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january heat

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– i got my heat turned on in my new place on wednesday.  we had previously been living without any heat in 20 degree nights.  needless to say it was pretty cold.  all of us waited downstairs for the gas man to come allllll day not knowing he was coming between 3-5.  but when he came, we were all pretty excited.

– currently it is about 80 degrees in jamaica.  i’m wearing flip flops and shorts and i’m sweating like crazy just like i would be in summer in georgia.  it’s a pretty cool break from the 17 degree mornings in atlanta.  i think one of the coolest things about jamaica is that usain bolt is EVERYWHERE!!  seriously, this dude endorses everything – texaco (it has him on the bilboard outrunning a car), digicel (a kind of phone sim card that lets you call internationally), and a bunch of other things.  he’s known as the golden hero.  i think what’s even cooler is that everyone seems to know him.  not just know him, but they know know him.  they all know his background, where he trains, what his personality is like.  it’s crazy.  he’s only 23 and he was made the ambassador of jamaica.  some people are hesitant to give that kind of power since he’s just a kid.  i think i would be too.

– more updates to come from jamaica


Written by enoch

January 7, 2010 at 2:28 pm

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