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wrestling with grace pt. 3 of many

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blocksgracesorry i haven’t really written a “fun” entry in a while, i’ve just been thinking about some pretty serious things lately.

imagine pouring your money, efforts, energy, time, sacrificing relationships, comfort, and even your own needs for one person in need.  got it?  ok now, imagine that same person not appreciating any of it, throwing it back in your face, and even accusing you of not caring about him or her.  what do you do then?

i think response number one would be hurt.  response number two might be regret.  “why did i pour myself out like this?” “was it worth it?” “there’s nothing to show for any of this.”  response number three might be anger.  “that was the last time i ever help anyone.”

i bring this up because i have seen this happen, and it’s really really painful to watch.  i haven’t seen these responses, but i just figure they’d be very natural for anyone.  which brings me to my question, “are humans limited in the extent of grace they are able to extend?”  so that we’re all on the same page, grace is being defined as something you get that you don’t deserve.  what i’m saying is, for humans, there is only so much we can do for a person to help them or love them.  and i’m not saying that humans are not capable of grace, but it’s very limited.  as opposed to God whose grace is infinite.

in any case, this situation has demonstrated for me what God’s grace is like.  He just keeps loving us and loving us and we just throw it back in His face, saying that He doesn’t care about us.  dang, such a slap in the face.

so what would you do in the previously mentioned situation?  would you keep loving them?  or would you decide that there is nothing more you can do?


Written by enoch

June 8, 2009 at 11:53 am

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