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las-vegasi’m back from vegas.  you wouldn’t think a 3 hour difference would have that much of an impact on your daily schedule, but it actually did.  adjusting back wasn’t so bad, but going there was kinda rough.  vegas was pretty fun.  it was pretty cool to be in another part of the country.  and all the stores were open so christmas didn’t really feel like christmas.  here are some of my observations from my week in sin city:

addiction sucks – while walking through the casinos, i saw so many people who looked like they’d been sitting in the same slot machine seat for hours and hours, or maybe even more than that.  i played a couple slots so i could see how it could be addicting, but my heart just ached for people who are addicted to gambling.  i wanted to just go up to them and grab them and tell them that life is more than trying to win money, that there are relationships out there that are more important.  they all looked so lonely.  they didn’t look like they were having any fun.  i prayed for them while walking through the casino.

bathroom breaks or activity breaks? – my family uses the bathroom more than anyone else i’ve ever met.  i think we stopped by every single bathroom in vegas.  instead of taking a break to go to the bathroom, i felt like the trip was taking a break to do stuff in between bathroom visits.

everyone thinks that they’re right – especially in my family.  this makes things about 200x harder to get things done because we have to argue first about who has the correct information (including myself).  it makes for some funny, yet frustrating moments.

food is hecka expensive! – and not just food, but everything!!  geez, where’s my dollar value menu at?!

in-n-out is overrated – i think i might be hanged for saying this.  i thought it was alright.  i think people hyped it up too much.  unless vegas in-n-out is not as good as cali in-n-out.  but i would think it’s about the same.

the grand canyon is pretty big – understatement of a lifetime.  this thing is huuuuge, gigantic, colossal, massive, etc.  and i think i almost fell in.

i like conversations with random people – in elevators, gift shops, with retail workers.  i like talking to random people.  it’s fun.

the bellagio is freaking awesome – it’s got to be the nicest hotel i’ve ever seen.  too bad we didn’t get to stay there, but man, you can tell they put a lot of effort into making it look freaking nice.

cirque is freaking awesome – we saw mystere at treasure island and it was freaking amazing.  i would suggest everyone to watch some kind of cirque show if they can.

that’s it from my vegas vacation.  i’m glad to be back home.  back to my quiet, self-reflective life 🙂


Written by enoch

December 27, 2008 at 6:26 pm

Posted in social observation

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  1. hahaha 😀 man, as alex choi would say we are not a family of bladdiators 😦


    December 27, 2008 at 6:33 pm

  2. you MUST scroll down and see the video of my brother impersonating the creepy old man from Famiy Guy


    December 27, 2008 at 11:36 pm

  3. in and out is NOT overrated!!!!


    December 28, 2008 at 8:34 am

  4. addiction does suck. no addiction makes one happy… it’s a mouth that never stops wanting to be fed. hmm, not sure if that last sentence made any sense.


    December 28, 2008 at 9:21 pm

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