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last_action_heromy decline in readership tells me it’s time for me to update.  today’s my first day back in school as orientation begins.  it actually feels really good to be back in school.  i miss my classmates and i feel like i’m going to be enjoying this semester as i make the transition from a second year student to a senior.  big man on campus.  seriously, i’m starting to not know the first year students anymore.  i guess it was bound to happen.

anyways, i was watching bloodsport a while back and i had a thought: why does jcvd (jean-claude van damme) play an american when he could have just as easily played a belgian martial artist fighting in the kumate?  that made me think about other foreign action stars that play americans when they are clearly from another country: arnold, jackie, jet.  although i think jackie was a little smarter and actually played chinese characters who had to come to america on some martial arts business or something.  i’m sure it was kinda hard to come up with reasons why he had to come to america to beat people up, but hey, it’s not the story we’re looking for here.

arnold, he got a little more creative. he came from places like: space, a clone from a test-tube, a movie screen, the future.  so instead of wondering why an american action hero is speaking in an austrian accent, you were wondering why people from the future, or clones, or aliens have an austrian accent.  creative i must say.

i just don’t see why they couldn’t just be from their countries of origin.  that would help the story along a little bit in helping the audience understand why this “american” can’t speak english.  is anyone with me?


Written by enoch

September 8, 2009 at 3:28 pm

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  1. hehehehe guess i never thought about that..


    September 9, 2009 at 10:35 am

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