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i have this theory that pertains to most followers of Christ and the theory is this:

most, or almost every Christian has or will have or is currently having a “communion moment”

and what i mean by this is that during the life of just about any given Christian (i’m hesitant to say every, so i’ll just say most) there comes a point (or points) in time where communion makes sense to them.  communion becomes more than just bread and wine (or juice) and becomes this actual meal that means more than a morsel of bread (hawaiian is my favorite) and a sip of juice (welch’s here).

maybe i’m talking more to the asian-american community since, from what i’ve experienced, we just don’t place as high an emphasis on eucharist as our american brothers and sisters.  i feel as if all i hear in seminary is “communion this” or “eucharistic that”.  maybe their understanding of communion is a little more atuned than us asian-americans who only partake a couple times a year.

i’ve had a couple of these moments.  one was while in jamaica.  there was something about our leader, who is a retired professor who came back to work specifically for our trip, speaking the words of institution (on the night that Jesus was betrayed… 1 cor. 17:23-26).  there was something about it being our last night in jamaica.  there was something about our bread coming directly from a prison we visited where the inmate who baked it for us hand-picked the batch of bread for us, pushing aside, BARE-HANDED, a closer batch to give us bread from the batch that was farther back in the oven and having a look of pride in his face as he extended the bread to us as we childishly withdrew our hands mid-grab because the bread was so hot.  there was something about the bread and wine being shared in a bowl and chalis that was hand-crafted in a jamaica craft market.  there was something about the wine being poured from one of our own water bottles.  there was just something about that meal that let me know that Jesus was there and that we were eating with him.

have you ever had a communion moment?


Written by enoch

January 26, 2010 at 11:05 am

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