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the gif to the right is an idea i heard about through human3rror.  i think it’s such a cool idea.  it doesn’t animate here but if you click on it, it’ll “transform”.

for those of you that didn’t know, diy stands for “do it yourself.”  not in a snarky, attitude manner, but in a very helpful, empowering way.  as in, don’t call a professional to do it, you can do it yourself!

so i had this idea for a website where it would just have advice on common problems and the solutions to fix them.  kind of like a wikihow, but it would focus on me.

so here’s some helpful hints that you might need in the future or to just keep them as a reference:

red wine spill on a wall: i’m talking about a white (or some shade of white) wall here.  if you don’t want to go and buy new paint or can’t find the right color, the mr. clean magic eraser actually works quite well on this.  however, it does require a bit of elbow grease and it probably won’t take care of all of it, but enough to make the stain unnoticeable.  i guess it might matter what kind of wall it is too.

check engine light is on for (seemingly) no reason: if your check engine light comes on and you have no reason to suspect that anything is wrong with your car, the first thing you should check is your gas task door.  if you’ve filled up recently and your light came on, you might not have put your gas cap back on properly.  the check engine light can serve as a warning that the gas is escaping through your improperly closed gas cap.  check this first, and if it’s not this, then, well you’re screwed.

phone in the toilet/washing machine: immediately take your battery out and set it out to dry as thoroughly as you can.  some methods include sticking it in the oven on low heat, filling a bag with uncooked rice and placing the phone in the bag to suck out the moisture, or i just leave it out somewhere.  your phone might not work at 100% but it should still work.

cleaning your mighty mouse: this is for you mac users.  if you’re using a mighty mouse (wired or wireless) and you spidey sense that your trackball isn’t responding well.  unplug it (if wireless, turn off) and roll the mouse upside down with the trackball facing down on a sheet of paper.  make sure the ball is the source of contact on the paper and roll vigorously.  you’ll see the nasty dirt and stuff come out of the trackball and then you can stop.  if you don’t see it, you should keep rolling until you do.  this is the best and simplest way to clean your mighty mouse without taking it apart.

stepped on some drywall and tore a hole in your ceiling: let me know.  i know the number of this korean guy that will fix it for you pretty cheap.  but make sure you take your time to look for the support beams to step on first.  dry wall is NOT for stepping on!

i’ll work on getting this site started.  looks like i could be helping a lot of people out there that are as dumb as i am.


Written by enoch

April 13, 2010 at 11:47 am

Posted in social observation

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  1. could’ve used the phone in toilet one when that happened to me. darnit.


    April 19, 2010 at 12:11 am

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