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the secret of seminary cont.

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top secretso today in theology class, we were talking about what “revelation” means.  not the last book of the Bible, but rather what it means when God reveals stuff.  so we were talking about Christian knowledge and no joke, this is what the professor said:

prof: a lot of times, we think of us as the subject and God as the object of which we are gaining knowledge about.  we are gaining knowledge about God.  but revelation means that it is God who is making the knowledge known to us.  we are not the ones who discover, we are the ones who are being discovered.

my friend joe sitting next me leans over and says, “the secret of seminary, huh?”  i just smile back knowing that i have indeed uncovered the secret of seminary.

i’m ready to be the best darn pastor out there!!


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September 29, 2009 at 10:03 pm

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why, old people?!?

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crown vicyou know what i don’t understand?  i don’t understand how certain cars are very desirable for certain groups of people: the vw bug for women and gays, mini cooper for women (i also would say gays except my parents own one… but i think it is pretty popular among gay people isn’t it?), civic for college students/young adults, mini-vans for mothers, sports car convertible for old, bald men, and crown vics for old retirees.

my question is: why, old people?  why do you pick the car that coincidentally happens to be the car that highway patrol drives?  do you not realize that people are piling up in lines behind you because they don’t know that you aren’t a patrol officer and are instead an 87-year old great-grandfather on your way to a 4:30 early bird special and by the looks of it aren’t going to make it because you’re driving dangerously close to the minimum speed limit?  i mean, if you chose the car because it’s just a well-built machine, then by all means, keep purchasing them old people.  but if you’re just buying them just because you like them (which is probably the case because more people would be buying crown vics and because, let’s face it, american cars are just not on the top of peoples’ “well-built cars” list) please purchase a different car!! on behalf of all non-retired, speed-limit (or over) driving people, we’re begging you to please trade in your cars, or if you’re wondering what car to buy with your retirement money, please purchase a different car!

it’s nothing against you old people.  it’s just that sometimes, when people want to break the law and go faster than the speed limit allows, they want to be respectful of those in authority and drive slower when they are present and if your vehicle looks like one of theirs, to them it seems as though they are driving slower for no reason.  i hope you understand.  thanks.

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September 22, 2009 at 10:00 am

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friends… forever?

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bffso i’m reading this book for one of my classes about these high school girls and the different issues that they face.  it’s a fictional book following a character named tabitha and her life as a teenage girl.  i get really stressed out reading this book because i realize how many things young girls have to think about or deal with or balance.  when i stop reading, i feel like i have a million things to do, when i really only have about a thousand.  i mean, this girl balances her friends (all of which seem to be her best friend even though she only considers one to be her best friend) and makes sure she spends time with them and not only that, but makes sure she talks with each of them everyday; she works, does homework, choir, has a boyfriend, church youth group, has cool yet restrictive parents.  it’s so much.

there’s this one part of the book where tabitha goes to one of her mentors that she works with (who’s in college) and asks her if she still keeps in contact with her high school friends.  the other girl then responds, “no, not really.”  tabitha is shocked.  “even your best friends?”  “yeah, we just kind of lost touch after high school.”  tabitha can’t believe it.  her whole life revolves around her friends and she can’t imagine ever losing touch with them.

ahhh… how naive.  to think that you’ll be best friends with your high school friends for life.  i mean, i’m sure that does happen in some cases, but i think we would all agree that it’s definitely not the rule, it’s the exception.  is it sad?  i don’t think so, but then again, i’m a heartless robot who has no feelings.  high school friends?  psh!  life goes on.  you’re going to meet new people, new friends (hopefully) and more people who share the same likes, dislikes, activities, humor, as you do.  or maybe it’s because i didn’t really have a lot of close friends in high school that i can totally dismiss it like this.  but i can see in friends around me that staying close with high school friends isn’t a common trait that most people share.

it’s funny how you think about friends in high school versus friends as an adult.  bff?  nah man.  more like bffn: best friends for now.  wow, i’m cold.  cold as ice.  but isn’t it true?  can someone back me up on this?

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September 16, 2009 at 12:03 pm

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i’m mobile

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sweet! i can now blog from my ipod! another excuse to not study and waste time on my ipod. dude, apple apps are on top of the game!

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September 15, 2009 at 10:13 am

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i had no idea anyone read my blog on weekends.  i was pleasantly surprised.  go figure.

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September 12, 2009 at 11:03 pm

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the secret of seminary

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columbia seminary_01ok, so maybe not THE secret, but A big secret of seminary.  in the past almost 2 years that i’ve been in seminary, there’s this one common theme i’ve seen in most of my classes.  many of my professors have shared this secret with me indirectly.  and maybe my fellow students haven’t figured this out either.  i am very astute, you know.  but i know once i share it, many seminarians (at least at my school) will be like, “ahhhhh, so true!”

the secret to seminary is this: to make a very deep and thought-provoking question, just flip the subject and the article of almost any sentence.  what?  yeah.  that’s the secret.  for instance, this is what we learned in preaching class:

professor: you don’t read the Bible, you let the Bible read you.

class: ooooooooooooohhhhhhh…

and this has been the case in most of my classes.  you didn’t choose church history, church history chose you.  vanilla ice cream isn’t delicious, delicious is vanilla ice cream.  you know, stuff like that.  and the whole class is just awe-struck by these comments.  i’m not gonna lie, sometimes i’m awe-struck too.  i should try talking like that from now on:

friend: hey enoch, what are you going to do today?

me: no no, it’s not what i’m going to do today, it’s what today is going to do to me.

friend: you’re a dork.

maybe that’s what they do when they get their doctorates, learn the proper uses of this trick so that they seem more introspective and meaningful instead of dorky and loser-ish.

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September 12, 2009 at 1:14 pm

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last action heroes

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last_action_heromy decline in readership tells me it’s time for me to update.  today’s my first day back in school as orientation begins.  it actually feels really good to be back in school.  i miss my classmates and i feel like i’m going to be enjoying this semester as i make the transition from a second year student to a senior.  big man on campus.  seriously, i’m starting to not know the first year students anymore.  i guess it was bound to happen.

anyways, i was watching bloodsport a while back and i had a thought: why does jcvd (jean-claude van damme) play an american when he could have just as easily played a belgian martial artist fighting in the kumate?  that made me think about other foreign action stars that play americans when they are clearly from another country: arnold, jackie, jet.  although i think jackie was a little smarter and actually played chinese characters who had to come to america on some martial arts business or something.  i’m sure it was kinda hard to come up with reasons why he had to come to america to beat people up, but hey, it’s not the story we’re looking for here.

arnold, he got a little more creative. he came from places like: space, a clone from a test-tube, a movie screen, the future.  so instead of wondering why an american action hero is speaking in an austrian accent, you were wondering why people from the future, or clones, or aliens have an austrian accent.  creative i must say.

i just don’t see why they couldn’t just be from their countries of origin.  that would help the story along a little bit in helping the audience understand why this “american” can’t speak english.  is anyone with me?

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September 8, 2009 at 3:28 pm

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