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i’m on youtube!

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well, i was already on youtube before, but now i’m on youtube for music!  maybe i can be the next david choi or something.  the good news is, now i can post my videos to this blog site.  i wasn’t able to do that before with facebook video.  i redid this one.  it was one of my facebook fan favorites.  hope you like it!


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June 30, 2009 at 12:07 am

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help people here?

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need_help_churchi’m about to say something that may seem terribly obvious: i didn’t know there’d be so many opportunities to help people in a church.  duh, right?  what i mean by that is, during my office hours, i’ve come across a number of people who needed help at the church.  random people i’ve never met before who just seem to wander in and need some type of assistance.

two weeks ago i saw this woman wandering around who seemed like she was looking for someone.  i asked if i could help her and she said her car wasn’t starting.  she told me the story of how her real car was in the shop and she was driving a rental car and thinks that she ran out of gas even though the light didn’t come on.  so i walked with her to her car, adjusted the seat (she was a small woman and i’m a big guy), put the key in the ignition and started the car.  she was amazed.  “how did you do that?!”  uhhh… i have no idea.  i just put the key in a turned.  so she thanked me and went to get some gas anyways.

most of the time it’s people who are looking for someone.  i like to think i’m playing matchmaker, helping people find the people they’re looking for (in a non-hooking up kind of way).

i also helped someone unjam the copy machine.  i used to work with copy machines a lot, so i kinda know how these things jam.

yup.  helping people at church.  who would’ve known?  i thought my office hours would be moments of solitude, but i actually get to help people and make a difference in people lives.  if their lives are all about starting cars, looking for people, or unjamming copy machines.

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June 24, 2009 at 9:27 am

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peanut butter and traffic jams

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peanut-butter-jelly-spreader-2i had just entered the highway after leaving church on a saturday afternoon when all traffic just stopped.  i had planned on going home and resting so i skipped out on joining some people for shaved ice.  i didn’t know how bad the traffic was so i called the girlfie and asked her to check georgia navigator for me.  turns out there was a major accident a couple exits ahead and all lanes were blocked.  fantastic…  i just got on the highway and the next exit was a long ways away.  i immediately called one of my friends who was at the shaved ice place to warn them not to take I-85 home and just sat patiently in traffic, updating twitter and facebook in the meantime.

i tried to get off the next exit, but it was packed.  and i don’t like the be the jerk that cuts in front of people or forces their way through.  if people don’t let me in, i won’t cut them off.  i hate to be “that guy”.  because so many people were trying to exit, i zoomed past them hoping to catch the next exit.  but that too was packed and i figured i was moving along anyways, i might as well keep driving on the interstate while everyone else was trying to exit.

by this time i was pretty angry.  it had already been about an hour and a half for what would have been a 20 minute drive to drive down about 6 exits.  if you don’t know, i can get some road rage.  i was trying to be as patient as i could be, but i just wanted to go home.  that when i saw it.  next to me on the right lane, i saw this minivan pass by.  there was something coming out of the back window.  the window was cracked open about 2 inches or so.  i couldnt’ see the person in the back seat cause of the tint, but i’m sure it was a kid.  as i focused in on what was coming out the window, i realized it was bubbles!  bubbles were flowing out of the back window and into the traffic.  i dunno why, it just made me smile.  as i passed by, the mom driving looked at me and saw i was smiling and she smiled back.

it took me about 2 hours to get home that afternoon, but i think i learned something during that time.  that joy can be found in the most unlikely places.


when i arrived home, my neighbor who went to eat shaved ice, was already home.  i would find out later that not only did he beat me home after eating shaved ice, but he came home, went to go pick up his car from the shop, came back home, and was resting for a while by the time i got there.  sigh…

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June 23, 2009 at 9:35 am

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money vs. maturity

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money maturityso i don’t really agree with this book’s message, but the title goes well with my blog entry.  this book, i think, is about how to accumulate wealth and stuff using some buddhist techniques and corporate strategies.  bleh…

what a weird title.  maturity vs. money.  who would win in a fight between maturity and money?  my money would be on… well, money.  but this isn’t what i mean.

i was thinking the other day how sometimes people with a lot of money are very immature.  meaning, they are both immauture socially and immature with their money.  and sometimes people with no money are pretty stinking mature.  so this got me wondering what the world would be like if wealth was distributed based on maturity and not on your career or your lineage or your country.  how awesome would that be huh?  and if you really needed some more money, you just need to grow up, son!

however, based on this new system, i’d probably be in the same financial state i am in.  i’m not all too mature or anything, but i know if i had more money, i’d definitely use it for others.  i try to take care of others with the money that i am given.  if i can pay for something for someone, i’ll most likely pay for it.  although sometimes this gets me in trouble, but i know that if i had more money, i’d definitely do more of this.

but then you have those really rich people who don’t give a snot about anyone else.  who don’t lend money even to their friends who might need it.  how different would the world look if mature people who knew how to help people with wealth, were given the highest salaries in the world?  man, that’d be freakin’ sweet!  all i can think of are these professional athletes or movie stars who are making millions and bajillions of dollars for one game, one movie while people are getting laid off left and right and people are dying of treatable diseases and malnutrition all over the world.  i think money should be distributed on the basis of maturity.  who’s with me?

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June 22, 2009 at 3:45 pm

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meanwhile… inside the georgia dome…

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gaDomeyesterday i had a pretty unique experience.  let me flash back to monday night:

i was informed by a friend that american idol auditions were in atlanta this week, so i read up on the rules and decided to go register and audition.  my roommate and i left for the georgia dome around 11:30 on tuesday evening to register, got our wristbands (pink for me to audition and white for him to observe), our tickets, another rule sheet, and we left.  and now we return back to thursday:

i got up at 2:30 cause the lines open at 5 and we wanted to get there early.  i got ready, woke my roommate up and we were on our way.  we packed our lunch the night before knowing we’d be there for a long time.  we got a decent spot in line, not too far from the beginning and a bunch of people were definitely behind us.  we just waited and waited as rain would turn on and off like a faucet.  my roommate would fall asleep on the ground while i just sat there taking pictures of him.  i was pretty hungry, but decided to save my lunch food for when we got inside the dome.  it was, after all, still 7 in the morning.  while in line, there were newscrews who wanted us to scream and yell and other things, but i paid them no attention.  i didn’t really care about getting on tv like that, plus, screaming hurts my throat.  i got to see alexis grace form last year’s american idol.  she was interviewing people in line.  and fox was giving out promotional items for their new shows.  i got a key chain light for the show “fringe.”

we finally make it to the entrance of the dome and we find people who have to search our bags for security reasons.  among the list of items prohibited from entering the dome is – food.  we had to throw away our sandwiches made form love, my pistachio chips which are freaking expensive, my roommate’s combos and blueberry frosted mini-wheats, and his red bulls.  this was a huge bummer.  all throughout the day i’d be like, “man, i want my sandwich!!” or “I can’t believe they made us throw away our sandwiches!”  i was starving!  and i had saved my food for inside only to realize i couldn’t bring it in.  dah!

anyways, we also realized that the tickets they gave us during registration had assigned seats on them.  so it didn’t matter what time we arrived that morning, we were all going to be seated in order anyway.  we could’ve slept for a couple more hours.  once inside, we did some promotional stuff for tv.  we had to sing oops i did it again a bajillion times for the camera and say stuff like, “I’m the next american idol!”  and cheesier stuff like, “welcome back to atlanta!  we’re hotter than ever!!  whoooo!!!”  cheesy right?

during the whole wait time, we got to meet a lot of people.  there was a mom who was supporting her son to audition.  we got to become really close with them.  they were from nashville and we got to pray together before we went to audition.  i got to meet a bunch of other people as i stood in line to audition.  everyone was nervous and i found myself being the one to try to calm them down and encourage them.  everyone i had heard practicing had really really good voices.  it made me wonder what i was doing there.  so as i was waiting to audition, i would see the friends i’ve made in line audition and feeling nervous for them.  i would constantly be checking up on them to see how they did.  but they didn’t make it.  none of them.  and they were good too!  then came my turn.  i had heard that my judges were strict and hadn’t been passing hardly anyone to the next round.  as i was about to sing, one of the helpers came to the judges and asked for ther drink order for starbucks.  they wanted tea and the woman judge couldn’t decide so i gave her my suggestion since i used to work at starbucks.  then the dude finally left and i could start singing.  the momentary pause of the drink orders kind of freezed me since i was ready to sing like 3 minutes ago, but had to wait.  but i sang anyway.  then they gave us the results.  none of us had made it to the next round, so we exited.  i was a little disappointed, but to be honest, i was way more disappointed that i didn’t get to eat my sandwich than getting cut.  and i had fun while i was waiting the 10 or 11 hours in the dome.  i got to meet a lot of people, i got to encourage others who were nervous, i got to pray with a family, and i’m also praying for a friend of someone who was auditioning who is in the icu after a car accident.

i really feel as though i was there more for other people than myself.  it’s cool cause the night before the audition my roommates prayed that i would have opportunities to minister to people, not so much that i’d move on, but that i’d be a good witness.  so that’s awesome that God answered that prayer and that i got to encourage others.  as for me, i’ll still be pursuing music, but on my own.  and when i become successful, i can rub in american idol’s face!  j/k.  but maybe not.


Q: were you nervous?

A: not really.  like i said, i was more nervous for my friends than for myself.  i feel like i might’ve sung better if i was a little more nervous in front of the judges.

Q: what song did you sing?

A: “ain’t too proud to beg” by the tempations

Q: was the sandwich that good?

A: i don’t know, i didn’t get to eat it 😦  but i think it would’ve been so delicious.

Q: what was in it that would’ve made it so good?

A: whole wheat bread (sara lee), turkey breast, mozzarella, tomato, baby spinach leaves.  man!  i want my sandwich!

Q: are you disappointed you were cut?

A: not really.  there were a lot of really really good singers that were cut, so if they got cut too, i’m in good company.

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June 19, 2009 at 10:02 am

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risk (aka ukraine is weak)

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riski’m not a big fan of risk.  no, the board game is ok, i’m talkin’ about taking chances.  i’m not a risk-taker.  i get intimidated by new things.  i didn’t ride rollercoasters growing up cause i was scared, and it didn’t help that my mom said i might die if i rode one.  so she kinda let me stay in that fear, afraid to venture out and explore the world.  i always stuck to what was familiar.  even in restaurants, i’ll usually stay with stuff i know, or am familiar with at least.  if i don’t know an ingredient, well then, i probably won’t order it.  don’t get me wrong.  i’ll try new stuff every once in a while (food wise) cause i know it’s not going to hurt me.

life risks on the other hand, scare the beJesus out of me.  is that right?  capitalizing Jesus in the middle of that word?  i figure Jesus needs His props regardless of whether He starts a word or not.  capitalized it is.  i get very anxious and panicky when i’m about to try something new.  you should’ve seen me on my first rollercoaster.  i was with some friends from school and i’m pretty sure they thought i was a loser for overreacting to riding a rollercoaster.  they tried to calm me down while i was hyperventilating until i finally just sat down and went for it.  and you know what?  it was fun.  i really enjoyed it.  but i still haven’t learned my lesson.  i still panic and i still get intimated by a lot of things.  but i have learned that the trick to getting over it, is to just do it.

i overthink way to much.  “what if this?” and “what if that?”  i’ve realized that if i just stop thinking for a couple minutes, that’s enough time for my body to take over and physically prepare for what i’m going to do.  and by the time my brain’s turned on again and i’m thinking about it, it’s too late, i’m already knee-deep in risk.  that’s kinda my recipe for tricking my brain into taking risks:

step one: turn off brain

step two: take steps towards taking the risk

step three: take the risk

step four: turn brain back on and realize you were just being a wuss

i don’t know why i get so paranoid and anxious to take risks.  i know it’s been like that for as long as i can remember.  hmmm…  i think i’m ready to take more risks in life.  we’ll take it a day at a time.

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June 17, 2009 at 11:55 am

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remember when…

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Remember…gas used to be really cheap?

…we were so happy with 56k modems?

…you used to make a complete fool of yourself trying to impress someone you had a crush on (maybe you still do)?

…your diet consisted of sugar and carbs and you didn’t care about trans fats?

…movies cost $5.00?

…water only came from one source: the tap?

…pizza and hamburgers were your favorite foods?

…you’d be content with one $5.00 toy from the toy store just a couple times a year?

…songs on the radio were actually good?

…cassette tape players ruled the world?

things change.  sometimes i wish i could go back to simpler times when my biggest concern was scraping my knee or getting a toy i wanted.  but alas, adulthood has got a hold on me and is not letting go for a looooong time (God-willing).  so, what do you remember?

siiiimmmmbaaaa…  remeeeemmmmmbeeeeerrr who you aaaaarrrrrrre….

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June 16, 2009 at 9:49 am

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