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img_0859i actually took this picture when my family drove to the grand canyon for christmas from vegas.  i just wanted to point out that i took this one =P

so i have this thing i do when i drive.  i tend to not take the same road i take to get somewhere on the drive back.  before you think i’m all weird and ocd (if you haven’t already thought so), let me explain.  sometimes the road going somewhere is not the best road to take going back.  are you with me?  there are many factors involved in which route to take to and from someplace.  for instance:

signal lights – you want to avoid the roads that you know the signal lights take a long time or that don’t have the pressure sensors to change the light when you roll up to the pedestrian line.  sometimes you have to go on these roads, but maybe on the way back, it’d be faster to go around them.  also, the number of signal lights can slow you down.

left turns – i try to avoid left turns as much as possible.  i was telling my friend the other day that on the way home, i tend to backtrack a little just so i can hit more right turns.  i just hate the fact that i’m so close to turning onto the main road or to the road where i live but can’t because i have to wait for the light to tell me to turn left as opposed to me being able to take a right at my own leisure.

scenery – sometimes you just want to take the longer way so that you can look at the stuff that’s on the road.  maybe you like driving through a particular neighborhood because the houses are nice, or you like driving down one road because it’s winding and fun to drive on.  i think weather has a direct effect on if i want to take the scenic route as well.

shortcuts – shortcuts don’t always work going to and coming from a place.  for instance: i know this one shortcut from church to an adjacent road.  there’s a cut-through road you can take a right on and it will cut right to the adjacent road you’re trying to get on.  however, coming back, you have to make 2 left turns which slows you down considerably.

access roads – i try to avoid access roads.  they’re just not that fun.  but sometimes you have to get on one to get on the highway or whatever.  but sometimes coming back you won’t have to.  i don’t even think this one makes sense.  i’ll try to give an example.  there are 2 exits off the highway close to where i live where one exits all the south traffic and one exits all the north traffic.  if i wanted to go south, i take the exit closest to me which makes it quicker to get on the highway, but if i wanted to go north, i would have to take the access road to the other exit to go north, so i tend to find another quicker way to get on the interstate going north.

this is just a little insight into my ocd, weird world.  does anyone else do this?  to me it just seams logical.


Written by enoch

January 7, 2009 at 12:47 pm

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  1. i do the signal lights and the scenery. i don’t think i can juggle 5 things while i’m driving hehe. but yeah, i’m with ya: my way to work is diff from my way back home. i should start counting my left turns in the coming weeks.


    January 7, 2009 at 1:11 pm

  2. i heard that taking the scenic road back means you’re good at recovering from broken relationships. or something.


    January 7, 2009 at 4:42 pm

  3. it’s all about speed for me. the quickest way. if the two ways are equal in time, the next factor is less use of gas. (i.e., going slower but shorter vs. faster but longer)


    January 8, 2009 at 12:04 pm

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