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mama told me never to talk to strangers

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PerfectStrangers_S1S2_ei’m back from orlando and finally back into the swing of things.  back in the office.  back to work.  back to life.  back to reality.  it was a good break.  i just had a buttload of stuff i had to do when i got back.

i always liked talking with strangers.  my grandmother would tell me i would strike up conversations with total strangers in the neighborhood we used to live in when i was 4 or 5.  i think this trait is still in me.  i love to talk with strangers, a lot of times i like speaking with strangers more than people i already know.  maybe cause there’s no expectations.  there’s no committment to continue a relationship in the future.  it can just be a one-time conversation and you’re done.  i find those to be pretty fun.

maybe i’m just lazy when it comes to relationships.  i don’t want to put all that time and effort into keeping up with people (although i guess it shouldn’t feel like you’re putting in time and effort but sometimes it does, you know?).  sometimes it’s just good to talk to someone you might never meet again.

whenever i’m in some kind of foreign situation like on a marta train or a doctor’s office, i always imagine what would happen if the train got stuck on the tracks or the doctor’s office was locked down or something.  (btw, i have a crazy imagination).  i always imagine all the people getting to know each other and by the end we’re all singing “we are the world” together.  well… something like that anyway.  i always like those situations where you were forced to be in close proximity with people.  for example: i loved assigned seating.  i loved getting to know the other students around me i wouldn’t normally get to talk to.  i think whenever the teacher threatened us with assigned seating, i’d secretly say, “YES!!!” while faking a “awww man…” because everyone else hated it.  maybe i’m just weird?

one of the things i wish i could do is to meet everyone in the world at least once.  i think that’d be so cool.  i’d be the most recognized person in the world and i get to talk with a lot of different people.  joke around in different languages.  hear other peoples’ stories and they get to hear mine.  that’d be pretty cool.

so what about you guys?  do you like to talk to strangers?


Written by enoch

July 28, 2009 at 9:44 am

Posted in from my mind

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