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chillin’ in the studio

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studioi got to lay some tracks down at the home of one of my friends who has a studio (no it doesn’t look like the one in the picture).  he produces rap/hip hop songs in his basement.  it was pretty cool.  it was no doubt the dopest crib i’ve ever been in.  i seriously felt like i was in an episode of cribs.  you know when they show the rappers’ houses and they have their own studio in their house and random people are always hanging out doing stuff.  i was one of the random people!

it felt good to record some tracks.  i could definitely see me doing it in the future.  i think the only thing is, i need to get my butt writing some music so that i can have songs to lay down.  i just need some motivation.  i’m not a rapper or anything, but i do get to come up with hooks which is pretty fun.

so my friend with the studio has a blog that he featured me on, so once i get a link, i’ll post it up here so you guys can see the stuff we were working on.  sweet!  i definitely want to record more.  it’s like a drug.  only it’s not bad for your body.  and they’re different in a couple other ways too.


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January 28, 2009 at 8:34 pm

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i wish i was irish

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irishtoday i got to sit in on some lectures from some irish theologians.  it was so cool cause they’re accents were awesome!  they spoke very softly, but with an air of confidence and charisma you couldn’t help but listen to them.  not only that, but they were cool because they explained the Bible in some pretty cool ways and taught us some celtic hymns and i even got to play guitar for a couple of them.

i think the cool thing about accents is that they make you 200% funnier.  you could say a joke in english and it’d be pretty funny, but say the same joke in another accent and it makes it the funniest joke you’ve heard in your life.  or not even jokes, but simple things like, “whar’s me pants?”  an accent makes it so much funnier.

so the irish theologians would share stories about living in ireland.  childhood stories, stories about their families.  and their stories were so funny.  man, something about being a foreigner makes telling stories that much more entertaining.  i don’t have a man-crush or anything like bear grylls.  no bro-mance going on here.  these guys were just really cool.  they were older guys with white hair, bright blue eyes (and i don’t even notice eyes normally), and scarves around their necks.  did i mention they were really cool?  is it too much to ask for a foreign accent?  maybe i should go to another country where they think american accents are really cool.  man, sign me up!

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January 27, 2009 at 10:07 pm

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the jukebox

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jukeboxwhen we were younger, my sister used to call me the human jukebox.  she would request a song, and i’d sing and play it for her on my guitar.

some things never change.  i’ve been taking requests on facebook for songs that people would like to see me attempt on my guitar.  if you’re not my friend on facebook, you should so that you can check out my videos.  it was a little slow getting started, but now it seems that the requests are rolling in.  so if you have a request, send it to me in facebook form and i’ll get to it as soon as i can.  or if you just like watching them, that’s cool too.

it’s kind of cool how i started doing this back then.  i didn’t even think about the fact that i did it in high school until this morning.  thanks high school enoch!

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January 26, 2009 at 10:07 am

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colbie cailollipops

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colbiecdcoveri remembered the deam i had last night.  it was so weird i had to share it with the world (the world = you all who read this nonsensical blog)

so my dream starts off with me watching tv.  nothing special there.  all of a sudden, i hear colbie caillat’s “oxygen” playing from the tv.  i look and it’s an informercial! my favorite!  so why the music?  well, colbie caillat is selling lollipops!  not just any kind of lollipop though.  it’s a lollipop with the bottom part wrapped in candy.  it’s kind of hard to explain.  it’s kind of like around the bottom part of the lollipop, there’s an extra layer of stuff.  what kind of stuff?  well that’s the beauty of it, there’s not only fruit flavored stuff, but chocolate!  so here’s where it gets weird (if it isn’t already), the person on the tv holds it out on the screen, and somehow, i’m able to taste the lollipop.  i don’t know if went into the tv, or the lollipop came out of the tv.  either way, i got to taste it.  and it tasted pretty good.  i remember distinctly tasting both the lollipop and the bottom layer of chocolate i think it was on the one i ate.  and that’s when i woke up.

so what’s so interesting about this dream besides the fact that colbie caillat is selling lollipops that have nothing to do with her or her songs, or that there was actually an informercial for lollipops in the first place?   well, the interesting thing for me was that it was a very vivid dream.  i could see the colors of the lollipop, i could hear the colbie caillat song as if it were playing on my computer, i could taste and feel the lollipop.  i couldn’t really smell anything, but you get my point. not only was my dream random, it was also a treat to 4 out of 5 senses.

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January 23, 2009 at 3:57 pm

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second year

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mysophomoreyearwdi found the clip from snl of the rock playing superman.  i don’t know what’s up with all the hebrew.  but the clip is still in english.

as of today i am a second year student in seminary.  i have completed one full year of courses.  i feel a little more mature, a little wiser, and a whole lot more confused all at the same time.  i’ve already read more in the past year than i have in all the previous years of my life put together.  i guess that’s what i get for going to an engineering school for undergrad.  seminary’s definitely a different way of thinking.  while i’m used to getting out my calculator in order to find the right answer, i now pull out my Bible and find that there is no answer.

it’s been fun though.  i find that i’m actually retaining a lot of the knowledge that i’ve learned, not like undergrad.  you know, i don’t remember a single thing i’ve learned in undergrad?  i find that pretty sad.  it was all cramming and forgetting.  think of all the things i’d know right now if i just studied a little better in college.

finishing my first year in seminary also makes me think about how old i’m getting.  thankfully, i hang out with a lot of people older than i am, so i never feel like i’m old, but still.  i’m realizing that i’m actually (or should be) a responsible adult.  i wonder how that’s coming along.  and i wonder what this second year of seminary will bring.

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January 23, 2009 at 12:14 pm

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the superman effect

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supermansomedays i wear glasses.  somedays i don’t.  what’s funny is that on certain days, people think i’m a totally different dude because i am/am not wearing glasses.  for instance, this happens every once in a while at church:

me: hi, i’m enoch

newcomer after coming to church for a while: oh hi, i’m ________.  hey!  aren’t you the guy on stage every sunday?

me: yeah, that’s me

newcomer: oh sorry, i didn’t recognize you without your glasses

it’s funny because it so reminds me of superman.  you know how people always dog on superman, or his coworkers and stuff cause he just puts on a suit and glasses and people can’t tell he’s superman?  there’s this clip from snl i was trying to find with the rock as clark kent and it’s so funny cause you can see the superman uniform all through the rock’s tight suit and his coworkers play jokes on him and call him superman knowing he will respond to it.  hilarious!

for that reason, i always have to laugh when i see these huge guys with these nerdy looking glasses.  i always chuckle to myself thinking that they could be superman in disguise.

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January 21, 2009 at 9:15 pm

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what was i thinking?

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bowlcutyou know those moments you have when you look at old pictures of yourself and you see what you were wearing or what kind of haircut you had, and you think, “what was i thinking?!?!”

of course.  i’m sure we’ve all had those moments.  especially those awkward pre-teen or adolescent years.  i’ve always wondered about this.  how can something that we think is so cool and trendy be the source of all embarassment and joke-making later on in life?  or, the bigger question is, will there ever be a time when fashion will just kind of level out and there will be no more embarassment?

does fashion have ingrained in it a level of maturity?  i would say no.  there’s plenty of mature people who fell into the “traps” of big hair, neon leggings, slap bracelets, and bowl cuts.  it’s gotta be something society related.  society says a trend is hot, so people flock towards that trend.  i was thinking about this when i was buying clothes one day.  i was beginning to think the color brown was cool, but then i realized it was probably because i’d been seeing it around a lot.  who decided brown was the new “in” color?  i wonder if there’s a panel of fashion consultants that are like, “you know what?  i think brown is gonna be the new color.”

i personally think that fashion can reach a level of “classic-ness” where we can look back and not be so ashamed at what we were wearing.  i look at pictures of how people dress and look in the past couple years and i don’t laugh as hard as i do when i look at pictures of them in younger years.  maybe it’s because i’m still living in this time period, but i’d like to think that fashion now has a sense of timelessness to it.  but what do i know?  we’ll just have to see in a couple years.

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January 20, 2009 at 11:32 pm

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