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lather, rinse, repeat

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i think i have quite a different mentality when it comes to getting clean.  this is true with hand soaps, body washes, toothpastes, and shampoos.  for me, the goal is not to get clean, it is to get the lather on and off as quickly as possible.

yes, you heard correctly.  this means that no matter how dirty or nasty my hands are, my end goal is not to get them the cleanest, the goal is to put some soap on it, and get rid of the soap as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.  it’s not about the dirt.  i could’ve dropped my phone in the toilet, grabbed it with my hands and i’d be more concerned with getting the soap off my hands than getting the toilet water off of my hands.

it’s kinda like painting.  you just want to cover that wall, door, patio with paint as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.  you don’t care if the paint has micro moisturizing beads or you don’t care what color the wall was before.  all that matters is getting that new coat on.  that’s the way i feel.  i want to get that soap on and off and don’t care about what was on my hands before.

don’t get me wrong.  i know this makes me sound like some kind of unsanitary, gross, doesn’t-think-the-employees-must-wash-hands-before-returning-to-work-sign-applies-to-him kind of person.  i wash my hands a lot.  i like my hands clean.  it’s just that i want to get in and out of that bathroom as quickly as possible.  i think i’m like that when i wash dishes too.  soap it up, rinse it off, get out of there.  hey, that should be my motto!


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May 26, 2010 at 5:09 pm

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the monopoly deal gospel

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if you haven’t heard by now, there’s this new craze that’s going around like the flu.  the game is called monopoly deal.  it’s a highly addictive game that’s taking the country by storm.  it even has its own fan page on facebook (of which i am a fan).  it seems i cannot hang out with my friends without someone whipping out a deck and playing at least a couple games.

i was talking with my friends about how explosive this game is and we joked around saying that it’s kind of like evangelism or sharing the gospel with people.  and as soon as we thought about it, i could see we were saddened.  and a little ashamed (at least i was).  how easy was it for us to spread this new game to people who have never heard of it before.  and how excited we were to share it with them.  we would boast about being the one to introduce it to our friends at work or in other social circles.  we would brag about crossing cultural boundaries since the people we’ve primarily played with were of asian descent.

but it’s not just monopoly deal.  it’s a lot of other things.  for me it’s restaurants or good deals or new products that i’m excited about sharing with other people.  although it is more difficult to share someone with other people than something.  i think the excitement of the sharing shows a lot about what i place a lot of my happiness and joy in.  isn’t Jesus, after all, the single most greatest person that has ever entered my life?  isn’t the love and forgiveness of Jesus the greatest thing that i have ever known?  who cares about dealbreakers or “just say no” cards if i’m not redeemed and offered salvation from the creator of the universe?  am i that much more willing to promote a silly game over a person who has altered the course of human history?  hmmm… makes you think huh?  it makes me think.

so i’d like to formally go ahead and declare that i love Jesus waaaaaaaaay more than monopoly deal and will be a better promoter of Him.  everyone, if you haven’t heard about Jesus, i simply MUST tell you about Him.  He’s amazing, and He’ll change your life forever.  or… i could teach you a card game that people will probably forget about by the end of the year.  doesn’t the first one sound that much cooler?

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May 25, 2010 at 6:36 pm

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step 1 complete

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i have (somewhat) successfully created a facebook fanpage which you can view and “like” here:

you’ll be able to view the hottest and newest videos and receive updates for whatever it is i will update in the future.

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May 13, 2010 at 5:14 pm

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it’s now my second day of “summer” vacation and i’ve come to a realization: freedom from school is not all that great when all your friends are working professionals.

i find myself waking up not that much later than when i would wake up for school.

i’m in search of a bakery/cafe that i can call “home” for the summer.

i kind of feel like brooks from shawshank redemption.  i’ve been in prison so long, i don’t know how to conduct myself when i’m freed.

any suggestions for what i should do with my time?

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May 13, 2010 at 3:47 pm

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is that you?

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there’s this guy, his name is josh.  josh is a good looking dude.  josh lead praise at his church.  josh is tall.  josh sings.  josh plays guitar.  josh has a girlfriend.  josh.  is.  awesome.

now, who is josh?  me?  no.  i’m enoch.  josh is josh.  josh is the worship leader at jca in atlanta.  people mistake me for him all the time.  like i said, josh is a good looking dude.

i was at an event on sunday and i made eye contact with someone who just walked in.  he looks and me, proceeds to wave, and then says, “you found it ok?”  he was talking about the directions.  i looked at him a little puzzled cause i had missed what he said.  he repeated himself and then started staring at me.  “wait, you’re someone else!”  he then told me he thought i was someone else and how embarrassed he was.  i asked him who he thought i was.  he said, there’s this guy, his name is josh.  instantly, i knew who he was talking about.  “oh yeah, i know josh.  people think i’m him all the time.”

i had met josh once previously.  and i must say, he does look like me.  you know usually when people say that you look like someone and you finally meet them, they don’t look a thing like you?  well, i think this guy does look like me.  like a younger version of me.

i think it’s funny how similar people can be without knowing each other.  me and josh have similar height, similar build, similar jobs, similar talents, similar relationships.  and yet we had no idea the other one existed.  josh, my hat is off to you.

do you have a look-alike?  do people get you confused with the other?  do you think your look-alike looks better than you?  i do.

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May 12, 2010 at 6:17 pm

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you feel me?

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in true procrastination style, i am blogging when i should be studying for my theology final.  almost as if on schedule, i am distracted right before an exam.  maybe it’ll help me study?  that’ll be what i tell myself at least.

to the right is a tool called a feeler gauge.  it is used in engineering settings to measure the gap widths between two things.

i’m just going to go ahead and say it.  i’m a feeler.  and what i mean by this is that i do things based on instinct instead of technique or logic.  it’s true.  it applies to sports, relationships, daily decisions.  if i don’t feel it, it ain’t happening.

if you’ve ever played tennis with me.  it takes me a little while to feed the balls correctly.  it’s because although i know how to swing the raquet, i’m not feeling it yet.  my strategy in playing a set is not to determine which shot to hit or where to hit it.  my strategy is just to listen to whatever i’m inclined to do at that moment.  in other words: i’m not really in control.  it’s mostly instinct.

i’m a pretty extreme introvert.  when i meet new people, i have to feel like meeting people.  if i don’t, conversation gets awkward and i won’t make a good first impression.  if i’m not feeling it, i’m gonna come off like a jerk.

i’m a feeler.  and this means that i make a horrible teacher.  i don’t do things the standard way.  i don’t even know what the standard way is.  i’ve tried teaching guitar to some of my friends before.  it never turned out well.  cause i play my own way and i don’t have much of a technique.  maybe this is why i suck at golf so much.  because i don’t have any technique.

you feel me?

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May 10, 2010 at 12:07 pm

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i feel like less of a man when…

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i feel like less of a man when:

– i get ads in the mail for joann fabrics and crafts and bed, bath, and beyond.  and not the general “current resident” ads, but the “addressed to: enoch chang” ads

– my girlfriend has to teach me how to throw a football.  i am getting better though.  thanks heej!

– i use cucumber melon body wash and pantene pro-v shampoo for luminous shine.  although i refuse to use the herbal essence “drama clean” shampoo my roommate uses.

– girls wish their hands and feet were as soft as mine.

– i flip to the food network when the nba playoffs are going on.

– my parents call me alice, then correct themselves, and then switch back to call me alice.

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May 1, 2010 at 11:37 am

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