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doctorso i had a very interesting day yesterday.  let me tell you about it (sorry, this one is kinda long):

in class, we had a big discussion on the Trinity, the attributes of God (mainly love and justice), and predestination.  three huuuge, loaded topics that we discussed in about 2 hours.  it was really interesting, i was just a little sleepy through it though.  after that my friends went out to lunch, i joined but didn’t eat because i had to pick up people from marta who were coming back from dc.  on the way back to their cars, we got pulled over.  it ended up being nothing, but i’ll explain this in part two of this post coming up tomorrow.  oooh…. continuation 🙂

so after i drop them off at their cars, i go to visit a doctor for something that’s been bothering me for a little while now.  i don’t really like going to the doctor’s because i’m always afraid that they’re going to find something seriously wrong with me.  not that there’s any reason for them too, i just have this fear that out of the blue, they’ll be like, you have cancer or something.  i dunno, it’s just a little fear i have of going to the doctor’s.  but the experience itself of going to the doctor’s is actually pretty fun for me.  i’ll clarify cause that sounds like it can be confusing.  i hate the outcome of what the diagnosis might be and in that sense, i don’t like going to see doctors, but i like the experience of chatting with the doctors, nurses, other patients, etc.  i figure in a place where everyone who comes in has some kind of physical or mental problem, people are a little more vulnerable and able to open up (not that i’m taking advantage or anything).

anyways, i was greeted by a nurse named julie.  she’s an older woman around 40ish and she’s catholic.  i put on my application that i interned at my church and she said that it was cool that i worked in ministry.  i shared that i’m attending seminary to which she was even more excited.  she wrote my name down on a piece of paper and told me she’d be praying for me and my church.  and so she did all her nurse stuff and on my way out, i ran into her again.  she looked at me and said, “remember…”  and, assuming she meant that she’ll be praying for me, i said, “thank you so much.”  i made a friend 🙂

i had to get a blood test done so i had to go to another suite to a lab.  the room was plainly furnished and decorated.  only four chairs and a coffee table covered in various magazines strewn about were placed in the waiting room.  taking up the center of the waiting room was an older woman in a rascal.  i took my seat in one of the wooden chairs with black leather cushions and awaited the return of my driver’s license and insurance card i had given to the receptionist/lab technician.  the older lady, was hooked up to an oxygen tank and went in to get her blood drawn.  before she goes in, she realizes that her oxygen tank was empty.  the technician asks if she needs to change her oxygen but she replies that she can do the test first.  the test finishes and i notice that the older woman was having some trouble breathing.  she was breathing in more heavily than she did before, but normally.  she comes back out in the waiting room after backing out of the lab room to which i thought to myself, “people in scooters must be excellent drivers” seeing how she had to back out of tight spaces.

she then proceeds to change her oxygen tank.  i see her struggling a little so i ask if there is anything i can do to help.  she said, i could help by getting the full oxygen tank out of her basket behind her.  i replace her tank for her and she fumbles through her bag to find something.  she pulls out her hand empty and with a voice of hopelessness she says, “i don’t have any batteries…”  her portable breathing machine had run out of batteries and she needed new ones to get it working again.  i ask what kind and how many she needed and asked the technician if there was a gift shop downstairs.  she said there wasn’t, but that there was a pharmacy in the next building and that she didn’t know if they sold batteries.  i said i’d go check.  so i go down as fast as i can thinking that this woman might be in trouble if she can’t get her oxygen and find the pharmacy and luckily they have overpriced AA batteries.  so i purchase a pack and go back up just as fast as i came down and replaced her batteries.  she fumbled a bit with putting the batteries back in, but i didn’t think i should do it for her.  all the while, she continues to breathe heavily.

the machine finally turns on and the sound of gas flowing from the tank and the beep from the portable breathing machine is the only things that are heard in the room.  i let out a sigh of relief, knowing that she would be ok.  i asked her for her name and she told me her name is rosetta.  i told her mine and let her know that i’ll be praying for her.  she insisted on paying for the batteries, but i insisted back that it wasn’t a problem.  she kept on insisting to which i awkwardly replied that i just wanted to help.  on the way back to my car, i ran into her again in the downstairs lobby and asked if she was ok.  she said she was and she thanked me again.  i made another friend 🙂

evangelistically, i’m sure there was so much more i could’ve done in order to share with rosetta, or with anyone else, that my actions are motivated by God’s love and that it’s not just being nice.  but hopefully i showed rosetta the love of Christ.  for all i know, it wasn’t a big deal that her oxygen ran out or her battery died.  maybe i just made it into a life-threatening situation, but either way, i was really glad to help.


Written by enoch

January 13, 2009 at 10:57 am

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  1. whew! i finished..reading. jk =P

    got pulled over??!??!?


    January 13, 2009 at 12:53 pm

  2. when u have a huge huge huge heart 4 people u make a huge impact on others especially those who r sick mentally/physically then normal random strangers
    i know im so happy when people do the smallest gesture

    i know the ivy oxygen bags 2 well,especially if u have tubes goin thru ur nose,ur practicallyyy married…if she was walkin shes in progress of recoveryy so no so life threatning. but u being there n helping her in superflash ,u were an angel 2 her…u definito showed graces love..

    extravagant love is amazin…


    January 13, 2009 at 1:10 pm

  3. awesome!


    January 13, 2009 at 4:01 pm

  4. hm. that’s cool


    January 13, 2009 at 5:19 pm

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