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IMAGE_010 censored <- i saw this on the road a couple weeks ago.  i thought it was funny how a tae kwon do school is available for birthday parties.  i wondered what kind of birthday party that would be.  “hey son!  for your 25th birthday, we signed you up for tae kwon do!” or “we bringing tae kwon do to you for your baby’s first birthday!!”  interesting…


k, this next one i -> took in  decatur.  today.  i couldn’t believe it!  2.27/gal!!!  plus i was running low on gas.  how fortunate!!  while all other gas stations around me were 2.47-2.55/gal, i see this miraculous gas station.  i thought for sure it was one of those old, run down gas stations that still have prices from like 3 years ago on it, but then i saw that it was open.  freaking awesome!!

IMAGE_013 <- this is my school hallway.  nothing really interesting about it.  i just wanted to take a picture of my school hallway.  that’s actually how i found the mysterious 2.27 gas station.  it was on the way to school.  i sat here waiting for one of the student services workers for a couple minutes.


Written by enoch

August 19, 2009 at 12:47 pm

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