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enoch: origins

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this past thanksgiving break, i had a great time with family.  i think the most memorable moment was when we were all gathered around the dining table for our traditional thanksgiving lunch.  it felt a little weird cause for as long as i can remember, we’ve always had company over, but this year it was just the 4 of us.

i prayed for the meal and then we dug in.  our traditional korean food mixed with traditional thanksgiving sides.  we got into a conversation about our names (me and my sister’s names).  we asked why our middles names were “one”.  yes, our middle names are one.  if you haven’t read my about me and this site page, check it out.  we had asked previously, but my parents always joked around and never gave us an acceptable answer.

so my sister asks, “why is our middle name one?”  our parents then begin to explain that my father’s generation all have the name “won” in their names.  and so my sister asks, “so why is our middle name o-n-e?”  my mom goes, “one?”  we’re like, “yeah.”  she then turns to me and asks, “so what’s your middle name?”  and i respond, “o-n-e”.  she takes a little pause while looking a little surprised, and then turns to both of us and says, “oh, sorry.”

hahaha!!!   we then explained how we used to get made fun of growing up whenever people would ask us our middle names.  she then tries to make amends and says, “we can get it changed if you want.”  my sister and i were dying laughing.  all this time, our parents had no idea our middles names were incorrectly spelled in number format rather than normal korean name format.  we used to get teased so much for our middle names.  this is how the conversation  usually turned out.

someone: hey enoch, what’s your middle name?

me (after some hesitation): one

someone: oh, like w-o-n?

me: no… not like w-o-n.  that would make too much sense. it’s o-n-e

someone: oooooh…  wait, what’s your sister’s?

me: hers is one too

someone who’s a jerk: her middle name is one two?!?!?!

me (frustrated): no… her middle name is one also

someone who i will unfriend on facebook later: oh… that’s weird.

but take heart, we’re not going to change our middle names.  we’ve had a good run with our current ones (wow, no pun intended) and we’d like to stick with them.


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November 30, 2009 at 2:20 pm

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why can’t i tweet?!

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two nights ago i had a dream.  i dreamt i was at the grand canyon.  for some reason it wasn’t as big as it is.  it was more like the grand… valley or something.  i went with some friends from church i believe.  toward the end there was this walkway where you could walk alongside the edge of the cliff and (as afraid of heights that i am) i went ahead and walked on it.  while i was on it, i had this thought.  i should tweet this! so i pull out my phone ready to send a message to twitter that i was on the grand canyon but for some reason, it wouldn’t let me connect.  i remember being pretty frustrated with twitter at that point.  the option it gave me was to purchase a program in order for me to tweet.  i said, “screw that” and walked into the grand canyon museum.

it was then that i woke up with a confused feeling.  did i really have a dream about twitter? uhhh… yeah.  does that make me a dork? uhhh… yeah.  it’s funny cause i don’t really use it all that much.  i was questioning my dorkiness, wondering if i should be concerned or not.  is it wrong that the first thought i had while i was at the grand canyon in a dream was to tweet?  hmmmm….

have you all ever had a dream about twitter?  facebook?  gmail?

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November 27, 2009 at 12:53 pm

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whatcha say

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November 24, 2009 at 10:34 pm

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forgetfulness as a blessing

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wow, i realized that i’ve written about forgetfulness a number of times in my blog.  i must’ve forgot…

if you don’t know me by now, one thing you should probably know is that i’m pretty forgetful.  like, REALLY forgetful.  i tell ya, i felt like a fool sometimes.

BUT, i have begun to realize the usefulness of forgetting.  i don’t worry about stuff that would normally consume my thoughts and overwhelm me until i remember them later, allowing me to function as a normal human being in the meantime.  i usually don’t remember the reason why i’m mad at someone when i wake up in the morning.  i don’t remember what i ate for my previous meal (coincidentally, i love leftovers).  my short-term memory is fantastic!  i can cram so well!  all of these things i see as good things.  don’t get me wrong though, there are tons of bad things that come along with a poor memory: i don’t remember talking about stuff in past conversations (some people get really mad at me about this), i can’t remember birthdays, sometimes i forget to lock my car, i’m constantly leaving stuff behind, there’s always that moment of “dag!!  where’d i leave my wallet/keys/pants/etc.”

it’s kind of a trade-off.  i think the bad definitely outweighs the good, but at least i’m starting to see the good.  i don’t know how this happened.  both of my parents have excellent memories.  i guess remembrance is not hereditary.

how good/bad is your memory?  does it get you in trouble?  or does it save you?

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November 24, 2009 at 1:13 pm

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i hate it when…

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…drinks don’t tell you what they taste like.  there are some drinks that say fruit punch, or cherry flavor, and then there are those that just say: cool blue (which i am currently drinking), or purple rush!  uhhh… what does blue taste like?  i tend to stay away from blue cause i’m not a big fan of blue raspberry, but for some reason, this one is different.  but i never would have tried cause it was blue.  it wasn’t until someone gave me a sip of theirs that i realized i liked it.  i think there are some energy drinks out there that are like, “wrath” or “angst” or something like that.  ok, i probably made those up, but there are some out there with some weird names that tell you nothing about what it tastes like.  maybe that’s how they get you to buy it, by making you curious as to what it tastes like.

…people back out of commitments.  i know i do this sometimes too and i feel really bad when i do it to someone else.  it’s just that sometimes you work your schedule around a certain commitment and then someone says, “oh, i can’t come” or “we’re not doing that anymore.”  seriously, people, how about a little heads up?

…you miscalculate how many steps you are from the bottom/top.  it leads to some embarrassing situations ultimately leading to the “look around to see if anyone was watching” follow-up.

with that said, i’m loving that college basketball season has started.  can’t wait til march!

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November 18, 2009 at 12:39 pm

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i’m amazed how many visits i get a day without posting anything.  i think my kit kat post is single-handedly keeping my readership up.  haha.  i think people are looking for something else when they realize my post has nothing to do with crisp, chocolate-covered wafers.  mmmm…  anyways, updates to come soon.  i just don’t know how soon.

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November 12, 2009 at 10:24 pm

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