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ever used the bathroom in a cave?

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bathroom cavei have.  many times.  and while i’ve been in a cave once or twice in my life, i’ve never used the bathroom there.

have you ever been asked this question?  it’s what people say before they turn the lights out on you in the bathroom while you’re still in there.  i’ve had this happen many times.  mostly it’s on accident, but there was one time i was at school and my friend came in and knew i was in there.  on his way out he said, “hey enoch, ever used the bathroom in a cave?”  and (knowing what he was about to do)  i was like, “YES!!  don’t turn off the light!”  i could hear him pause for a second, like i caught him off guard with my answer.  but then he turned the light off anyways and left.  he did come back in a minute though to turn it back on.

i’m all for saving the environment and not wasting stuff like electricity and junks, but c’mon people.  have you ever thought that maybe that shut stall door means that someone’s in there?  even if you can’t hear them?  i have very slow reflexes so instead of saying something in protest, i’m thinking, “what just happened here?  did he really do that?”  and then that’s when i remember to say something, but by that time, he’s long gone, turning the lights off on someone else in some other room i imagine.

there was this one time in 4th grade i got in trouble.  i actually got sent to another teacher’s classroom for timeout.  that’s never happened before, it’s never happened since.  i don’t even remember what i did.  i just sat in the back corner of another teacher’s class while their class was going on.  it was kind of hidden by some bookshelves and i just kinda sat there quietly.  the next thing i know, the teacher is like, “alright class let’s go to lunch!”  and they all leave!  and they turned the lights out.  this was very new to me.  i had never gotten timeout before, let alone in someone else’s class.  is this normal?  are they supposed to leave me in the class while they go to lunch?  was i that bad?  i felt like i needed some sort of timeout instructional guide or something cause i was pretty sure this wasn’t supposed to happen.  so i made sure they were gone and i stole all their chalk.  haha, j/k.  it’s my first timeout, remember.  luckily our classes were joined by a bathroom and i just walked back over to my class.  i don’t even think my own teacher knew i was gone.  i wasn’t acknowledged or anything.  i just sat back down like i had just gone to the bathroom or something.  and then our class went to lunch.  what a weird timeout.

i share this because on the way out of the office yesterday, one of the other pastors turned the light out on me as he left and he locked the door.  i had been in the office all morning, we talked earlier, i was clicking my mouse and typing stuff, surely he heard me.  but then he just turned off the light and closed the door.  huh…  maybe i just need to be more louder and obnoxious so this stops happening?  i started clearing my throat while i’m in a stall and someone comes in just so that they know i’m there.


Written by enoch

July 8, 2009 at 9:53 am

Posted in from my mind

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  1. hahahahahaha



    July 9, 2009 at 1:57 pm

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