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i seem to blog the most when i have a paper to write.  maybe subconsciously i think that blogging will get my literary juices flowing so that i can write the best paper ever.  but looking at the grades i’ve been getting on my papers, that doesn’t seem to be the case.  i think the proof points to procrastination.  dag… busted.

i thought of some more stuff that i’d like to add on my future diy website:

gas tank: i’m not sure if the newer cars still have this, but there’s an easy way to know which side of the car the gas tank is on.  if you look at the gas gauge, there’s usually a little triangle next to it.  it’s actually an arrow.  it’ll point to the side of the car your gas tank is on to fill up at the gas station.

frozen go-gurt: did you know go-gurt is specially designed to melt by lunchtime if you freeze it overnight and take it to lunch with you?  ok, so i read that off the box, but even if it doesn’t melt, it’s really good frozen too.

macbook randomly goes to sleep: so i’ve only read about other people who’ve had this problem, but for some reason, my macbook (4,1 white one i got in 2008) keeps going to sleep randomly.  i’ll wake it up and it’ll go back to sleep in a couple seconds.  restarting seems to be a very temporary fix.  what i have found to be a slightly more long-term solution is to shut down my macbook and leave it alone overnight or for an extended period of time.  my macbook hasn’t gone to sleep for a couple days since i started doing that.  i think it’s a battery problem.  maybe overheating?  i never shut down my mac, i guess this was its way of telling me to give it some rest.

if you’re at a jamaican pentecostal church…: …and they ask for sinners to raise their hands and you’re a good christian and know that the real answer is yes but don’t see any of the local congregation members raising their hands, you fight every urge in your body and DO NOT RAISE YOUR HAND!  the question is obviously NOT what you think it is.  i really didn’t want to see what would have happened if i raised my hand.  no offense jamaican pentecostal church.

need a funnel in the kitchen?: or anywhere else where you might need to funnel some kind of powder, grain, or seed into a container.  get some paper (the smaller the better depending on what kind of container you’re trying to fill).  roll it up into a cone with a small opening on one end and a big opening on the other end.  viola!  dispensable, temporary funnel!  i learned this at starbucks filling the cinnamon, nutmeg, sprinkles, and cinnamon dolce powder with receipt paper.


Written by enoch

April 19, 2010 at 8:30 pm

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  1. Lol on the jamaican church thing….it was one of those “painfully obvious that we’re seminary students” moment.


    April 19, 2010 at 9:25 pm

  2. my thoughts on go-gurt:

    even though you read this on the box i think it still qualifies to be on the diy list because there are many people (myself included) who have trouble reading the signs.

    although catchy, the name “go-gurt” makes me hesitant to try this product. sounds like gurgle or regurgitate which just gives me a strange feeling in the stomach, you know? that and i was already skeptical about yogurt in the first place… combination of lactose intolerance + weak stomach for mushy foods.


    April 20, 2010 at 11:21 am

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