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hopes and dreamson the way to church today, i was listening to twista and faith rapping and singing (respectively) about hope.  hope for things that happened in the past and wishing things turned out differently, hope for the future.  it paints a really nice picture of what the world could be like,

I wish I could teach the world to sing,
Watch the music and have ‘em tripping off the joy I bring”

I wish that we only saw good news every time we look at CNN”

amen twista.  amen.  although a lot of the song is about people that he wishes weren’t dead (pac, biggie, DOC, his homie butch), it was a good song to be driving to work with.  i’m hopeful.

last night i had a dream.  i had a dream i was in another city auditioning for american idol.  it was weird.  it was nowhere near as crowded as the georgia dome and we were in like a ticketing line like at an amusement park.  there were two judges in each booth and 2 or 3 people came up and had to sing the same song at the same time.  everyone made it through.  it was my turn and i sang with 2 other people.  i remembered it was really difficult cause we all sang it kind of differently, but somehow we all made it through.  it was one of those old school aretha franklin/diana ross/gloria gaynor kind of songs, i’ll remember it if i hear it.  but i thought it was cool cause that’s the first time i can ever remember singing in my dream.  i wonder if i sang out loud as i was sleeping.

oh yeah, the song was i’m every woman by whitney houston.  i remember it being a very difficult song and a interesting song choice to make guys sing.


Written by enoch

July 9, 2009 at 10:05 am

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