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forgetfulness as a blessing

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wow, i realized that i’ve written about forgetfulness a number of times in my blog.  i must’ve forgot…

if you don’t know me by now, one thing you should probably know is that i’m pretty forgetful.  like, REALLY forgetful.  i tell ya, i felt like a fool sometimes.

BUT, i have begun to realize the usefulness of forgetting.  i don’t worry about stuff that would normally consume my thoughts and overwhelm me until i remember them later, allowing me to function as a normal human being in the meantime.  i usually don’t remember the reason why i’m mad at someone when i wake up in the morning.  i don’t remember what i ate for my previous meal (coincidentally, i love leftovers).  my short-term memory is fantastic!  i can cram so well!  all of these things i see as good things.  don’t get me wrong though, there are tons of bad things that come along with a poor memory: i don’t remember talking about stuff in past conversations (some people get really mad at me about this), i can’t remember birthdays, sometimes i forget to lock my car, i’m constantly leaving stuff behind, there’s always that moment of “dag!!  where’d i leave my wallet/keys/pants/etc.”

it’s kind of a trade-off.  i think the bad definitely outweighs the good, but at least i’m starting to see the good.  i don’t know how this happened.  both of my parents have excellent memories.  i guess remembrance is not hereditary.

how good/bad is your memory?  does it get you in trouble?  or does it save you?


Written by enoch

November 24, 2009 at 1:13 pm

Posted in from my mind

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