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paper rocki can get pretty competitive.  i like sports and just about any kind of game there is out there: video, board, group, skg (5th from the bottom.  i like how it only has 1 star for rank).  i’m not as competitive as some extremists, but i do get pretty competitive when i play.

i love team games because the mood is a little lighter.  there’s always teammates to help or pick up slack.  it’s usually more fun with a team.  the competition isn’t as fierce as it would be if it was one on one.  however, i seem to perform better in the one on one sports or solo sports, if you will.  this kind of sucks because you have no one to blame but yourself.  if you perform poorly, you only have yourself to blame, whereas in a team sport, if your team is doing badly, it’s usually a multitude of causes (not working together as a team, miscommunication, the teams are uneven, etc).

so i’ve come up with some competitive personalities.  see which one you are:

quiet observer – you’re not even in the game.  you’re on the sidelines watching what’s going on.  you’re perfectly content with just watching others have fun.  sometimes people mistake you for someone who’s playing and might get a ball thrown at you.

half-butted player – no one has any idea you’re playing until it’s your turn to do something (serve, roll the die, etc).  you either like games but don’t want to fully participate, or you hate games and got roped into playing.  or maybe you didn’t want to be a quiet observer anymore and wanted to actually be in the game.  either way, you’re more there for numbers than actually being fully involved.

humble crusher – this is the like the pro who tones down their abilities so that others can play.  otherwise, they’d be crushed by the sheer awesomeness that is the pro.

crusher – this person knows he or she is a pro and doesn’t care who knows it.  people are going down left and right no matter if it’s their first time playing or not.  nothing will get in the way of the crusher.

consistent player – no improvement here.  you’ve been playing the game the same way since you first played.  many times you end up winning because everyone else is changing up their games.

trash-talker – you could be the best or worst player out there, but you’re still gonna talk trash to everyone else.  you get made fun of if you lose pretty bad, but if you win, people hate you.  it’s a lose-lose situation.

all around player – you’re good at everything aren’t you?  is there a single game that you’re not good at?  wow, people like you make me sick.

what kind of player are you?


Written by enoch

August 5, 2009 at 10:21 am

Posted in social observation

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  1. Your sis is a trash talker…HAHAHAHAHAHHAA

    Cindy Cho

    August 5, 2009 at 10:30 am

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