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wrestling with grace pt. 2 of many

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APN RASSLIN' RACEremember this guy?  goldberg?  haha, this is what i feel like wrestling with grace.  oh yeah, i’m the guy on the bottom in the black underwear by the way…

you ever have those moments where you’re certain you know about something and then in the next moment, it just gets shattered?  that’s kind of like me and grace.  but the interesting thing is that it’s not a one time thing.  it keeps reoccurring.  which is definitely a good thing because there is no way i would ever, ever have grace figured out.

i always felt sorry for Muslims because they have to work to earn their salvation and even then, they don’t have the assurance of salvation.  so they just keep working, hoping that what they do is good enough to fall into Allah’s good favor.  how sad right?  that’s what i thought.  and it is.  it is sad that there is no assurance.  they just keep working and working.  it’s like trying to get to something that’s wrapped in layers and layers of tape that you can only rip off one layer at a time just hoping that the next layer is going to be the last one.  how sad.  how hopeless.  but i can’t feel bad for them, cause i do the same thing.  i say i rely on grace, but i’m still working so hard to not owe God something, which is no grace at all.

the concept of grace is so unnatural.  why would anyone give something to someone they didn’t deserve?  it goes against human nature which says, “just look out for number one.”  but i think that’s the beauty of grace.  it takes something so unnatural, or i’ll say ‘supernatural’, to fix our broken naturalness.  nothing ordinary can fix our broken state.  we’re pretty messed up people.  it has to take something far, far, far, far beyond our understanding to reconcile us with God again.  and i’m pretty cool with not understanding it, so long as God keeps dishing it out cause i can’t live without it.


Written by enoch

June 3, 2009 at 10:50 am

Posted in from my mind

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