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crazy-frog-section-logoi wonder how people pick out their ringtones.  i always find it amusing to find out what ringtones older people use on their cell phones.  one time i was getting my hair cut and this old lady had a beyonce song as her ringtone.  she was a 1st generation older korean woman too.  older as in maybe 50’s.  i was quite entertained by that surprise.

during one semester of my undergrad, i had this professor i really really really didn’t like.  no one liked him.  he was a jerk.  like seriously, he was a jerk.  everyone would’ve told you that.  we were all amazed to know he had a family and kids.  we all wondered what kind of professor could be such a jerk.  anyways, me and him had some beef against each other during that class (i can explain in another blog about that).  and one day i hear his phone go off.  he had the same phone as me!  and not only that, but he had the same ringtone!!  i was like, on no you didn’t!!  i literally felt disgusted that we had the same ringtone.  i grabbed my cellphone that instant and changed my ringtone.  i felt so gross…

i always found it funny when people use ringtones that don’t fit their personality.  there’s one i hear at church a lot and it’s not a normal ringtone.  it’s kind of cool, i wish he’d let it ring longer so i could hear the end of it.  but the thing is, the ringtone doesn’t fit his personally at all.  the ringtone’s all fun and smooth and tropical sounding.  and he’s kinda fun, but not that “loose”, not so sooth, and not so tropical.  no offense on him, that’s just who he is.

there’s this one ringtone i cannot stand.  it’s the ringtone my roommate uses as his morning alarm.  i think it comes standard on any verizon phone.  everytime i hear it ring on someone else’s phone i just want to grab their phone and chuck it across the room, stomp on it, and then recycle the remains at the local office depot.  so please, if you use verizon, don’t use that ringtone.  you’ll know which one it is if i’m around to hear it.  i just hate that feeling you get when a song it associated with something bad.  for instance, i hate my alarm song.  i wake up to a song on a cd and now whenever i hear it, i get angry cause it reminds me of having to wake up when i don’t want to.  or i get really scared whenever i hear my ringtone of when my parents call me cause they used to (and still) call me when i get in trouble so when i hear it, i have this moment of fear, thinking i did something wrong.

have you heard of the ringtone that kids use that’s just a high frequency sound?  they use it so that adults can’t hear it since adults’ hearing has degenerated.  it’s a really good idea, but kind of annoying cause if you can still hear it, it sounds like there’s a tv on with no sound coming out.  it’s that kind of sound.  i felt kind of cool when i heard it cause that meant that i’m not too old yet.


Written by enoch

July 10, 2009 at 10:26 am

Posted in social observation

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  1. Click this Enoch! :mrgreen:


    July 10, 2009 at 10:55 am

  2. Remix 😆


    July 10, 2009 at 10:57 am

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