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small victories

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victorythis post actually comes in conjuction with a g-chat status from djchoice.  the phrase “small victories” came to mind when i was thinking about what to write about and i remembered reading those words somewhere before and it happened to be from djchoice’s status.  so thank you for that ajc.

i’m learning that life is very relative.  what comes naturally to some, other people have to work so hard for.  what is easy to some is very difficult for others to do.  here’s what i’m talking about:

my memory is horrible.  like, it’s pretty disgusting how horrible my memory is sometimes.  it makes me want to puke, seriously.  however, every once in a while, i’ll remember something either that i was supposed to do, or something that i was supposed to be reminded of, or some information i was supposed to store in my mind until later.  and when i recall these things, i get a little excited because i normally don’t remember these things if i don’t write them down.  however, i realized that though these may be huge victories for me, but are normal for other people.  in fact, some people may get angry for the fact that i almost forgot these things, even though i ended up remembering.  for instance:

every mothers’, bday, fathers’, july 4th, flag day, my sister lets me know that i need to call our parents to wish them happy mothers’, bday, fathers’, independence, or flag day.  i’d say on my own, i haven’t forgotten to do these things at all, it’s just that my sister calls/texts me before i get to do it so it seems like i probably wouldn’t have done it if  she didn’t remind me.  so when i get that call/text from my sister, i just feel like my victory is just demolished.  i did remember, i just haven’t had the time to call them yet.  maybe i just need to make sure i call them before my sister does?  hmmm…

i guess the problem is, i care what other people think.  if other people view me as irresponsible, i get offended.  when i remember stuff, i feel so proud.  but when other people think i don’t remember, i’m devastated.  and it’s not like i can say, “i did remember!”  cause they’ve already told me.  it’s not like they’re gonna believe me.  dah.  give me a chance people!  but i guess my memory has a pretty bad track record of being not dependable.


Written by enoch

May 13, 2009 at 10:00 am

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  1. I think it’s because girls are just better at remembering dates and events and guy’s have more difficulty remembering those kinds of facts. Hehe


    May 13, 2009 at 12:41 pm

  2. I remember random events and useless facts — SO not useful this time of the year!

    Its a good thing that you have a blog so that you can archive all of your thought and memories. Not like Jill Price though — imagine not being able to forget tragic events.


    May 13, 2009 at 6:09 pm

  3. girls are biologically more nurturing and hence are more “able” to care for others and find it easier. be a man; do the right thing.

    spend 5 mins a day updating your calendar on your phone. if i remember correctly, your homepage should list your upcoming events in chronological order.

    if you have google calendar, you can get the “us holidays” thingie and it’ll have all the major events for you.


    May 14, 2009 at 12:28 pm

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