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you know that scene from independence day…

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independence day…where the huge clouds are forming over the cities and all the tv’s and computers are going crazy with the wavy lines and stuff right before the spaceships come and start blowing stuff up?  that’s how i feel whenever i see huge disc-like clouds forming in the sky.  i feel like at any moment, the cloud will uncover a huge alien spaceship that will shoot a powerful laser beam straight into the white house and pieces of the building will shatter like cheap balsa wood.

it’s funny how sometimes we think movies can become reality.  it takes me a minute to remember, “wait, that was a movie.  it came from someone’s imagination and is not based on real life incidents.”  and then i can relax.  sometimes i just think that what i saw in a movie could actually happen, no matter how ridiculous.  i think when i was watching the truman show, i wondered for a short time if everyone was being fake with me.  or while watching the dark knight, that there was some kind of psychopath clown killer and some “bat” man was fighting him to save gotham city from total destruction.  ok, so maybe i didn’t really think that last one, but you get what i’m saying.

do you have those moments in life that remind you a movie scene?


Written by enoch

August 4, 2009 at 9:57 am

Posted in from my mind

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