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what’s in a name?

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krogeri wonder if there’s anyone out there with the name patrick richard (insert last name).  so if you shortened his name, it’d be pat rick kim or patrick kim.

i remember one time i was driving with someone from out of town and he was like,

“what’s K. Roger’s?”

i said, “i have no idea what you’re talking about.”

he said, “there!  look!  what’s that?!”

i said, “oooh!!  that’s kroger!!  it’s a grocery store”

a long time ago i was with another friend who was from chicago and he called chick-fil-a, chickafilla

i have a friend who, for the life of him couldn’t pronounce the words, robitussin or tuberculosis and my friends and i would always try to trick him into saying it.

if i were a candy bar company, i’d name one of my products piece of that.  and then when people say they want it, they’d say, “hey, let me get a piece of that.”  or if they just want some of it, they’d say, “let me get a piece of that piece of that.”

likewise, if i were to name a snack food, i’d name it shutcho mouth.  and then when people ask what you’re eating, you’d say, “shutcho mouth!”  i bet a lot of needless fights would occur because of this.  i better make it not so delicious.


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February 26, 2009 at 10:44 am

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i started a joke

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truman-showdo you ever have the feeling that the whole world is playing a joke on you?  like one of those truman show kind of moments where you feel like the whole world is in on a secret that you’re not a part of.  all of humanity is playing some kind of prank on you and they’re getting a good laugh at your expense.  i know this sounds all conspiracy theory and all, but what if…?

i always thought about what if cars don’t really need gas and it’s just a ploy from oil companies to make a profit.  with the obvious fact that cars have run out of gas in the past out of the picture.  we were only told that our cars need gas to run and if we’re good motorists, we kept our tank full.  but what if?  what if we let that gas tank run out?  and what if we found that our cars would still run long long after the gas light came on?  tell me i’m not the only one who thinks of these things.

what if the world was keeping you from something?  and everyone on earth knew about it except for you.  i think i’d want to know what it was.  i wasn’t gonna go here, but now that i think about it, it kinda makes sense…  maybe that’s what Jesus is like.  some people are blissfully unaware that there are whole cultures and worlds that are totally transformed by Jesus while they are in their own bubble totally unaware of something that could change their life forever.  i’d think i’d want to know what that something is.

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February 25, 2009 at 9:31 am

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break me off a piece of that kit kat bar

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kitkati need a break.  i feel very edgy.  like some kind of dog that would bite you if you pet it wrong.  i guess you could say i’m doing too much.  responsibility is my enemy right now.

i’m feeling pretty overwhelmed.  i think my anal-ness comes into play too.  i like things done my way and i feel like if i don’t do it, it won’t get done.  and in a lot of cases, that’s actually true.  you know how some people say that, but things get done anyway?  i do actually believe that if i don’t do something, it won’t get done.  maybe it’s pride?  or maybe things just don’t get done and i’m the one who notices?  or maybe things don’t have to get done, but i make it a point to get them done.  hmmm…

either way, gimme a break

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February 24, 2009 at 10:31 am

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i don’t believe you anymore

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denzel_washington1you ever watch a movie or tv show and you see a guy or girl from a commercial?  or the other way around, someone from a movie or tv show you see in a commercial.  i find this pretty comical.  why?  what’s wrong with me?  i’ll tell you what’s wrong with me.  commercials are meant to sell something.  the actors play these roles of people who are in need of something and so the only possible option is for them to buy said product and instantly relieve any kind of need or want in that actor.

ok, so still nothing funny about that, but imagine this: the “actor” is playing the role of a person who has arthritis or something and has to take aleve or something.  the next time you see him or her, they’re lifting up a car in a movie.  i don’t know about you, but when i see that kind of stuff, i’m thinking, “woah, woah, woah!  why should i buy aleve anymore when you didn’t even really have arthritis in the first place?  i only bought it because i thought it worked on your arthritis!!”

bunch of liars they are!  i guess some would call it “acting” or whatever, but i don’t buy it.  i say, if they’re going to play someone with allergies or a fast-food worker, they should stick to roles that would further dig them permanently into that role.  who’s with me?  all this jumping around is driving me crazy.  they should all be like denzel, sure he’s played different roles, but he’s played them all the same way – as a confident (sometimes cocky), yelling man, who don’t take nothing from no one.  that’s what i could get used to.  actors, take a lesson from mr. washington.

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February 19, 2009 at 9:56 am

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my brain is a genius

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wow, i just typed in brain and genius in google and there’s actually a game called brain genius.  so i picked the image that wasn’t just brain genius, it was brain genius 2!

i think the topics of sleep and dreams are so fascinating.  i mean, if you think about it, when else are you just lying still, vulnerable to animal or people attacks while movies are playing in your mind?  it’s one time when we’re just exposed to the world – break-ins happen while people are sleeping, murders, pranks, etc.  and a lot of times, there’s just nothing we can do about it.

wouldn’t it be cool if our bodies didn’t need rest?  we could just do whatever we wanted to do at night.  although i’m sure as the humans that we are, we’d try to fill it with work.  so maybe it is better that God made our bodies require rest.

so i was dreaming the other night and i woke up and i was amazed at what my brain came up with.  so the dream goes:

i was in vegas playing poker.  i’ve never played poker in vegas before and don’t really know the table rules.  however, as i’m playing, i’m picking up these rules i’ve never learned before but seem very official.  i even picked up a few crazy ones that were pretty fun.  i couldn’t imagine how my brain came up with these rules i’ve never heard before.  i was really impressed with my subconcious.  good job buddy!  if only i could think like that when i’m awake.

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February 17, 2009 at 9:46 am

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get out of my space!!

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elbow-room2so i went to see cirque du soleil’s kooza the other night and it was really good.  however, most of my night was ruined by the guy sitting next to me.  so here’s how the seating went.  three chairs down from my left was a rather large woman.  seated next to her was a very muscular, big, tall man.  and next to him was another very muscular, big, tall man.  and then there was me, a not so muscular, but big, tall man.  oh yeah, did i mention the seats were very small with no elbow room?

so the guy sitting next to me was practically spilling over to about a third of my chair space.  his elbow would dig into my ribs, and with every clap my left arm would be shaking voilently because his arm was strangely sticking to mine, and his left came wayyyyy over to my side where it didn’t matter how much i scooted over, his leg would always be touching my leg.

i gave him the benefit of the doubt and reasoned that he was all over me because of the two other rather large people on the other side of him, but still, there was no effort to stay on his side.  me, i need my personal space.  when going through a crowded room or crowded line, i make sure, to the best of my ability, not to touch anyone.  and when sitting down although i, like many guys, like to stretch their legs to other chair spaces, i’ll sit uncomfortably with my legs together if someone is sitting next to me just so i can maintain my own bubble.

so what was up with this guy?  he made no effort to not be touching me.  whenever he’d take a sip from his champagne (i think?), the whole motion of his drinking would involve his elbow running up the side of my arm.  who does that?!?  you would think guys wouldn’t want to touch each other.  and this might answer it, but maybe not, but i think he was gay.  which doesn’t bother me, i just wanted my space and he wouldn’t budge.

so please, if you’re even sitting next to me, give me some space unless you want to see my back spasm uncontrollably from sitting so uncomfortably for a long time.

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February 12, 2009 at 10:08 am

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this can’t be good

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jerry-springerso i was waiting for an oil change and in the waiting area, a dude was watching jerry springer.  this is probably the only time i watch daytime trash like this – while waiting for my car.

anyways, the topic was a “best of” kind of show where they replayed all the crazy shows they had in the past.  one lady was sleeping with her daughter-in-law’s boyfriend and they started fist-fighting.  another guy was gay and just came out to his family and boyfriend that he had been and will continue to prostitute himself to other guys and he didn’t seem like he felt like it was a big deal.

and for some reason, i guess the jerry show has changed a lot in the past while, but whenever anyone from the audience makes a quip at the people on stage or asks a question, they have to take off their clothes.  the audience will all chant something or other asking them to take their clothes off.  so weird!

anyways, so as i was watching this craziness, i got to thinking: at what point would they think that their lives are going well if they are appearing or attending the jerry springer show?  i mean, being associated with the jerry springer show in any way is just not a good sign that you’re heading on the right track in life.  do people know this?  cause it really seems like people don’t.  i actually felt like trash just watching it.

you think at some point people would think, “sweet i’m going on the jerry springer show!!  wait a minute, my life isn’t going so well right now.  you think maybe i’m going on the show because my life is so screwed up it’s entertaining to other people?  this can’t be good.  i’m not gonna go on the show, and i’m gonna fix my life (hopefully with the help of Jesus).”  but no, it doesn’t really seem like people are thinking along these lines.  kinda sad when the highlight of your life is appearing on the jerry springer show for being a 15-year-old who has to have a paternity test to figure out which of 6 guys could be the father of your child.  that can’t be good.

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February 10, 2009 at 2:26 pm

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