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movie summaries part 2

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in a previous post, i discussed various movies and how if you summarize them very concisely, you can make a movie you would spend ten dollars to watch, a movie you would never watch in your lifetime.  it’s time for part 2:


avatar 3d: the us army wants to cut down a forest with blue people living in it.  a paraplegic soldier goes to sleep in a box and turns into a blue person in order to infiltrate them.  he can only go into the box because he happens to be a twin of the last guy who went to sleep in the box.  he ends up sleeping with the princess and has a heart for the blue people and turns his back on the us army so that the big tree will not be destroyed.  the moral of the story is to recycle.  all of this in 3D.

twilight: new girl moves to a small town.  a clique of pale-faced people stare at her.  the mysterious pale-faced guy and the girl end up liking each other and she realizes he and his family are vampires who would like to eat her but do not.  the girl wants to stay in the relationship despite the constant risk of her boyfriend eating her.  her other guy friend also likes her and somehow teams form with the two guys in which the whole nation and burger king join sides.  oh yeah, the other guy?  he’s a werewolf.  a shirtless werewolf.

slumdog millionaire: a young man is on “who wants to be a millionaire?” to look for the girl he’s in love with, not for the money.  the questions he’s asked coincide directly with different moments of his life.  he has to fight gangs.  the movie ends with dancing.

julie & julia: woman who hates her job yet loves to cook decides to cook through every recipe in julia childs’ cookbook and write a blog about it.  her excessive love of julia childs threatens her marriage and her job.  in the end, everything works out after the last obstacle of dressing a duck.

don’t you want to watch these now?


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April 27, 2010 at 5:48 pm

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i break stuff

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that’s actually a shout out to my bro human3rror.  i took this blog entry title from his “motto” on his blog.

with one week left in april, i can say that this has been a pretty rough month for me.  i felt like everything around me was breaking.  here’s a list of stuff:

– my car engine shut off twice on me while driving.  had to replace my cam shaft sensors

– my computer randomly started to go to sleep.  i’d wake it up and it’s just back to sleep in a couple seconds.  (hopefully remedied)

– bookbag ripped.  the washing machine ripped it open 😦  my favorite bookbag.  i’m going to try to send it back to north face to see if it’s repairable.

– friend got in a car accident.  he had to go to the ER

– another friend fractured his head.  doctor said it’ll heal in 6 months

– one of my computer speakers started fading out

– and yesterday i got a flat tire in the rain

i can’t wait for april to be over…

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April 25, 2010 at 10:38 pm

diy too

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i seem to blog the most when i have a paper to write.  maybe subconsciously i think that blogging will get my literary juices flowing so that i can write the best paper ever.  but looking at the grades i’ve been getting on my papers, that doesn’t seem to be the case.  i think the proof points to procrastination.  dag… busted.

i thought of some more stuff that i’d like to add on my future diy website:

gas tank: i’m not sure if the newer cars still have this, but there’s an easy way to know which side of the car the gas tank is on.  if you look at the gas gauge, there’s usually a little triangle next to it.  it’s actually an arrow.  it’ll point to the side of the car your gas tank is on to fill up at the gas station.

frozen go-gurt: did you know go-gurt is specially designed to melt by lunchtime if you freeze it overnight and take it to lunch with you?  ok, so i read that off the box, but even if it doesn’t melt, it’s really good frozen too.

macbook randomly goes to sleep: so i’ve only read about other people who’ve had this problem, but for some reason, my macbook (4,1 white one i got in 2008) keeps going to sleep randomly.  i’ll wake it up and it’ll go back to sleep in a couple seconds.  restarting seems to be a very temporary fix.  what i have found to be a slightly more long-term solution is to shut down my macbook and leave it alone overnight or for an extended period of time.  my macbook hasn’t gone to sleep for a couple days since i started doing that.  i think it’s a battery problem.  maybe overheating?  i never shut down my mac, i guess this was its way of telling me to give it some rest.

if you’re at a jamaican pentecostal church…: …and they ask for sinners to raise their hands and you’re a good christian and know that the real answer is yes but don’t see any of the local congregation members raising their hands, you fight every urge in your body and DO NOT RAISE YOUR HAND!  the question is obviously NOT what you think it is.  i really didn’t want to see what would have happened if i raised my hand.  no offense jamaican pentecostal church.

need a funnel in the kitchen?: or anywhere else where you might need to funnel some kind of powder, grain, or seed into a container.  get some paper (the smaller the better depending on what kind of container you’re trying to fill).  roll it up into a cone with a small opening on one end and a big opening on the other end.  viola!  dispensable, temporary funnel!  i learned this at starbucks filling the cinnamon, nutmeg, sprinkles, and cinnamon dolce powder with receipt paper.

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April 19, 2010 at 8:30 pm

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the gif to the right is an idea i heard about through human3rror.  i think it’s such a cool idea.  it doesn’t animate here but if you click on it, it’ll “transform”.

for those of you that didn’t know, diy stands for “do it yourself.”  not in a snarky, attitude manner, but in a very helpful, empowering way.  as in, don’t call a professional to do it, you can do it yourself!

so i had this idea for a website where it would just have advice on common problems and the solutions to fix them.  kind of like a wikihow, but it would focus on me.

so here’s some helpful hints that you might need in the future or to just keep them as a reference:

red wine spill on a wall: i’m talking about a white (or some shade of white) wall here.  if you don’t want to go and buy new paint or can’t find the right color, the mr. clean magic eraser actually works quite well on this.  however, it does require a bit of elbow grease and it probably won’t take care of all of it, but enough to make the stain unnoticeable.  i guess it might matter what kind of wall it is too.

check engine light is on for (seemingly) no reason: if your check engine light comes on and you have no reason to suspect that anything is wrong with your car, the first thing you should check is your gas task door.  if you’ve filled up recently and your light came on, you might not have put your gas cap back on properly.  the check engine light can serve as a warning that the gas is escaping through your improperly closed gas cap.  check this first, and if it’s not this, then, well you’re screwed.

phone in the toilet/washing machine: immediately take your battery out and set it out to dry as thoroughly as you can.  some methods include sticking it in the oven on low heat, filling a bag with uncooked rice and placing the phone in the bag to suck out the moisture, or i just leave it out somewhere.  your phone might not work at 100% but it should still work.

cleaning your mighty mouse: this is for you mac users.  if you’re using a mighty mouse (wired or wireless) and you spidey sense that your trackball isn’t responding well.  unplug it (if wireless, turn off) and roll the mouse upside down with the trackball facing down on a sheet of paper.  make sure the ball is the source of contact on the paper and roll vigorously.  you’ll see the nasty dirt and stuff come out of the trackball and then you can stop.  if you don’t see it, you should keep rolling until you do.  this is the best and simplest way to clean your mighty mouse without taking it apart.

stepped on some drywall and tore a hole in your ceiling: let me know.  i know the number of this korean guy that will fix it for you pretty cheap.  but make sure you take your time to look for the support beams to step on first.  dry wall is NOT for stepping on!

i’ll work on getting this site started.  looks like i could be helping a lot of people out there that are as dumb as i am.

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April 13, 2010 at 11:47 am

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we all have problems

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…i’m just the first to admit it.

mr. kanye west has a point.  we do all have problems.  and it’s when we are in a position to admit our problems that we can start to face them and work on them.

i used to think that i was the only one in the world with deep, debilitating problems (can you imagine that?).  everyone else seemed so well put together.  they had all the answers, they’re really good at giving advice, being the authority figure, the leader.  but i realized that everyone has problems.  even them.  deep down, people got some problems.  even the best of us.

i think it’s a hard thing to deal with when you realize that the higher ups have as many scars as you do.  they are, after all, human too.  for me, i just thought that when you’re in a position of authority, you’ve somehow managed to fix all those problems before you got there.  how naive of me to think that.

i guess what i’m struggling to realize is how grace fits in to all this.  yes i know that all of us do not deserve grace but need it at the same time.  but i’m wrestling with how i should be acting or interacting with these people.  scarred people.  knowing that i’m scarred too.

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April 9, 2010 at 3:50 pm

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