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you feel me?

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in true procrastination style, i am blogging when i should be studying for my theology final.  almost as if on schedule, i am distracted right before an exam.  maybe it’ll help me study?  that’ll be what i tell myself at least.

to the right is a tool called a feeler gauge.  it is used in engineering settings to measure the gap widths between two things.

i’m just going to go ahead and say it.  i’m a feeler.  and what i mean by this is that i do things based on instinct instead of technique or logic.  it’s true.  it applies to sports, relationships, daily decisions.  if i don’t feel it, it ain’t happening.

if you’ve ever played tennis with me.  it takes me a little while to feed the balls correctly.  it’s because although i know how to swing the raquet, i’m not feeling it yet.  my strategy in playing a set is not to determine which shot to hit or where to hit it.  my strategy is just to listen to whatever i’m inclined to do at that moment.  in other words: i’m not really in control.  it’s mostly instinct.

i’m a pretty extreme introvert.  when i meet new people, i have to feel like meeting people.  if i don’t, conversation gets awkward and i won’t make a good first impression.  if i’m not feeling it, i’m gonna come off like a jerk.

i’m a feeler.  and this means that i make a horrible teacher.  i don’t do things the standard way.  i don’t even know what the standard way is.  i’ve tried teaching guitar to some of my friends before.  it never turned out well.  cause i play my own way and i don’t have much of a technique.  maybe this is why i suck at golf so much.  because i don’t have any technique.

you feel me?


Written by enoch

May 10, 2010 at 12:07 pm

Posted in from my mind

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