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oh dr. fine!

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dr peppertrue story: my comforter is blue and my sheets are brown.  today i woke up and found that my sheets were on top of my comforter, laid perfectly so that it covered it.  i was confused but just went back to sleep without fixing it.

true story #2: today is my second day in a row drinking coffee in the morning.  i don’t really think it does anything for me, but i feel more like more of a grown-up drinking coffee in the morning.

i wanted to take a quick poll.  when you’re at the grocery store, or pharmacy, or all-in-one store (like target or wal-mart) and you’re looking for a product, what kind of product would you prefer to buy?

a) the name brand stuff (aka “the good stuff”)

b) any name brand stuff that’s on sale (“the sale stuff”)

c) the store brand stuff (“the frugal stuff”)

for me, my priority goes b, a, c with some exceptions.  i guess maybe my tastes are a little particular when it comes to buying store brand stuff.  for instance, with eggs, bread, milk, otc and prescription drugs i prefer the store brand although i do enjoy a good sara lee loaf of bread every once in a while.  for everything else i prefer name brand.  i know a lot of people out there are like, “what a waste of money!”  dude.  it’s not.  i’m paying for the quality.  and if you can’t tell the difference, that’s good for you cause i wish i couldn’t tell the difference so i could save money, but for me, i can tell the difference and that extra money i’m paying is totally worth it.  the exceptions are publix and target brands.  i believe they make very fine quality store brand products that i wouldn’t mind buying over the name brand stuff.

i find it so interesting that each of these retail store chains are producing their own brand of pretty much every item that they sell.  like tylenol only has to worry about making their pain relievers and flu capsules, but cvs has to produce a generic version of everything tylenol makes, plus every other type of drug on the market, plus foods, hygiene products, light bulbs, candy, beach towels, office chairs, etc.

i think for hygiene stuff, the name brands smell better.  it’s not that i don’t like equate or kroger dandruff shampoo, it’s just that i think dove or pantene smell (and possibly treat my hair) so much better than those.  that’s my preference at least.  glad cling wrap clings infinitely better than the store brand cling wrap (you should try it, it sucks…).  quaker oats oatmeal is so much better than kroger oatmeal.  it’s the difference between choosing apple jacks over cinnamon apple crisp rings.  or the difference of choosing dr. pepper over dr. thunder.  i mean, who decided that drink had to be a doctor?  i guess it would sound rather weird to say you want to drink some thunder or some pepper.  btw, all those in the pic have “dr” in their name besides “mr” pibb and i think there’s just one on the top that says “braum’s special”.  my favorites are “dr. best”, “dr. perfect”, “dr. fine”, “dr. thirst”, and “dr. riffic”.  one thing i definitely don’t skimp on is toilet paper.  my gosh, i would spend so much more on name brand toilet paper than store brand.  i need that softness.

so the next time you go to the store, buy 2 of the same product: one name brand and one store brand, and compare them.  which do you prefer?

disclaimer: and of course i’m saying these things as someone who has been blessed way more than i deserve who can even make such choices.  i do understand there are a lot of people out there who do buy the store brand stuff because money is tight and i am in no way looking down on them or judging them.  i just wanted to make a quality comparison between name brand and store brand products.


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July 30, 2009 at 10:33 am

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i cannot tell a lie

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liarliari think one of my flaws/good qualities is that i can’t lie.  i just can’t do it.  i have all this guilt and i just think honesty is really the best policy.  when people ask me questions, i give my answer to the best of my knowledge.  i’m kind of like will ferrell’s character in austin powers where he has to tell the truth if you ask him a question 3 times, only for me it’s only one time.  from what i’ve learned the only time it’s ok to lie is when women ask if you something makes them look fat.  but i feel like women don’t really ask that anymore.  but i could be wrong.

i remember getting in trouble with my parents and they’d ask me about what i did, and i’d just tell them straight up.  i don’t think they appreciated my honesty cause i would get punished the same as if i lied about it.  sometimes i marvel about how good my parents had it.  i wasn’t that much trouble, i think.  i always told them the truth.  i never did anything horribly bad.  sigh… if only they knew the kids that i knew who gave their parents such grief.

i can’t stand it when people lie.  why would you lie?  like these baseball players who get caught using hgh or steroids.  they always deny it only to find out later in a drug test they actually did use it.  i mean, c’mon, just admit it so that you’re just a greedy power-hitter instead of a greedy power-hitter and a liar.  or i guess you could also just never use steroids in the first place.  lying to me, is very comical.  like those tv shows where the character gets into trouble and instead of telling the truth they just lie and it makes it worse (and more hilarious).  to me, lying is like that.  things just get more worse than they are.  it just delays the worse-ness of it.

so rememeber, lying makes baby Jesus cry.  i’ll leave you with this:

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July 29, 2009 at 10:24 am

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Jesus scrabble parody

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July 28, 2009 at 10:15 am

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mama told me never to talk to strangers

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PerfectStrangers_S1S2_ei’m back from orlando and finally back into the swing of things.  back in the office.  back to work.  back to life.  back to reality.  it was a good break.  i just had a buttload of stuff i had to do when i got back.

i always liked talking with strangers.  my grandmother would tell me i would strike up conversations with total strangers in the neighborhood we used to live in when i was 4 or 5.  i think this trait is still in me.  i love to talk with strangers, a lot of times i like speaking with strangers more than people i already know.  maybe cause there’s no expectations.  there’s no committment to continue a relationship in the future.  it can just be a one-time conversation and you’re done.  i find those to be pretty fun.

maybe i’m just lazy when it comes to relationships.  i don’t want to put all that time and effort into keeping up with people (although i guess it shouldn’t feel like you’re putting in time and effort but sometimes it does, you know?).  sometimes it’s just good to talk to someone you might never meet again.

whenever i’m in some kind of foreign situation like on a marta train or a doctor’s office, i always imagine what would happen if the train got stuck on the tracks or the doctor’s office was locked down or something.  (btw, i have a crazy imagination).  i always imagine all the people getting to know each other and by the end we’re all singing “we are the world” together.  well… something like that anyway.  i always like those situations where you were forced to be in close proximity with people.  for example: i loved assigned seating.  i loved getting to know the other students around me i wouldn’t normally get to talk to.  i think whenever the teacher threatened us with assigned seating, i’d secretly say, “YES!!!” while faking a “awww man…” because everyone else hated it.  maybe i’m just weird?

one of the things i wish i could do is to meet everyone in the world at least once.  i think that’d be so cool.  i’d be the most recognized person in the world and i get to talk with a lot of different people.  joke around in different languages.  hear other peoples’ stories and they get to hear mine.  that’d be pretty cool.

so what about you guys?  do you like to talk to strangers?

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July 28, 2009 at 9:44 am

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sales people

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phonei hate high pressure sales.   i hate it when people tell me what i should be doing, even if it is good for me.  i have this rebellious side where if people tell me i should be doing something, i automatically don’t want to do it.  maybe it’s because i grew up being told what to do, and when i actually could make decisions, i realized that a lot of the times the things i was being told to do weren’t very helpful to me.  so back to high pressure sales.

this is the phone that timeshare people called to push their product.  it looks kinda scary in black and white.  very ominous.

i can’t help but think that when people are pushing a product, that they’re hiding something from me.  is that really the best product on the market?  are you telling me this because i really should get it or because you’re trying to make commission off of me?  do you really believe in your product?  are you trying to get to know me because you want to know me personally, or are you trying to find an angle to pitch your product?  i don’t like that about sales people.  they’re only thinking about the sale.  but right in front of them might be some of the most amazing people they will ever meet, but they don’t want to get to know them because they’re only fishing for information that will help them make their sale.  the sale is the goal.  nothing else matters.  whenever i get into a high pressure sales situation, i just want to stand up and yell, “NOOOOOO, GET OFF ME!!!!!”  i’m hoping, by doing this, it’ll startle and confuse the sales person so much that they’ll give up on trying to sell me something.

and of course i’m generalizing.  i’m sure there are a lot of sale people out there who honestly want to get to know their customers and who aren’t all about the sale.  and to you guys, i commend you and i would wish that all sales people were like you.  i like honesty in my sales person.  that would make me buy something from them.  i remember when i used to work at starbucks, i didn’t drink coffee.  i don’t know how i got the job.  i guess they must’ve been desperate.  but we’d get new items that we were supposed to be pushing.  i always thought, most of the people coming in already know what they want, why would i push it on them?  but then on some occassions someone would come in and stare at the menu (like i normally do), and ask, “what’s good here?”  i’d usually wait for a co-worker to answer or i’d say what’s really popular.  and then they’d ask, “what’s your favorite drink?”  and i’d say, “oh, i don’t drink coffee.”  i think a couple times my manager heard me say this and got mad, “if they ask you if something is good, you say it’s delicious!  if they ask you what your favorite drink is, you make something up!”  i could never do that though.  i hate lying.  i did make some mean drinks though.  so even though i didn’t know what they tasted like, everyone else seemed to like them.

honesty.  i think the world could use more.

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July 22, 2009 at 10:28 am

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IMAGE_007i hate lines.  i hate waiting.  unless it’s a camp out in line, those can be pretty fun.  traffic is just 5 or 6 lines not going anywhere with people thinking they can just skip you if you give them enough room, sometimes with not enough room.  it took me and my roommate 4 or 5 hours to get inside the georgia dome for american idol auditions only to realize we had assigned seats for the order of our auditions.  whack!

however, i’m not just going to hate on lines.  they actually do a lot of good.  they keep order, they make things fair (people who got here before others will be able to do whatever it is before the later people), they give you time to slow down in a fast-paced world, etc.

i remember learning about lines in elementary school.  they told us that lines were infinite.  i was like, no way!!  there’s a line right there!  it’s not infinite!  i seriously thought my teachers were going crazy.  either that, or i thought maybe i’ve been learning it wrong this whole time.  if lines were infinite, then what was i drawing before?  ahh, yes.  line segment.  i see.  things make sense again.

lines tell if a ball is in play or out of play.  lines give actors freedom of expression.  lines make dancers amazing to watch.  lines keep you writing in a straight pattern.  lines prevent traffic accidents (for the most part).  lines tell you peoples’ ages.  lines create artwork.  lines compose symphonies.  lines perform poetry.  lines supply power.

what else do lines do?

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July 17, 2009 at 12:43 pm

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pic per post

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IMAGE_005i’m going to try to post a pic taken from my phone every post.  or, i dunno, we’ll see how long it lasts.  it should make for some interesting posts.

today’s pic is the book that i just finished reading: Life of Pi.  you see the nice hand modeling job i did there?  honestly, i think the reason why i wanted to read the book so bad was the pi.  i dunno, secretly i guess i thought it was a book about math.  oh, how wrong i was.  it starts off kind of slow, but it picks up in the middle and the end.  and i definitely wanted to read more when the story was over.  i guess i needed some closure.  i would recommend this book.  chapters are short (which i love), and there’s animals (also which i love).  it deals with religion, reasoning, and survival.  i think i’m more happy with the fact that i finished it.

you see, i buy a lot of books without reading them, or if i do read them, i usually never finish them.  my completion rate is pretty low.  i’d say 1 out of every 10 books i buy will be finished within 5 years of buying it.  haha!  and yet i still buy more books.  what’s wrong with me?  there’s a quote that goes:

We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge.” -John Naisbitt.

That’s totally me.  i have so much information around me, but i don’t know a thing.  ahhh… books will be my comfort.

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July 16, 2009 at 2:06 pm

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