison regional public library where i used to spend countless hours as a middle and high schooler studying and reading.  it’s funny how a physical location can turn you into another person.  in this case, the library turned me into my old middle school self.  just like being at my parents’ home makes me feel like a kid again.

i came into the library expecting it to be a totally different place.  it has been about maybe 8 or 9 years since i last came here after all and there has been a lot of technological improvements during that time.  but i was amazed to find that besides a couple desks moved around, wifi access, and more computers in the lab, nothing really has changed.  i was kind of excited, thinking that maybe a change and upgrade in the library would be symbolic of my own personal growth and maturity, but nope.  i came in those doors reminded of my immature ways as a middle schooler and how time hasn’t changed much.

i remember being dropped off at the library by my dad.  for some reason my parents really wanted me to read a lot.  they were always telling to me to read this or that, forcing me to go to the library when i didn’t want to, dropping me off and leaving me at the library for hours until they found it to be enough time for me to read and absorb copious amounts of knowledge.  why did they want me to read so much?  obviously it kind of had the negative effect.  i actually don’t like reading now.  i didn’t really like it ever.  i think forcing me to physically be around books a lot just made it worse.  me and books don’t really get along.  if books were a person, i’d have beat him up and took his lunch money long ago.  and yes, i’m not talking back in elementary school, i’m talking if books were a grown man, i’d beat him up and make him pay for my lunch.  what if books were a big strong man you say?  well, it’s books.  it’d probably come to life as some kind of nerd-looking guy anyone’s grandmother could beat up.  that’s right.  i called books a nerd.  take that books.

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November 25, 2008 at 9:10 pm

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one story ends and another begins

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soapboxso if you’re wondering what happened at the end of my persimmon story, i ended up going to another korean market where they had the different persimmons properly marked with labels in korean that i could easily identify as sweet and “sour”.  and my parents were so impressed with the price they asked me to pretty much rob the place for the rest of their persimmons.  needless to say, i got a lot of weird looks as i was checking out and loading my car with massive quantities of persimmons of the sweet variety.

so i have a paper due tomorrow on “what is the gospel?”  and i couldn’t help but think of this question throughout the week as i haven’t even started writing my paper.  so the question got me thinking about church, which got me thinking about denominations, which got me thinking about tradition, which got me thinking about tradition vs. culture.  now me, being the rebel that i am, am not really big on tradition.  i subscribe more to the school of thought that if people and society are always changing, tradition kinda dies with it.  maybe that’s a very dark view of tradition, but hear me out on this one.  true tradition is good for some things, but in the end isn’t the actual meaning of the tradition the important part that should be passed down from generation to generation?  i mean, minus bear grylls and les stroud, we don’t light fires by rubbing two sticks together just because our ancestors did it.  technology improves.  our society changes.  things get outdated.  a charlie brown christmas and claymation rudolph and freaky looking abominable snowman are great and all, but i really hope that’s not “the” christmas tradition of the future.  you know what i’m saying?

anyways, back to the gospel.  this whole thing got me thinking, “this can’t be it.”  people following their denominational traditions, reciting words written centuries ago, using language that doesn’t exist within the confines of the church.  i mean, all that is great and all, but if the goal is to tell others about the joy and happiness that we (christians) have in Jesus or how much peace and comfort we have in knowing God, i just don’t think all this is going to cut it.  i mean, it’s cool that we try to bring others into our traditions, but i kinda feel like there has to be something more to this.  and we wonder why church membership is dropping.  i think (and this is my humble opinion) that we have to meet people where they are.  and i don’t mean that in a condescending sense.  i mean that in the sense that we need to get off of our rocking chairs speaking our cryptic language and instead of asking people to join us, to go and experience what other people experience in the vernacular that people are used to.  in other words, to live life and not be fake.

now to get off my soapbox, i don’t do this either.  in fact, i’m still trying to figure out what this looks like.  and this opens the door to more thinking on my part and hopefully on yours too.    this is where the story begins, i feel – what do we do that shake up the system?  there has to be more than this.

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November 24, 2008 at 10:43 pm

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i’m going home again

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persimmon-2007what’s that saying?  “you can’t go home again”?  well, i’m going home again.  actually for the second time in the past 2 months, and i’ll be seeing my parents for the third time in the past 2 months.  it’s going to be a bittersweet holiday week.  on the one hand, i’m pretty excited to be with my family, but on the other hand, i’m also pretty sad to be away for so long.

so the good thing about thanksgiving is that my dad’s birthday is around thanksgiving, so for him it’s like an extended birthday/holiday.  happy birthday dad!

living in atlanta, or, “the korea of the south”, my parents usually want me to pick up some stuff before i go home that they can’t find so readily in charlotte.  this time, they asked me to pick up some persimmons.  ok, no problem right?  wrong.  not only do i not know what a persimmon looks like, i had no idea there were 2 kinds.  so i find the persimmons at hmart and then i see the “other” persimmons.  i’m pretty confused at this point.  one of them looked kinda dirty and not so brightly colored.  the other kind were bright red-orangey, nice and round so i guess i was drawn to these over the dull colored ones.  plus i’m pretty sure i’ve seen my parents eating these before.  so i bought a couple packages.

when i get home, i remember my parents asked me to get “sweet” persimmons.  there was no distinction between sweet and sour(?) persimmons at hmart so i asked my good friend google what sweet persimmons looked like and lo and behold, i bought the wrong freaking kind of persimmon.

so my question is: why?  why did someone name two, obviously different fruits the same freaking name?!?!  i don’t think it’s like the difference between fuji apples and red delicious apples though even these have different names.  it would’ve helped me out a LOT if they were just named sweet persimmons and sour persimmons.  then i would’ve been like, oh yeah, sweet persimmons, i want those.  or sour persimmons?  no, i don’t think i want those.  so now i have a bunch of worthless sour persimmons, i’m out some money, and i have to make another trip to find these freaking persimmons.  sigh…

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November 24, 2008 at 10:48 am

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check out

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checkouti love the all-in-one stores like wal-mart or, my favorite, target.  of course i feel bad for the mom and pop stores that they put out of business, but i mean, how can you not like these stores?  with low prices and everything you need in one store, there’s really no question as to where to shop for things.  but enough of this commercial.  i think my favorite thing about these stores is the variety of items they sell.  i think it’s really cool that you can buy such a wide range of items in one store.

i’m really intrigued by what items i end up with at the checkout line.  for instance: one time i remember checking out at wal-mart with a toilet plunger, a light bulb, and a stick of deoderant.  i wonder what it must be like for the cashier sometimes when they see people checking out with these random items.  like, uhh… what is this kid doing with post-it notes, socks, a garden hose, and a screwdriver?

what’s the weirdest combination of things you’ve ever checked out with?

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November 22, 2008 at 2:39 pm

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