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it’s just bread and wine

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i have this theory that pertains to most followers of Christ and the theory is this:

most, or almost every Christian has or will have or is currently having a “communion moment”

and what i mean by this is that during the life of just about any given Christian (i’m hesitant to say every, so i’ll just say most) there comes a point (or points) in time where communion makes sense to them.  communion becomes more than just bread and wine (or juice) and becomes this actual meal that means more than a morsel of bread (hawaiian is my favorite) and a sip of juice (welch’s here).

maybe i’m talking more to the asian-american community since, from what i’ve experienced, we just don’t place as high an emphasis on eucharist as our american brothers and sisters.  i feel as if all i hear in seminary is “communion this” or “eucharistic that”.  maybe their understanding of communion is a little more atuned than us asian-americans who only partake a couple times a year.

i’ve had a couple of these moments.  one was while in jamaica.  there was something about our leader, who is a retired professor who came back to work specifically for our trip, speaking the words of institution (on the night that Jesus was betrayed… 1 cor. 17:23-26).  there was something about it being our last night in jamaica.  there was something about our bread coming directly from a prison we visited where the inmate who baked it for us hand-picked the batch of bread for us, pushing aside, BARE-HANDED, a closer batch to give us bread from the batch that was farther back in the oven and having a look of pride in his face as he extended the bread to us as we childishly withdrew our hands mid-grab because the bread was so hot.  there was something about the bread and wine being shared in a bowl and chalis that was hand-crafted in a jamaica craft market.  there was something about the wine being poured from one of our own water bottles.  there was just something about that meal that let me know that Jesus was there and that we were eating with him.

have you ever had a communion moment?


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January 26, 2010 at 11:05 am

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i’m sorry, wordpress

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so a friend of mine told me to try tumblr out for my blogs since it’s a little better about posting multimedia things such as videos or audio or photos.  i tried it out and, i gotta say, i think i like wordpress better.

tumblr is a little harder to use.  it isn’t as intuitive as wordpress is.  plus, i couldn’t figure out how to enable comments on posts.  and not only that, but when i uploaded a video, i had to wait an hour or two before it processed so that other people could view it.

so i apologize wordpress.  for thinking that i could do better than you.  unless someone shows me how tumblr is better than wordpress, i shall stick by you.  after all, if human3rror uses you and raves about you, surely i must be on to something good 🙂

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January 19, 2010 at 5:15 pm

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close to disaster

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if any of you haven’t heard, there was an earthquake that hit haiti on tuesday, killing an estimated 100,000 people including the catholic bishop, 100 priests, and countless others.

people back at school were worried if we were doing well here in jamaica being so close to haiti.  we’re all doing fine.  we’re all just shocked that this happened so close to us.

we met a student who is from haiti just the other day before the earthquake.  i wonder how he’s feeling right now.  i wonder if he’s lost anyone close to him.  i wonder if he needs someone to be there with him.  what do you do when a big chunk of your home nation has just been devastated by a natural disaster?

please pray for haiti.  here are some links to help donate to haiti if you wish:

red cross online donation

or you can text the word “Haiti” to the number 90999 and it’ll bill your cell phone an extra $10 for disaster relief

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January 14, 2010 at 4:10 pm

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don’t worry…

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…bout a thing.  cause everything little thing’s gonna be alright.

life is funny.  when i was back in the states, i was desperate for a break.  no responsibilities, a little relaxation.  now that i’m in jamaica and don’t actually have to do anything, i’m looking for stuff to do.  hmmm…

being in jamaica for me means having to learn how to rest.  true our schedule is packed with going places and seeing stuff, but we don’t really have to do anything.  which is really weird for me.  i guess it’s just time for me to work on my tan and let other people do the work for once.

for now, i’ll just take a little advice from my local friend bob marley and not worry.

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January 12, 2010 at 4:28 pm

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january heat

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– i got my heat turned on in my new place on wednesday.  we had previously been living without any heat in 20 degree nights.  needless to say it was pretty cold.  all of us waited downstairs for the gas man to come allllll day not knowing he was coming between 3-5.  but when he came, we were all pretty excited.

– currently it is about 80 degrees in jamaica.  i’m wearing flip flops and shorts and i’m sweating like crazy just like i would be in summer in georgia.  it’s a pretty cool break from the 17 degree mornings in atlanta.  i think one of the coolest things about jamaica is that usain bolt is EVERYWHERE!!  seriously, this dude endorses everything – texaco (it has him on the bilboard outrunning a car), digicel (a kind of phone sim card that lets you call internationally), and a bunch of other things.  he’s known as the golden hero.  i think what’s even cooler is that everyone seems to know him.  not just know him, but they know know him.  they all know his background, where he trains, what his personality is like.  it’s crazy.  he’s only 23 and he was made the ambassador of jamaica.  some people are hesitant to give that kind of power since he’s just a kid.  i think i would be too.

– more updates to come from jamaica

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January 7, 2010 at 2:28 pm

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