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you can’t resist

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FingernailClipperi don’t like it when ads say that you won’t be able to resist their product.  uhh… excuse me, you don’t tell me if i’ll be able to resist your product (unless you’re some cookie company).  i’ll be the judge of that.  maybe this dislike comes from the sense that i don’t like people telling me what to do or how to feel.  i’m somewhat of a rebel.  i want to figure things out myself.  i want to make my own mistakes and learn from them.  when people tell me to do something, it makes me not want to do it all the more.  i’m kinda difficult like that.

so if tv tells me i should do something, i probably won’t do it.  it’s my equivalent of giving a slap in the face of advertisements.  not all advertisements though, just the ones that say, “you won’t be able to resist,” or “you must try this.”  i don’t know what the best way to advertise to me would be.  probably one of those low-pressure suggestion type of ads like:

check out the new fingernail clipper if you want to.

[list of features]

it’s at these stores if you happen to be at there, or you don’t have to, you know, whatever.

wow, how awesome would that be.  now that’s a fingernail clipper i’d want to buy.  actually, the fingernail clipper in the picture doesn’t look so bad.  i’d buy that.  i can’t deal with high-pressure sales people.  it makes me not want to buy the product even more just because the person wants me to make the purchase so desperately.  it sucks because it could even ben something that i really want to buy, but if someone pressures me to buy it, i’m not gonna want to buy it anymore.

i’m weird.


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May 28, 2009 at 2:02 pm

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h8er series pt. 3

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h8i have to admit, this h8er series has been pretty fun.  but i want to make one thing clear, all these things on my h8 list are situations, objects, or inconveniences.  they are not people. i don’t hate on people, that’s just wrong.  i might joke around and say that i hate kobe and the rest of the lakers team, but i only mean i hate that he’s so good and causes my teams to lose a lot of times.

with that said, i cannot stand people who h8 on other people.  i don’t really like tmz and all that they do – bring celebrities down and catch them in bad situations or make up bad stuff about them.  i cannot stand people who just bring others down all the time, even jokingly.  i mean, if your whole conversation is bringing others down, i think you have a real problem and need to re-evaluate your social etiquette.

i bring this up cause i feel that lately, i’ve been in conversations where the entire subject is devoted to bringing others down.  wow, how awesome is that?  especially when you’re the butt of it.  you know, no hi, the greeting is an insult.  the conversation is an insult, and if you stay til the end of the conversation, the ending is an insult.  and i can only say this for guys cause that’s what i’ve noticed more, but i have noticed some females that do this as well.

i don’t think a lot of the people i’m mentioning read this, but if you do, i implore you to actually have a meaningful conversation.  it really is a lot better than bringing others down, and who knows?  you might even get to know someone better or make a friend in the process.  what about saying something nice?  a compliment goes a long way.  and be careful who you insult.  some people are really sensitive and really can’t take a joke, and you may think you’re just joking, but you’re really killing your relationship with that person.  c’mon h8ers, don’t h8 people.

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May 26, 2009 at 12:04 pm

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the hills are alive

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soundmusic460ok ok, so maybe i’ve been hating too much.  i’ll continue the series later, when i’m feeling hateful.

so i was watching american idol last night (flipping between the nuggets/lakers game, mind you), and after american idol, there was this new show on.  it’s call ‘glee’.  in case you haven’t heard of it.  for some reason, i really wanted to watch it (while still watching the nuggets/lakers game, mind you).  there’s just something about people singing that i really like.  and that’s when it hit me: i like musicals.

whoa whoa whoa!  did i just say that?  yeah, i did (mind you, i was still watching the nuggets/lakers game).  i grew up watching the sound of music with my mom just about once a week growing up.  i didn’t really understand the movie until just recently when i watched it again, but i enjoyed the singing.  and no, i haven’t watched high school musical (probably cause i was too busy watching a manly basketball game or action movie), but if it came on tv and there was nothing better on, you know… i might uhhh… give it a glance… while switching between you know, like… world series of poker or rambo or something.

i mean, who doesn’t like a good disney movie?  the old school classics were all musicals!  c’mon, “under the sea,” “a whole new world,” “be our guest,” “song from mulan.”  you get the picture.  it’s kinda the best of both worlds: acting performance and music.  or, in disney’s case, animation and music.  what’s not to like?  i haven’t really seen any broadway musicals or anything, but i hear they’re pretty good.

anyone with me?  c’mon, don’t be like me and hate.  btw, the nuggets/lakers game was crazy!

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May 20, 2009 at 10:11 am

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h8er series pt. 2

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Phippsh8er topic for today: phipps plaza.

you’ve made a powerful enemy phipps.  you’ve made a powerful enemy.  let me tell you why i’m hating on phipps plaza.  aside from the fact that i can’t actually afford to shop at any store in the whole freaking mall except from the shoelace section of nike town, there are other reasons.

so me and the girlfie went to go see a movie at the amc theater there because we had movie passes and there’s not really many amc’s around here.  so we parked in the parking deck go in to the mall.  we go up the escalators and make it to the ticket booth when i realize i left the movie passes in my car.  ok, so this one is my fault, i’ll take the blame for this but the other incidents are totally on you, phipps.  so we try to go down to the parking deck level where my car is and the up escalator that we went up on doesn’t have a nearby down escalator.  usually there’s one symmetrical to the up escalator or at least somewhere near it, but nope, it was way over down one wing of the mall.  there was an elevator, but we spent freaking forever waiting for it and then gave up.

as i walk out the door into the parking deck, i almost slam my face into the door because that door happened to be locked.  wow, awesome.  so we get the passes, go up to redeem them at the box office and go into the theater.  ok, things are going smoother now.  we get our seats to watch x-men origins: wolverine and sit down just in time for the previews (which i like watching).  i was a little confused when all the previews were for disney movies.  there was one where eddie murphy is a high powered executive who doesn’t spend enough time with his daughter, another where a family discovers a friendly alien that helps them fight off an alien invasion, and then another featuring guinea pigs who can speak and have crime fighting powers.  so i’m thinking, alright, maybe x-men is a little geared towards children, but you think there’d be some kind of action movie preview at least.  so the movie starts with a disney opening, mind you, and the first scene is a concert and wouldn’t you know, billy ray cyrus is there with his daughter miley.  it’s the freaking hannah montana movie.  ok, no problem right?  we just came into the wrong movie theater.  but that’s when we see a bunch of people, angry people mind you, get up and walk out of the theater.

we go out to see what’s going on, and they played the wrong movie in the right theater.  we go back in and they start the movie (without the previews), and we start watching the movie.  the one good thing that happened is that they gave us free passes for another movie, so our already free movie turned into 2 free movies.  so the movie ends and we walk out.  and after we leave the theater we realize we need to find a bathroom.  no problem right?  it’s a mall.  so we find the restrooms and what do you know?  they’re locked.  do they want people to use the restroom or not?!?

and that is why phipps plaza made my h8er list.

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May 18, 2009 at 10:00 am

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h8er series pt. 1

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bi-rain1so i’ve been sipping on haterade lately and decided i’d share it with everyone since i’m so generous.  i know tonex will appreciate this series.  this series will focus on things that i hate.

today’s hate: rain.

in case you didn’t know who this guy is, his name is bi, or in english “rain.”  i have nothing against this guy.  from what i hear, he’s a heart-throb.  i’m all for heart-throbs.  i wish i was one.  but i absolutely hate rain.  if i had my way, it’d be sunny or cloudy everyday.  sorry plants.  i know rain is necessary, but it can rain when i’m sleeping, not when i’m awake.  rain puts a dampener on so many things (no pun intended).  you can’t play sports outside, you can’t go to the park, your clothes get wet and smell like rain, driving is more dangerous (especially when it starts raining just a little, there’s always an accident), you can’t wear flip flops, your hair product gets diluted, you can’t see well (if you wear glasses), sometimes your power goes out, things get muddy, my car leaks when it rains, etc.

when i spent a month in kenya, it was rainy season.  it rained just about everyday.  like, monsoon rain.  one of the missions bases was on top of a high hill.  when it rained, the dirt roads turned to mud and our van couldn’t make it up, so we had to push the van uphill while mud spewed all over us.  when i came back from kenya, i grew more tolerable of rain.  at least when it rains here i can just come home, take a shower and change clothes.  while i was in kenya, we had very limited water and very limited clothes, so we just had to suck it up.  but over time, that tolerance has faded away to the point where i hate rain just as much as i did before i went to kenya. i know rain is necessary, i just hate it when i’m actually in the rain.  if i can just wait out the rain inside, it can rain all it wants.  as long as i don’t have to go outside.

i’m such a h8er.

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May 15, 2009 at 1:38 pm

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small victories

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victorythis post actually comes in conjuction with a g-chat status from djchoice.  the phrase “small victories” came to mind when i was thinking about what to write about and i remembered reading those words somewhere before and it happened to be from djchoice’s status.  so thank you for that ajc.

i’m learning that life is very relative.  what comes naturally to some, other people have to work so hard for.  what is easy to some is very difficult for others to do.  here’s what i’m talking about:

my memory is horrible.  like, it’s pretty disgusting how horrible my memory is sometimes.  it makes me want to puke, seriously.  however, every once in a while, i’ll remember something either that i was supposed to do, or something that i was supposed to be reminded of, or some information i was supposed to store in my mind until later.  and when i recall these things, i get a little excited because i normally don’t remember these things if i don’t write them down.  however, i realized that though these may be huge victories for me, but are normal for other people.  in fact, some people may get angry for the fact that i almost forgot these things, even though i ended up remembering.  for instance:

every mothers’, bday, fathers’, july 4th, flag day, my sister lets me know that i need to call our parents to wish them happy mothers’, bday, fathers’, independence, or flag day.  i’d say on my own, i haven’t forgotten to do these things at all, it’s just that my sister calls/texts me before i get to do it so it seems like i probably wouldn’t have done it if  she didn’t remind me.  so when i get that call/text from my sister, i just feel like my victory is just demolished.  i did remember, i just haven’t had the time to call them yet.  maybe i just need to make sure i call them before my sister does?  hmmm…

i guess the problem is, i care what other people think.  if other people view me as irresponsible, i get offended.  when i remember stuff, i feel so proud.  but when other people think i don’t remember, i’m devastated.  and it’s not like i can say, “i did remember!”  cause they’ve already told me.  it’s not like they’re gonna believe me.  dah.  give me a chance people!  but i guess my memory has a pretty bad track record of being not dependable.

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May 13, 2009 at 10:00 am

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wrestling with grace pt. 1 of many

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grace_candle_logoi grew up thinking that something was always wrong with me, that i was never good enough.  there was always something i was doing wrong.  something that needed to be criticized.  it was put in my mind that i should never be content and there was no reason why i should be given anything freely.  i was to work hard for anything i was to receive and when i did, it just wasn’t good enough.

all this to say: it’s hard for me to accept grace.  after years and years of being a follower of Jesus, the concept of grace is still elusive to me.  i mean, isn’t there some kind of standard we are judged by?  like, the standard that we judge others by?  for instance, i can judge murderers and criminals because they deserve it.  they deserve my judgment and don’t deserve anything good.  isn’t that the way it works?  you can separate who deserves things and who doesn’t?  it’s pretty easy really.  i’m sure we could set up some system to get this accomplished.  good people on the right, bad people on the left?  good people get favor, esteem, respect and bad people get scorn, judgment, punishment?

it makes so much sense.  why is grace so different?  you mean that murderers and criminals deserve something good too?  wait a minute, not only that, but you’re saying that me, someone good, never deserved anything good?  no wonder why it’s so problematic.  but can i believe Jesus without believing in grace as well?  not saying that i have to believe in grace because i believe in Jesus as an add-on.  but these things go together.  i can’t just believe Jesus died for my freaking awfulness without also believing that i was undeserving of him doing that.  and i can’t say that Jesus died only for me and good people when Jesus associated himself with bad people.  wow, no wonder why grace is so hard to understand.

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May 12, 2009 at 10:00 am

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