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why-do-we-forget-things_1i am amazed at how bad my memory is at times.  one time, i asked someone what their dinner plans were 5 times!  the funny thing is, i was invited the same dinner!  yeah, that’s how forgetful i can be.  but i was thinking about it the other day and i realized that everyone’s memory goes bad, just some a lot worse than others.

think about it: every dream you’ve ever had loses a lot of its vividness, those events and situations that happened in the past that you swore you’d never forget are forgotten sometimes, the name of that person you just met the other day gets lost in the endless sea of names that is your memory, where you put your keys, your old house address, the name of the song that’s playing in hollister, we all forget.

i guess i say this to make myself feel better for forgetting so much.  it’s funny because my parents have the best memory.  if i tell them about something they need to do or something i need to do, they’ll always remember.  sometimes i’ll ask them to send me something or the next time they or i visit to give each other something and they’ll always remember.  which is good because i always forget.  i remember they used to get so mad at me because i would forget a lot of things.  i think they thought i was making excuses or they thought i was rebelling against them because i didn’t do what they said, but the truth is, i just forgot.  i tried to tell them, but i don’t think they bought it.  dah!!  stupid memory!!


Written by enoch

August 13, 2009 at 9:55 am

Posted in from my mind

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