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shower rings? seriously?

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this post goes way back to january when i moved into my current place.  i love shopping for stuff for the home: furniture, organizers, kitchen utensils, etc.

so one of my favorite stores to shop at when i move to a new place is bed, bath, and beyond.  i dunno why.  i always feel weird when i step in there.  almost as awkward as i feel when i shop at michael’s or jo ann’s.  like i don’t belong there and all the old ladies or mothers of 3 with their kids are wondering why i’m on their turf.

so when i move into a new place, i’m convinced that one of the first things one needs to buy (after toilet paper and garbage bags) is a shower curtain.  i mean, after you move in you’re all sweaty and you just want to get clean but whoa, wait, you can’t take a shower because you don’t have a shower curtain.

so as i roam the aisles of bed, bath, and beyond, the aisle i MUST go to is the shower curtain aisle.  and indecisive me spends at LEAST 20 minutes deciding what kind of shower curtain i want and what style of shower rings i want to have for my shower.  i have narrowed it down to getting a shower curtain with the metal reinforcements for the rings cause i’ve been through many tears from ones without the reinforcements, one with the anti-mildew/soap scum coating cause it’s just gross without it, and i want to get the shower rings that will fit easily around the shower bar and ones that you can easily take off the shower curtain.

and in all this, i realize that i’m actually excited to purchase these things.  i mean, c’mon.  excited?  who gets excited from purchasing shower rings?  who am i?  gah!!


Written by enoch

February 12, 2010 at 2:48 pm

Posted in from my mind

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