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the monopoly deal gospel

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if you haven’t heard by now, there’s this new craze that’s going around like the flu.  the game is called monopoly deal.  it’s a highly addictive game that’s taking the country by storm.  it even has its own fan page on facebook (of which i am a fan).  it seems i cannot hang out with my friends without someone whipping out a deck and playing at least a couple games.

i was talking with my friends about how explosive this game is and we joked around saying that it’s kind of like evangelism or sharing the gospel with people.  and as soon as we thought about it, i could see we were saddened.  and a little ashamed (at least i was).  how easy was it for us to spread this new game to people who have never heard of it before.  and how excited we were to share it with them.  we would boast about being the one to introduce it to our friends at work or in other social circles.  we would brag about crossing cultural boundaries since the people we’ve primarily played with were of asian descent.

but it’s not just monopoly deal.  it’s a lot of other things.  for me it’s restaurants or good deals or new products that i’m excited about sharing with other people.  although it is more difficult to share someone with other people than something.  i think the excitement of the sharing shows a lot about what i place a lot of my happiness and joy in.  isn’t Jesus, after all, the single most greatest person that has ever entered my life?  isn’t the love and forgiveness of Jesus the greatest thing that i have ever known?  who cares about dealbreakers or “just say no” cards if i’m not redeemed and offered salvation from the creator of the universe?  am i that much more willing to promote a silly game over a person who has altered the course of human history?  hmmm… makes you think huh?  it makes me think.

so i’d like to formally go ahead and declare that i love Jesus waaaaaaaaay more than monopoly deal and will be a better promoter of Him.  everyone, if you haven’t heard about Jesus, i simply MUST tell you about Him.  He’s amazing, and He’ll change your life forever.  or… i could teach you a card game that people will probably forget about by the end of the year.  doesn’t the first one sound that much cooler?


Written by enoch

May 25, 2010 at 6:36 pm

Posted in from my mind

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  1. this game looks like a lot of fun! :mrgreen:


    May 26, 2010 at 5:15 pm

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